Batman Selection Challenge

Week 8: Challenges are Fun! (Part 1)




It was still early in the morning as Nylah and Ariella met in the kitchen. They were hungry but didn’t want to cook anything. In the fridge, they found some meals Alfred had prepared the days before and grabbed a plate.

As they sat down at the dining table, Nylah immediately started a conversation. “So, you’re one of the girls from the other house. What was it like there? Any drama?” she asked.

Ariella put down the food and laughed: “Well, actually we had no drama at all. At some point we were quite scared because it seemed like only girls from our house left the competition but then everything changed. Roxie, Ember and I became very close friends.”



About an hour later, two other girls from the competition met in the kitchen to get breakfast. “Oh, good morning, you must be Ivy, right?” Roxie asked. The redhead laughed a bit nervous and nodded: “Yes, I’m Ivy. How do you know? I hope you haven’t heard any bad gossip about me.”

Roxie chuckled and shook her head: “Oh no, I haven’t heard any gossip about you. I just remember you from the rose ceremonies. Your bright red hair really makes you easy to remember. I’m Roxie, by the way. We will see each other more often now, I guess.”



At the same time, Ember and Arabella had found each other at the chess table outside in the backyard. At first they were quietly playing the game but after a while, Arabella was curious about Ember’s outfit: “I don’t want to be rude but why do you were these kind of clothes? They look, well, different from today’s styles.”

Ember chuckled at smiled at the blond woman. “It’s okay that you ask. I don’t mind your question at all. My answer might confuse or even scare you though. I’m over 200 years old and I used to be immortal. Something happened and now I’m mortal but this story is too long now. Let’s focus on the game” Ember explained.



“Good morning, Alfred. How are you today?” Max asked the old man with a big grin on his face. Alfred stared at the bachelor and sighed. “To be honest, Master Royale, I am a bit frustrated. With so many people in the house, it get’s dirty quite fast. Maybe too fast and I can’t keep up with the cleaning” the old man complained.

Max chuckled and winked at his friend: “I’m sure you just need to get used to it. I know how much you love to clean up after everyone. Don’t act like it’s not your thing.”





As Maximilian woke up the next day, the house was silent. Maybe a bit too silent. He took a shower and went downstairs to grab something for breakfast. No one was around the kitchen or dining room. Even Alfred couldn’t be found anywhere.

As a loner, Max didn’t care too much about it and decided to work out. It was nice to have the manor on his own for the first time in days. He enjoyed having the contestants around him all the time but he needed a break once in a while.



The reason why the house was empty this morning was that Alfred had brought the contestants downtown. He had a plan for this day and after all the women surrounded him, he began to explain his idea.

“Good morning again, ladies. As I’ve already told you at the manor, today you will do another challenge. As you can see from your clothes, it will be something with sports. You will play basketball to be exact. Well, actually you will just shoot hoops” he explained.

After clearing his throat he went on: “This time you play as a team. I decided that the teams consist of the old houses so it’s easier to decide. One girl shoots hoops against another girl from the other team. The team with the most hits will win. I will talk about the prize after the challenge. Let’s have fun, shall we?”

The two teams formed, the first one consisting of Ember, Ariella and Roxie and the second one of Arabella, Nylah and Ivy. After a short warm up they decided on who should play against whom.



The first match was between Ivy and Ember. Both tried their best to shoot hoops. “I’m sorry but I’ve never played basketball in my whole life before. And you know how old I am” Ember joked looking at her two team mates.

Ivy chuckled and said: “I could say that this would make it easier for me to win this match but the same goes for me. Unfortunately. Well, this makes the whole thing more interesting. Right?”

“Congratulations, Ember. You won the first match for your team. Ivy, you still did a great job” Alfred announced after a while.



The next match was between Roxie and Nylah. “Oh wow, I’m not sure if I will even hit that ring at all. I’m so bad at sports. I only go jogging once in a while” Nylah stated and chuckled nervously.

Roxie looked at her and shrugged her shoulders: “I’m a dancer but I really don’t know if this gives me any advantage in this game at all. So it should be rather fair.”

10 minutes later, Alfred announced the winner of the second match: “Congratulations, Nylah! The final match will show who will be the winning team. Good luck, ladies.”



The final match was between Ariella and Arabella. Both put themselves under a lot of pressure because their win or loss decided over the winning team.

Ariella was confident about her skills. In most of her screen time she had been wearing her workout outfit because she really cared about her fitness.

Arabella smiled at her teammates. She knew that Ivy and Nylah would be angry at her if she lost this match. But their anger wouldn’t last too long. After all, Ivy could have won the first match as well.

It took 15 minutes until the match was over. One team was cheering, the other group tried to keep a poker face.

“Congratulations to your win, Ariella. You are really good at shooting hoops. You deserve this” Arabella said to the blond woman.



“Before we go back home, I want to keep my promise of telling you about the prize. It’s a bit tricky this time but after all, it’s a worthy prize. The winning team, this means Ember, Roxie and Ariella, have won a date with the bachelor” Alfred began but the cheering of the three contestants interrupted him.

“But” he went on a bit louder so everyone could hear his words, “but only one of you will go on a date with Master Royale. And it’s up to you three to choose who this lucky woman will be.”





Finally a new chapter! I wasn’t actually busy or anything. I just started trying the free month of Netflix. I really really love the the Gilmore Girls xD Sorry for that!


Thank you all for reading!


xoxo Sonschi





Look at Ariella cleaning up the dirty dishes around the manor. Alfred just loves her after this. He’s a very neat sim.



The two girls were chatting in the bathroom and at some point, Max joined them. He was part of the conversation but they never even bothered to look at it. Max’s face looks like he’s waiting for them to kiss, though xD



Max was very proud that he made a fire. At the fireplace. Good boy.



Well, Max is a loner. And instead of talking to the ladies on free will he hides in his office playing video games.



Just look at Alfred’s awesome dance moves *cough* Roxie seems to be too scared to look at him. Maybe it’s his trunks?



I swear the grilled fruits were still good when I made Max grab them from the fridge. But as soon as he sat down they were rotten. And he stared right into my soul here… It’s not my fault, okay?



Ember made herself some bacon and eggs. On free will. She sat down and ate it. And remembered that she was a Vegetarian and immediately turned sad because she ate meat. #SimsLogic



“I’m cleaning, don’t sit down there!” – “Did you say something?”



“Gosh, Alfred, I’m playing video games! Go somewhere else!” – “I AM CLEANING!”



Aw, Deja came around as well. She’s a stalker but somehow it’s cute at the same time.



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