Batman Selection Challenge

Week 8: Challenges are Fun! (Part 3)




The day before the elimination began with a harmonious breakfast. Alfred had prepared a fruit salad and everyone was still in their PJs. Even Alfred himself hadn’t changed his outfit yet.

“What a beautiful morning, isn’t it?” one of the girls asked. As it was still rather early for most of the contestants, only a few groans came as an answer.



The weekly tension before the elimination arrived minutes after the breakfast and Max decided to exercise to clear his mind. Also, he needed some time for himself and so far, only Alfred understood that the bachelor didn’t want to be disturbed during his alone time.



In the office, Roxie was telling Ariella about Ember’s words from the day before. “I can’t believe she reacted this way. I mean she has gone on a date before and you have never had one at all. In my opinion it was obvious that you are the one to go. I mean, we’re friends after all” she complained.

Ariella stood there and thought about the words while she listened to Roxie telling every single aspect of the conversation. The blond woman actually liked Ember but what she heard now made her think about the whole friendship again.



“Have you heard yet? He kissed her! I mean, why does he kiss her? She’s not that pretty and the way she dresses… ugh…” Ivy was in the middle of her gossip. Nylah listened to it and was shocked. If Ivy’s words were right – and as her friend she believed her – Max had kissed Ariella on their solo date.



“Master Royale, I understand that you need some time on your own but don’t you think you should speak to the ladies from time to time?” Alfred asked the bachelor who was playing games on the computer.

Pausing the game, he looked up and said: “That’s just the way I am. If they are really here for me they will accept it. I don’t want to fool them into thinking I’m the type of man who’s around all the time. I need some me-time. A lot of it.”



“How do you feel about tomorrow?” Ember asked as she joined Arabella on a stone bench outside in the manor’s backyard. The blond looked over to her and was a bit confused. She had never talked to Ember before and her question irritated her a bit.

“Well, I haven’t been on a date for a very long time. But I’m sure there’s a reason Max keeps me around him. Of course I’m nervous but if you’re not nervous you just don’t care, right?” she answered with a small smile on her lips.





The next day started as every Saturday. Max asked every contestant to spend some time with him so he could see who he really wanted to stay with him. As only six women were left the decision was harder than ever before.

“Good morning, Ivy. I haven’t seen you that much this week. How were you doing all this time?” he asked the redhead. Since the young man had entered the room, Ivy had had a smile on her face. “Oh Max, I always feel great when I see you. I just wish I could see you more often. Maybe you should quit the show and throw all the other girls out of the house?” she suggested with a wink.



After a while, Max went on to the next contestant. He felt a bit awkward as he saw it was Ariella. She hadn’t said anything after the kiss and he was nervous that she might have not liked it at all. “Hey ya, Ariella” he greeted her.

Chuckling she took his hand. “Oh Max, you don’t need to be nervous around me. I mean, you know me for so long now and we’ve been on a date only a few days ago. Thank you very much for this wonderful day. I enjoyed every single moment of it” she said and blushed, thinking about the kiss.



A warm feeling surrounded his heart as Max walked up to the next girl. He didn’t realize that he sat next to Arabella until she began a conversation: “Hey Max, how long do you know Alfred? I mean, we live with him now and with all this free time I started wondering.”

The bachelor felt a bit uncomfortable about this question but he answered it anyway: “Well, Alfred has been my parents’ butler before I was born. So I’d say I know him my whole life. And he’s the one who… well, never mind.”



Before Arabella could ask any more questions, Max made his way to the next contestant awaiting him. Ember had chosen a place outside and the bachelor was glad about it. He needed some fresh air.

After a short small talk, Ember had to confess something: “Max, I know you went on a date with Ariella and I’m happy for her. But I feel like I should have been the one for this date.”

Max took her hand and assured her: “Don’t worry, Ember. There are plenty of chances left to go on a date with me. You made it quite far in this show. Just believe in yourself.”



A few meters away from the two, Max recognized Roxie sitting at a stone bench waiting for him. He excused himself and went over to her and sat down next to the brunette.

“Hey Roxie, how are you today?” he asked her. The woman smiled and sighed. “You know that’s a tough question for a Saturday. I’m a bit nervous about the rose ceremony but I try to enjoy the moment” she replied.

Max looked at his feet as he stated: “I’m not sure if this makes your nervous feelings any better but I’m quite scared about my next decision. It’s getting harder with every week.”



On this day, Max felt bad for the contestants. Not only were they nervous about being the unlucky one to be sent home but he also felt like he treated them badly. He rushed from one girl to the other and they didn’t speak about deep things at all.

