Batman Selection Challenge

Week 7: Another Week, Another Challenge (Part 3)




The following day, Max was tense. He usually was at the end of Friday because the next day brought a rose ceremony. But this time, something was different. This was the last time where he could enjoy the privacy of his own house.



At the same time, Alfred was excited about the next elimination. He really missed this place to be filled with people longer than just a few hours. Master Royale barley invited people over. He sometimes threw a gala ball for the elite of San Myshuno but these people only meant a busy night.





The day of the elimination started as always. Max went to the contestant houses to talk to each woman before he would send one of them home.

The first one he ran into was Natalia. She was sitting at the dining table, enjoying a cup of coffee. “Hey Max! Feel free to get a cup of coffee as well. It tastes delicious with the whipped cream I just made. You can find it in the fridge” the redhead introduced the young man.

The bachelor denied but smiled. “I’m already nervous about tonight. I think coffee would make this feeling even worse. I see you’re doing fine. But maybe I’ll brew some tea. Do you have any tea to calm my nerves a bit?” he asked her.



Natalia nodded and made a pot of tea for the bachelor. As she put a cup of tea in front of him, she noticed Nylah standing at the door. “Hey you two. Natalia, would you mind leaving us alone for a minute?” the blond woman asked.

After Natalia had left, Nylah sat down across of Max. The young man could tell that something bothered the woman because she was totally tense. “Are you okay?” he asked her.

A fake smile appeared on her face but faded away quickly after. With a sigh she began to speak: “I don’t know how to talk about this but I need to know. Rumors say we will move out of the houses after this week. Do you quit or…?” Max was surprised by that question. It took some seconds until he realized he was staring at Nylah. He blinked and shook his head: “No, I don’t give up on this show. We’ve come so far, it wouldn’t make sense to end it here.”



A moment later, looking for one of the other girls to talk to, Max found Ivy playing Don’t wake the llama. “You really enjoy playing games, don’t you?” he asked her as he sat down next to her.

The redhead laughed and replied: “Look around this house, Max. The only thing we can do here to kill time is play games. I don’t want to complain though. I enjoy being here a lot.”

Max smiled at her. Then he remembered Nylah’s words and asked Ivy if she had heard about the rumors as well. Giggling, Ivy tried to answer his question: “Oh yeah, I have heard about it. I can’t remember who said it but I didn’t pay too much attention to it because it sounded too ridiculous.”



After his conversation with Ivy, Max wanted to talk to Arabella as well before he left for the other contestant house. He looked for her everywhere in the house but couldn’t find her. Disappointed he walked out of the front door.

“You’re already leaving?” a whiny voice called from the side. Of course it was Arabella. “Oh here you are! I tried to find you for at least 20 minutes. I’m glad I ran into you before I go over. Why are you sad, Arabella?” he asked her straight away.

She bit her lip and looked at the ground. “It’s hard to say it out loud. I’ve heard that…” she began but the bachelor interrupted her: “I’m sorry to be rude but the rumors are not true. I won’t give up on you, I promise!”



At the other house Roxie immediately found Max as he stepped through the front door. A bright smile appeared on her face as she spotted him. “Hey Max! How are you today? I just want to thank you for this amazing date again” she greeted him.

“Oh hey Roxie. Nice to see you again, I really enjoyed our date, too. Maybe should do this again” he winked at her. His face turned serious as he added a question: “Is this rumor about me quitting the show going around here as well?”

The brunette thought about it for a while. “Honestly, I haven’t heard about it at all. Maybe some girls talked about it yesterday while we were at the museum?” she guessed.



A crying noise caught Max’s attention and he followed it. In the kitchen he found Ariella sitting at the counter and her head on her arms. “What’s wrong?” Max asked her, softly caressing her arm.

As she looked up she had tears in her eyes. Noticing that Max was talking to her she felt ashamed. “I’m sorry you had to see me like this” she whispered with a voice about to break any second. “Why are you crying?” he asked.

Ariella wiped away the tears and sighed. “I feel like I will go home tonight. I have never had any kind of date with you and compared to the other girls I’m boring” she confessed.



After a long while of rising Ariella’s mood and self-esteem again, Max needed some fresh air. Ember was sitting at the edge of the pool with her water playing in the cool water.

Max approached her and said: “I would love to join you in the pool but I forgot my trunks. Maybe you want to sit down with me over there?” He pointed at the outside sitting area and Ember nodded.

