Batman Selection Challenge

Week 6: It’s Challenge Time! (Part 3)




Friday started off with Alfred looking for the young bachelor once again. After a while he found him upstairs working out. “Master Royale, how do you feel about tomorrow’s rose ceremony?” the old man asked.

Starring at the wall for some minutes, Max finally replied: “Thanks for reminding me, Alfred. I just don’t want to think about it yet.” With these words, Alfred shrugged his shoulders and left the man alone.





Trying to smile, Max entered the first house on the elimination day. He knew that the conversations coming in the next few hours could be of more importance than anything else.

The number of contestants was getting lower and lower, feelings were growing and Max was getting more and more nervous with every week. He still didn’t like the elimination part of the show. But he knew he had to do it.



“Good morning, Max!” Roxie greeted the bachelor. They sat down on a couch and Maximilian couldn’t help but smile. “Tell me, how did you like the competition that Alfred made for you?” he asked straight away.

Roxie’s shoulders fell down and she looked to the floor. A sigh escaped her mouth and Max knew he shouldn’t have asked her. But instead of changing the topic, he tried to comfort her. He pulled her close into an embrace and whispered: “Whatever it is that makes you sad about the competition, it doesn’t matter anymore. You’re a great woman and you know that.”

The young dancer’s voice lit up and she explained: “It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the competition. I was in the finale, so close to winning. But then I lost twice and someone else won. That made me quite angry about myself.”



Ember had joined their conversation and stated: “But Roxie, I’ve already told you that it’s not your fault. It’s a game and in a game you sometimes have bad luck. And no one blames you for losing at all. Everything’s fine, honey.”

Roxie nodded and left the two some privacy. Ember smiled at Max and suddenly came up with an idea. “We’ve been living in this house for weeks now but you’ve never seen my room. We could personalize them. Let’s see if you like mine!” she cheered, grabbed Max’s hand and walked upstairs with him.

“Oh my gosh! I didn’t know they only gave you such tiny rooms! I swear if I knew about it before you would have bigger rooms. But I have to admire you. This room really represents you and your personality. It’s great!” the bachelor said to the brunette as she showed him her room.



It didn’t take long and Max started feeling claustrophobic in the tiny room. A shudder ran down his spine as he imagined living like this for weeks or even longer. “Poor girls” he said to himself as he walked down the stairs.

Through the window he saw someone jump into the pool. As it was a blond woman it could only be Ariella. “I haven’t talked to her yet, anyway” he said to himself again and walked outside.

As she noticed the bachelor, Ariella sat down on the edge of the pool. “Hey Max, how are you today?” she asked him. He took a deep breath and grinned: “Nervous. How are you doing?” They spent some time talking, then the bachelor slipped his arm around Ariella’s shoulders and whispered: “Too bad you’re wearing shades. I’d love to see your beautiful eyes.”



The first person Max ran into in the other house was Nylah. Thinking back to their date he blushed but smiled brightly at her. “Hey Maximilian” she greeted him with the same expression on her face.

They sat down on a couch and had to fight the urge to start kissing straight away. Since their kiss, the chemistry between them was more obvious than ever before. But both didn’t want to make out in front of the other contestants. After all, some already had developed feelings for the bachelor.

“Thank you very much, again, for the date. I even enjoyed the part where the other two were with us. It’s a lot of fun to hang out with you” Nylah said to keep her mouth from Max’s lips. He agreed and they joked about some insiders they made during the date.



To cool down his feelings, Max wanted to grab a cold drink from the fridge. At the kitchen counter, he found Natalia waving at him. “Oh hello Max! It’s nice to see you here. Even if this means tonight will be another elimination” she said, grimacing.

The bachelor joined her and replied: “I know, it’s sad I mainly see every girl when an elimination is approaching. I wish the producers would have added more dates during the week. I really start to miss you when I have a day off” he grinned.

Natalia blushed at the last words. “Do you mean, like, you only miss me or you miss all of us?” she shyly asked. Max felt like the atmosphere dropped immediately. He didn’t want to lie but he knew the truth would hurt her feelings.



“I miss you, too, Max” a voice said behind his back. As the man turned around he met Ivy’s eyes. He smiled at her and turned around to excuse himself from Natalia. But she was already gone.

“Why did you miss me? We went on a date this week” Max returned to Ivy. A cheeky grin covered his mouth. The redhead tried to act all innocent but couldn’t help to shoot flirty glances at the bachelor.

“I miss you as soon as you walk through the door” she almost purred at him. Hearing these words, Max blushed. Maybe they went a bit too far with their conversation. “You will see me again in a few hours” he promised.



This time, the young man needed a real cool down. He took off his clothes – he was wearing his trunks underneath them as always when he visited the houses – and jumped right into the pool.

Enjoying the cold water on his skin he looked up in the sky and closed his eyes. The warm sun felt great on his skin. As he heard a chuckle from the side, he opened his eyes again and looked to his left.

Arabella waved at him and Max sat down next to her. “I didn’t see you at the pool when I jumped in” he confessed. The blond woman giggled again and replied: “Oh, I was sitting over there.” She pointed at the outside sitting area. “I just had to join you after you jumped in” she said and they talked for some while.



