Batman Selection Challenge

Week 6: It’s Challenge Time! (Part 2)




“Ivy, could you wait a second, please?” the redhead heard as she was about to go downstairs. As she turned around she looked straight into Deja’s face. She looked a bit awkward but tried to smile.

“Sure. What’s up?” Ivy asked her. Taking a deep breath, Deja began to explain: “I know you don’t like me very much and well, you’re not my favorite person in this house as well. But we’ve been here for weeks now and all this fighting and tension between us, well, I’d like to stop it. I’m sorry for all the stuff I’ve said to you. Maybe we can start from the beginning again?”

Ivy raised an eyebrow and examined the other woman from her head to her toes. Then she shrugged her shoulders and simply said: “Okay.” Without any further ado, she went downstairs.



Nylah was in the kitchen waiting for her tea to be ready. She almost shrieked as someone tipped her shoulder. “Sorry, Nylah. I know it sounds silly but you’re the one who decides the other two girls for tomorrow’s date. Have you, eh well, do you already know who to choose?” Natalia stumbled.

Without looking up from her tea, Nylah sighed and answered: “Natalia, you probably know that going on my nerves won’t help you to get invited. I’m not sure yet but I don’t think I will pick you. I mean, you already had a one-on-one.”



Nylah was in the kitchen waiting for her tea to be ready. She almost shrieked as someone tipped her shoulder. “Sorry, Nylah. I know it sounds silly but you’re the one who decides the other two girls for tomorrow’s date. Have you, eh well, do you already know who to choose?” Natalia stumbled.

Without looking up from her tea, Nylah sighed and answered: “Natalia, you probably know that going on my nerves won’t help you to get invited. I’m not sure yet but I don’t think I will pick you. I mean, you already had a one-on-one.”



Nylah hid in her room and locked the door. No one should get a chance to annoy her with this date question anymore. She grabbed her iPod and played her favorite music while she was thinking about who she wanted to invite.

A few hours later she came out of her room again and asked everyone else to meet in the kitchen. As soon as everyone was sitting at the dining table, Nylah raised her voice: “Thank you all that you spend a minute on me. I’ve come to a decision. The two girls I’ll take to the date with Max are…”



Over at the other house, Roxie hadn’t come out of her room the whole day. It was already after noon as she finally made it into the shower. She felt hungry but didn’t feel like going downstairs. She was too angry at herself. She didn’t want to see the hate in her friends’ eyes.

“Argh! I was so close to winning the competition!” she yelled, knowing that no one was around to hear it or answer to it. She missed her friends from at home. They always knew how to calm her down in a situation like this.



Ember and Ariella had been sitting in the living room the whole time. And of course they could hear Roxie’s yelling all along. But they were too scared to go upstairs and ask if everything was okay.

Sometime in the afternoon, they heard steps on the stairs. Roxie came down, looking devastated. Ember jumped up from the couch and quickly went over to her to comfort her. “Are you okay, Roxie?” she asked her softly.

“No” she whispered. “I was so close to winning but I failed miserably. If I had won the competition it would have been us three going to the date tomorrow. We deserve it. I ruined it for you two.”



While Ember was telling Roxie that it wasn’t her fault, Ariella stayed on the couch and only listened. She liked Roxie a lot but she couldn’t help but blame her for the loss.





The day of the group date had finally arrived. Max wanted to spend the day with the winners at his favorite restaurant: Le Greek. He arrived early but he didn’t mind waiting for the women.



As the van with the contestants arrived, Max’s heart almost skipped a beat. Alfred hadn’t told him about who won the challenge. It was a complete surprise as Nylah, Ivy and Deja walked up to him but he was happy.

“Welcome ladies! It’s nice to see you. You all look amazing in these dresses! I don’t know if you’ve heard of this restaurant yet but I can highly recommend it. Le Greek! Let’s get inside, shall we?” he greeted them and lead the women inside.



“This restaurant looks great. I’ve heard only good words about it” Nylah said to Max. Ivy was looking around the room before she added: “The interior looks great. I love that you have some privacy with these room dividers.”

“That’s one of the many reasons why I prefer this restaurant over so many others in and around Newcrest” the bachelor confessed. While the three were talking about the building and the menu, Deja was sunken into her own thoughts. She was glad that she had approached Ivy the day before. She didn’t even want to imagine how this date would be like if their fight was still going on.



