Newcrest’s Next Topmodel

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Finally, the challenge begins! Here you have an overview to all the chapters that are posted yet. There will also be the links to the two houses (one house placed twice actually xD) and later – when only a few girls will be left – the villa. Soon, the introduction of the jury and the chosen 12 girls will follow as well. 


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The Casting

Week 1: Happiness

Week 2: Groups 

Week 2: Results

Week 3: Makeover

Week 3: Results

Week 4: Dancing

Week 4: Results

Week 5: Wedding

Week 5: Results

Week 6: Gender Swap

Week 6: Results

Week 7: My Portrait

Week 7: Results

Week 8: Good Night

Week 9: Red Carpet

Week 10: The Final!


The Girls

The Girls

Team Black


Team White