“It’s a pity you forgot your swimwear. Tonight will be a hard decision again and the cold water might help you keep your nerves cool” Ember winked at him. Even though she tried to seem calm she looked stiffer than the weeks before. Was she scared to be sent home this day?



Frustrated and sad like never before Max left the house and headed home. He liked all of them and the decision was way too hard in his opinion. But he had to send one of these women home tonight.



A few hours later, Max was waiting for the contestants at the manor. This time, the rose ceremony was held outside in his garden. Alfred insisted on it and the bachelor didn’t mind.



Inside, Alfred was giving last instructions to the girls: “You all wait in here and I will come and bring you to the back door. From there you just walk down the stairs, go to your right and at the pool you turn around and you’ll see Master Royale. Alright? Let’s go, Arabella!”

The young woman almost shrieked as she suddenly heard her name. She took a deep breath and nodded. She followed Alfred to the said door and stepped outside. She needed some seconds to look at the amazing garden before she walked to the location where Maximilian was at.



“Good afternoon, Arabella. You look great tonight. But I would add one little detail to your outfit” he said. Startled, Arabella didn’t know what to say.

“Do you take this rose, Arabella? It would go just fine with your outfit tonight” he winked. The blond woman was relieved and replied: “You almost had me for a moment, Max. Thank you, I really appreciate this accessory.”

As soon as Arabella came through the backdoor, Alfred called for the next girl to follow him to the garden. “Don’t be nervous, my dear. If you think back to the other rose ceremonies, it was never one of the first women to go home” Alfred tried to calm down Nylah’s nerves.



Maximilian awaited her with a bright smile on his face. Nylah’s heart speeded up as she saw him but she tried to remember Alfred’s words.

“Hey Nylah, you look amazing tonight. And to prove to you that the show is definitely going on, do you take this rose from me?” the bachelor asked her straight away.

Nylah nodded and gently took the flower in her hand. “Thank you so much. And I’m very sorry about the rumor. I didn’t mean to ruin your day, Max” Nylah explained before she left.

The next lady opened the backdoor and looked at the garden. “What a beautiful place! I could spend hours and hours here. I hope I will see this more often!” Ember said to herself, stunned by the view.



“Hey Ember, where are your swimming clothes?” Max joked as she approached him. Ember grinned slightly and replied: “Do you want to jump into your pool? Just because we don’t have swimwear doesn’t mean we can’t go swimming.” As she winked at the bachelor to express what kind of swimming she was talking about, the young man blushed.

He cleared his throat and said: “Maybe later. But now I have to ask you something serious. Do you want this rose, Ember?” Nodding, the mysterious woman accepted it.

As Alfred asked for the next contestant to follow him, the poor girl started shaking on her whole body. She tried to hide it but Alfred noticed anyways. “Are you cold, Miss Ariella?” he asked her but she just shook her head and forced a smile on her lips.



The bachelor noticed the forced smile and her shaking, so he took a rose in his hand and pointed it into Ariella’s direction. “Before you collapse, do you want this rose?” he asked her.

As Ariella saw the flower, she started running and almost jumped into the bachelor’s arms as she arrived in front of him. “Yes, please. Yes, I want this rose. Thank you so much, Max!” she chirped.

“Oh, you don’t look nervous at all” Alfred was positively surprised as he brought the next contestant to the backdoor. She laughed and said: “I had a wonderful and great date with Max two days ago. I think this should be reason enough to not feel nervous at all.”



The bright smile of the bachelor greeted her and she couldn’t help but sigh. Approaching him, she could feel butterflies in her tummy. Standing by his side, Roxie had to fight the urge to kiss him here and there.

“Hey” she whispered. “Good afternoon, Roxie. I enjoyed our date and hopefully we will get a chance to do it again. Do you want this rose?” he asked her.

Looking up from the ground, a smirk appeared on Roxie’s lips: “Of course I want it. Thank you very much, Maximilian.”

As Alfred walked into the room where the contestants were waiting for him to take them to the bachelor, he only found two more girls. “I’m sorry you had to wait this long. Would you two mind to come with me?” he asked them and brought them to the backdoor.

The two looked at each other and swallowed hard. They grabbed each other’s hand and walked down the stairs and over to where the bachelor was already waiting for them.



“Good afternoon, Natalia. Good afternoon, Ivy. On the one hand it’s nice to see you again but on the other hand it also means one of you will leave in a few minutes” Maximilian began.