Last but not least he went over to Nylah. Either she wasn’t nervous at all or she knew how to hide it perfectly. Her blond hair was shining in the sun and Max felt a bit better seeing her.

“It feels good to see you, Nylah” the bachelor began. She tilted her head and asked for the reason. “Well, I’m nervous and most girls are even more nervous than me. But you look so calm” he explained. Laughing she said: “Oh well, I am not calm at all.”



Alfred had asked Max to change his outfit as the ceremony would start soon. But all the bachelor could do was staring out of the window. He didn’t know yet which one of the contestants he should send home tonight. He liked all of them. All of them were great women. But who of them could be his wife?



Finally, the scary part of the week began. Alfred had arranged that two couches were put into the room. The weeks before some of the women looked like they might faint any moment.

“Good afternoon, ladies. You all know what we will do in the next hour. You are scared of it but let me assure you, I fear it even more than all of you together. And Alfred can assure you I’m no coward!” Max tried to cheer up the atmosphere with a joke.

“Well, let’s get this done quickly again. The first rose is for someone I’ve heard cares a lot about her friends. Roxie, do you take this rose?” he asked.



The brunette walked up to him, a big smile on her face. “Of course I want it, Maximilian. Thank you very much” she stated and went back to her seat, the rose in her hands.

“Forgive me my bad introductions but the next rose is for a natural talent at bowling. Ariella, do you take this rose?” the bachelor went on.



As soon as she stopped in front of him, she accepted the rose: “Thanks. I enjoyed playing with the balls, Max.” It was then that she realized the pun and blushed.

Taking the next rose, Max went on with the ceremony: “Don’t be sad that you didn’t get to go on a date with me this week. There are plenty of chances left, Ember.”



Relieved, the brunette walked up to the bachelor and accepted the rose. “Thank you very much, Maximilian. I really hope we will go on another date” she said and winked at him.

Only two roses were left. Max took one in his hands and looked at the three girls left. “I know you are nervous but you appear as calm as ever. Nylah, do you accept this rose?” the young man asked.



Of course the blond accepted the rose. “Thank you very much. And I can tell you I am always nervous when everyone else is. I just know how to play cool” she laughed.



Only one rose was left now but two contestants were still waiting for their rose. Arabella and Ivy walked up to the bachelor and waited for him to speak up.

“This decision was pretty hard. You’re both amazing women and both of you deserve to get this last rose. But unfortunately, only one of you will get it. I can assure you that the one who will leave in a moment will find the love of her life outside of this house. But I’m sure I am not the one for her” Max explained.



“Arabella, do you take this last rose from me?” the bachelor asked the blond woman. Her whole face brightened up as she saw the red flower in front of her. “Of course I accept it, Max. Thank you very much” she replied.



As soon as Arabella had received the final rose, Alfred told all the contestants to leave the room so Max and Ivy could speak in private. Max was scared to turn towards the redhead because he could feel her evil eyes on him. He didn’t want to look like a coward so he forced himself to turn his face. “Ivy, please, let me explain it” he tried to calm her down.



“I don’t want to hear a word from you, Max. It’s your decision and I have to live with it. I don’t want to hear the lies why you can’t see the bond between us. Just let me be!” she almost yelled at him.

Seeing the broken heart behind her rough behavior, the bachelor tried to calm her down again but the redhead shut him down immediately. “Ivy, please, believe me. You are a great woman. But we’re just not meant to be together” he said desperately.



Without saying anything else, Ivy turned around and walked away. She stormed up the stairs, changed into her daily outfit and grabbed her suitcase. Alfred was standing at the door. “You don’t need to carry your suitcase. The chauffeur will do it for you” he just said and left.





After a refreshing Sunday, Alfred gathered everyone in the house together and asked them to sit down at the dining table. “What’s so important to tell us, Alfred?” the bachelor asked his old friend.

“I just wanted to have everyone together. We’re approaching the finale and I barely know anyone of you, besides Master Royale, of course. I’ve changed his diapers when he was a baby” Alfred explained.

“ALFRED!” Max yelled. But everyone else was laughing.




It’s sad seeing Ivy leave. But she made it quite far despite her jealous trait. At the end she wasn’t even jealous anymore when someone was flirting with Max in front of her because their romantic bar was slightly in the red. She only considered the bachelor as a friend. I only realized this when she moved out.


Thank you very much for creating Ivy, kittymeow.


Thank you all for reading!


xoxo Sonschi





This pose looks cute with kids and teens doing their homework but it looks funny when a bulky guy like Max does it. xD



The girls had a discussion going on and Max looks like he just wants some time on his own. Poor loner.



During this week EVERY sim in the house was sick at least once. But here it looks kind of funny. ^^


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