Batman Selection Challenge

Week 8: Challenges are Fun! (Part 2)




Ariella could already see him from afar and walked a bit faster up to the bachelor. “Hey Ariella! It’s nice to see you. I hope you like bowling because that’s what I chose for our date today” Maximilian greeted her.

The blond woman chuckled and confessed: “I’ve never tried bowling before so it might be that I love it or hate it. But I’m sure it will be a lot of fun because it’s you who’ll be playing with me.”



As soon as they were handed their bowling shoes, Max explained Ariella the main techniques. “Okay, I think I got everything. If not I will ask you” Ariella smiled.

Max looked over at her with a little bit of a concerned face. “I don’t want you to feel bad at all, Ariella. You wouldn’t believe how stupid I looked when I threw my first bowling ball” the bachelor said before he started the game.



Even though it was her very first attempt at this game, Ariella did quite well. At the beginning, she had some problems with the weight of the bowling ball but the bachelor suggested taking a lighter one.

Soon, they were close to the end of their game and Ariella was only 10 points behind Max. “Wow, you’re a natural talent. That’s great, Ariella!” the young man cheered.



Ariella took her last chance to beat Maximilian. As she hit the last pin, the bachelor walked up to her and hugged her. “Congratulations! You didn’t win but for someone who’s never bowled before you’ve hit a lot of pins. You’re only 5 points behind me” he stated.



They decided to go upstairs as the other visitors were too loud. They found a nice place in peace and sat down together. “Honestly, I would have never thought of you being into bowling. I always thought only weird people like it but wow, it’s so much fun!” Ariella broke the ice immediately. The bachelor smiled at her and replied: “I’m glad you enjoyed it. I was scared you would be bored and I would ruin our date this way.”

They spent the next half hour talking about their match until Max came up with a question: “Remember, you told me about your life. It has turned to the poorer you said. What do you mean by this? What has happened to you?”

Ariella had to swallow hard on this question. She knew she once would have to talk about it and now this moment had arrived. “Well, the first part of my young life I grew up in a rich family. But then, well, my father lost all of our money. I don’t know how and I even don’t want to know the reason. Since then I have been living in a small apartment in San Myshuno” she explained avoiding eye contact with the bachelor.

After she finished her story she still looked down at her feet. She was the only one on the whole show who knew the whole story. All she wanted was to regain the money her father had lost. And that’s why she joined this show. But something inside of her had changed.



Looking at her watch, Ariella stated: “Oh, it’s late. I think we should return back to the manor now.” Without waiting for an answer, she jumped up and wanted to walk downstairs. But Max grabbed her hand and turned her around. “It’s not too late yet. I want to spend some more time with you alone” he said, taking her other hand and smiling at her.



About an hour later they went outside to go back home. Ariella was about to get into the cab as Max stopped her once again. “Wait, Ariella, there’s something I want to tell you before we head home” he started.

The blond woman stopped and turned around. Their eyes met but the bachelor didn’t say a word. Slightly tilting her head, she smiled at him but she still didn’t know what he was about to say.



But instead of saying something, Max leaned forward and kissed his date. Her eyes were still open widely as their lips parted again. “I…I… wha…what…” she stuttered but Max hushed her with a smile and kissed her once more.

“Thank you very much for this great date, Ariella. I enjoyed the time with you a lot” he whispered before they got into the car waiting for them to be taken home.





It was early in the next morning as Ember asked her friend Roxie to speak with her in private. They found a nice place outside and sat down. “What’s the matter?” Roxie asked her with a happy voice.

Ember looked at her and it was clear she didn’t know where to start. “Well, it’s just that for you it was obvious Ariella should get the solo date but you never considered me. I haven’t had a solo date so far as well. And this makes me sad” she mumbled.

Roxie bit her lower lip before she replied: “I didn’t mean to hurt you, Ember. I see you as one of my best friends in this show. But Ariella is my friend as well and she has never been to a date at all. That’s why I chose her.”



Back inside, some of the girls decided to join the bachelor even though it was a free day. “Hey Max, what are you watching?” Arabella asked. At first the young man was surprised. The contestants had always ignored him on a free day but then he answered: “Do you know this weird game show in that castle?”

“Oh my gosh! That’s my favorite show!” Nylah chimed in. Before anyone else could say anything, she joined the other two on the couch. Ariella in the background ignored the whole scene completely. She always hit the wall but still, a big smile was on her face.



Frustrated that someone else had gone on a date with Max, Ivy avoided everyone else in the house for most of the day. She spent many hours in front of the computer playing a life simulation where she could release all her frustration.



Later that day, Ariella felt the urge to talk to the one person who knew Max the best. She found Alfred in the office. “Hey Alfred, how are you?” she began the conversation. “Good day, Miss Ariella. I’m fine, thank you very much. I hope you’re doing fine as well. I’ve heard you went on a rendezvous with Master Royale. Was everything in your pleasure?”





I’m happy to say I managed to write this chapter even though Cats & Dogs just came out. ^^ However, due to all the warnings concerning CC and Mods I tried my best to finish playing the challenge before the patch update. And I did it. I’ll try to not spoil the winner – yes I know it – in any way.

Also, I’m happy that I missed this relationship glitch. This would have been the death of this challenge if it had happened to my game. I’m sorry for everyone who had to deal with it. :/


Thank you all for reading!


xoxo Sonschi





While Ember and Roxie had their discussion, Alfred was sitting next to them the whole time, drinking his pink cocktail and looking like “That’s none of my business”.



Surprise. Deja joined the date again. Seriously, why is it always her?



It seems Ariella has really never been bowling before.



Seriously, what is it in this game that flirting is refused so many times?



Both do this. They were in a flirty mood but still… Argh! This destroyed many relationships before…



“Nice date.” – “Yeah, just taking out the trash now.”


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