He looked at both girls and then stepped forward to Ivy. His expression scared her. Was he about to hug her and say goodbye forever? A tear wanted to fight her way down Ivy’s cheek but the woman was stronger and held it back.

“Ivy, I don’t know how to say this. You are a great woman but there’s something about you that seems to be untouchable” the bachelor tried to explain. The tear in Ivy’s eye grew bigger and stronger but she still held it back.



“But I really want to know this untouchable part of yours. Do you take this rose from me?” he finally asked her. The tear escaped its prison and ran down Ivy’s cheek. “Yes I do want this rose. But promise to never scare me like this ever again, okay?” she replied.



As soon as Ivy was out of earshot, Max looked over at Natalia. Biting his lip he tried to explain his decision: “You are a great woman and you know that. Never forget this, okay? I like you but do you remember our solo date? I was about to kiss you but it didn’t feel right. I guess I already knew we’re not meant to be. I’m sorry and I wish you only the best, Natalia.”



It was already late at night as all contestants had left. Maximilian was hungry from the exhausting day and grabbed something from the fridge. He didn’t mind what it was as long as it was edible.

“Are you ready for tomorrow, Master Royale?” Alfred asked the young man. “Bring it in action, Alfred. I’m ready for everything. Even for love” Max exclaimed confidentially.






Early in the morning after the rose ceremony, the six contestants left were brought to the manor. They were all waiting for Max and Alfred in the room where the eliminations usually took place.

“Good morning, everyone!” Max greeted them. Some of the girls looked scared, some looked excited and some curious. Maybe they already knew what might happen soon but to clarify it, Max said: “You all were asked to pack your bags and don’t leave anything at your houses. Well, I ju… – no, I am not quitting the show. What I want to tell you is, today you move in with me in the manor! Welcome to your new home!”



After the announcement, everyone went their own way. Arabella felt like exploring the huge house. She ended up in the office room where she found two grand paintings of a man and a woman who looked rather familiar to her.



Roxie went upstairs into the room Alfred had prepared for her. She sat down on the bed and almost started crying. The day before she had realized something. But that something scared her. And she knew that she wasn’t the only one with this something. And that made her sad.



In another room, Ember and Ariella were talking, not knowing about the grief of their best friend. “I really don’t get why I’m still here. I have never had a date with him before and now he has sent home the third one that even had a date with him. What’s going on here?” Ariella asked confused.

Ember shrugged her shoulders. “We can’t look into someone else’s head and read their thoughts. But I guess he sees something in you that he likes. And maybe he noticed things in the three women during dates he didn’t like. That’s what dates are for, to see if you like each other” she tried to explain.



“Why do you look so grumpy? You should be happy to live in a manor, Nylah!” Ivy teased her friend, a big smile on her lips. The blond woman sighed. “How can I be happy when we all live in one house now? I’m sure at some point someone will flirt with Max very obviously. I don’t want to see this. And the thought about him flirting with someone else scares me” Nylah explained.

“You have feelings for him, don’t you?” Ivy asked. Nylah looked the redhead deeply into her green eyes but didn’t say a word.



“Congratulations, Master Royale! You’re closer to finding the love of your life. And in case you need some time for yourself, just tell me and I’ll take the ladies somewhere else on a challenge” Alfred suggested.

“Oh Alfred, what would I just do without you? Thank you so much” the bachelor replied and hugged his old friend.




Finally everyone lives in one house! I hope you enjoyed this chapter and soon there will come more!


Thank you very much for creating Natalia, PurplishSimEater! She was great to play with!


Thank you all for reading!


xoxo Sonschi





It seems like Deja can’t deal with being eliminated. She walks around the Manor quite often.



Whenever I leave any household on free will they forget about their bladder. Even Alfred walked the weird walk to the toilet.



Max had a lot of fun with Ivy dancing like a pharaoh. She was sitting though which made the whole situation even funnier.



I wanted to use this screenshot in the story but I didn’t know how to write something about Arabella’s expression. So I added it here.



Seriously, Deja? You’re walking by again? I guess she wants to rub it into Max’s face what he has sent home.



The rose giving interaction makes it hard sometimes to get nice screenshots. But the one who really nails this problem is Roxie.



And once again. It’s supposed to be a romantic interaction, why are there so many silly faces?



Max was proud about himself and highly confident. Why though? Brave young man gave roses to beautiful women, surviving the whole act. Or what?



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