Looking back at the outdoor sitting area, Max spotted Deja. He excused himself from Arabella, put on his clothes again and went over to the brunette. “How are you doing today?” he asked her as he sat down on the chair next to her.

A lovely smile appeared on her lips. “Thank you, I’m fine. I can’t stop thinking about our date. Now that I know how much fun it is to go out with you I really hope to join some more dates in the future” she expressed.

“Aren’t you nervous about tonight?” he asked straight away, ignoring her compliment about the date. Before answering, Deja bit her lips. “Actually, I’m not the least nervous this time. I don’t know why, maybe because of the date” she explained happily.



The time was up and all contestants met Maximilian – and also Alfred – at the manor again. Everyone dressed up to impress the bachelor. The two men also changed into their suits and went downstairs to the waiting women.

All eyes were on the bachelor as he began to speak: “Good afternoon, ladies. It’s nice to see you all again but at the same time I’m sorry to put you through all this once again. As usually, I’ll try to speed this whole thing up to get it done.”

He took a deep breath and took the first rose before he went on: “I think I can speak for everyone when I say it was a surprise to hear – and also see – your talent in chess. Nylah, do you want this rose?”



A flirty smile appeared on her lips as she walked up to him. “Of course I want it. Thank you very much, Max” Nylah said as she accepted the rose.

Closing his eyes with the next rose in his hands, the bachelor stated: “I was sad to see you down because of your close loss at the challenge. But don’t worry, you definitely deserve a rose. Do you take it, Roxie?”



Relieved, the young woman walked up to the man and took the rose. “I will take every rose from you, Max. Thank you” she said and hugged him gently.

“My favorite mysterious girl. I feel like we haven’t spent much time yet. We should change this. But first, do you accept this rose, Ember?” Max asked.



Ember looked a bit surprised at first but was glad to hear her name a few seconds later. Taking the rose in her hands, she replied: “We really need to go on a date soon.”

“The next woman I want to hand a rose seems to love hiding her beautiful eyes behind shades. Ariella, do you want this rose?” Max went on.



Squealing, the blond almost jumped at Max and cried: “Thank you so much! I really appreciate this rose, Maximilian!”

“Our date ended a bit early but I hope you still enjoyed spending time with me. Do you take this rose, Ivy?” the bachelor asked the next contestant.



As she walked up to him, he failed to read her facial expression. A shudder ran down his spine because he felt like she would decline the rose this time. As she stopped in front of him, her eyes wandered up and down his body. Finally, she opened her mouth: “I accept your rose, Maximilian.”

Still confused about her reaction and icy comment, Max went on to the next rose. Three pairs of eyes were fixed on him, almost begging him to say the right name. “Arabella, do you want this rose?” he finally asked.



A loud sigh was heard in the room and Arabella made her way to the young man. “Thank you. I do want this rose” she almost whispered.



The hardest part of the elimination had arrived. Two contestants were left, but Max only held one last rose. Natalia tried to hide her fear with a smile. But she remembered how she had escaped the scene earlier today.

Deja didn’t even bother to hide her emotions. She was angry at Max and couldn’t understand why Natalia put on an obviously fake smile.

Max looked at both women and tried to smile: “No matter what will come next, you’re both great women. But unfortunately, I have to send one of you home now. Natalia, do you take this rose?”



Natalia closed her eyes and exhaled. She was relieved to hear her name. Walking up to him, she had to fight back tears of joy. “Of course I want it, thank you, Max!” she said.



After Natalia had left, Alfred also walked out of the room. He wanted to give Maximilian and Deja some privacy as it seemed they needed to talk.

Being alone, Deja didn’t bother to look at the bachelor. She was a strong woman and didn’t want to show her broken heart. She couldn’t believe she was actually sent home after she had been to a date with the bachelor.



Silently, Max had approached the woman starring at the floor. As she looked up, her eyes represented her feelings: a mixture of anger, questions and sadness. “Is my personality this bad that you kick me out after a date?” she asked with a weak voice.

Max shook his head. “No, of course not. You are a great woman and you know that. During the date I just realized that there will never be any romantic feelings between us. I see you as a friend, but a friend only. I hope you can forgive me, Deja” the bachelor explained.





“You know, Master Royale, most of the ladies have never played chess before. But some of them were quite talented. You would have loved the view while they were playing. Well, I did” Alfred said during a game of chess with Max.

The young bachelor made his next move before he looked at the man who had raised him after his parents’ death. “Remember what my father used to say? Sometimes, silence is better than saying anything at all. Let’s try this, shall we?” he asked with a wink.




Maybe you’ve noticed it on the screenshots yet. I made Max flirt more with the girls now. Even if some didn’t look like he was flirting, ALL did 🙂


Thank you all for reading!


xoxo Sonschi





It’s always Natalia walking by the house. Why does she do this? She won’t get a date this way.



Ivy just wanted to hold hands with Max but suddenly he didn’t feel like it. They’ve been flirty before.



Eh, girls? Could Max and Deja have some privacy please?



Ivy’s jealous trait came through during the rose ceremony and I was really scared she wouldn’t accept the rose.


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