“Do you know who won the competition? Alfred’s teased me by not telling me who won” Max laughed. Nylah blushed as she confessed: “It was actually me. I have never played chess in my life before because I always thought it was boring and too complicated. But somehow it was pretty exciting. Or maybe I could feel that the prize would be you.”

She laughed and Max joined in. He liked the blond woman but he could feel that something about her was a bit odd. She was still very young but she was confident. He was only used to this confidence by spoiled daughters of rich men.



Before he could think about it in more detail, Ivy asked him something. “Pardon, Ivy. I was a bit distracted. What did you say?” Max confessed, trying to not show that this was embarrassing for him.

But Ivy only laughed. “It’s okay. You seemed a bit absent anyway. Who came up with the competition?” she asked again. At first Max was a bit confused. He wondered what competition she was talking about. Then he remembered. “Oh, well. It was actually Alfred’s idea. He knows me better than anyone else, so I trusted him. I have a chess table in my garden and sometimes, Alfred and I play chess until the sun goes down. My father taught me how to play it” he sighed, not realizing he was opening up to the women.



Deja took this chance immediately. “I’ve read in magazines about your loss as a young boy. I know how it feels like to grow up without parents. Well, I had it even worse because I don’t know my parents at all. But you already know I’m adopted. My new family wasn’t the best either. My father left us to get some milk and never returned. And my mom, well she loved Jack and Jim more than me” he sighed.

As Deja noticed that the atmosphere in the room had cooled down because of her story she quickly added: “Well, that’s the past. You’re over your parents’ death as well, I’m sure. I mean, you’re an adult now.”



After they had finished their meals and paid the bill – of course Max paid for everyone – they went outside. Suddenly, Max stopped and looked at the three women.

“I have a little surprise left. But unfortunately only for one of you. Nylah, you won the competition so you get to spend some time alone with me. Only if you want to do this” he quickly added.

Nylah’s face lightened up and she nodded: “I actually hoped for something like this.” They said their goodbyes to Ivy and Deja. While the van drove away, they waved after it. A limousine arrived and the two went inside. “Where are we going?” Nylah asked.



After an hour drive, the limousine stopped and dropped them off. Without a word, Max walked away from the vehicle and showed Nylah to follow him. About twenty minutes later, they arrived at the top of cliffs.

“Oh wow, Max! This view is beautiful!” Nylah exclaimed. Max looked over the lake and grinned. “This is my favorite place to visit. You’re almost always alone up here because few people know this location. My father brought me here. It was his favorite place as well and that’s where he proposed to my mother” the last few words were hardly louder than a whisper.

Nylah walked up to him because she felt he needed someone to comfort him. She took his hands and saw that he wasn’t said. “This place is beautiful and unique. And I feel honored that you take me here. Thank you a lot, Maximilian” she said softly.



A smile appeared on his face but faded as quickly as it came again. Before Nylah knew what was going on, she felt his lips on hers. As she realized what was going on, the whole thing was already over. Still, her lips could still taste his kiss.



Their eyes met as soon as they opened them again. The air around them felt magically and both didn’t dare to say a word that might ruin this atmosphere.

Silently, Nylah fell into Max’s arms and he held her close. “Thank you so much for this amazing day” she whispered into his ear. In the background, the sun was going down and the temperature sank. The two decided to end the day and return back home.




I asked the creator of Nylah to tell me who should join the date until today (Monday) but she didn’t read it, I guess. So I looked at Nylah’s relationships and invited the two girls she is best friends with. And that’s Ivy and Deja.


The restaurant they went to – Le Greek – is my own build. If you want to look at it or use it – feel free to do so – you can find it in my gallery. My ID is snuffi14. You might find it twice because I first uploaded it with a weird typo:`Le Greek. The hyphen and space bothered me so I put it up once again.


Thank you all for reading!


xoxo Sonschi






Nylah was really annoyed by Natalia as it seems. Her grumpy face doesn’t make sense otherwise because she was actually in a good mood.



Jogging in your casual wear. Nice try, Alfred, but we still know you’re stalking around the contestant houses.



What’s this pattern on her skin? I have never seen this before, it’s only on her and it doesn’t have to do with the heterochromia eyes CC. Weird…



Alfred and Max had a dance battle and the bachelor fell on his face trying to do a backflip. Alfred laughed at him. How mean. xD



And then he showed Max his feminine dance moves. You really need to try this because it’s hilarious to watch.



All eyes are on Ivy. And there’s a reason. Just the way she smiles/looks at this stranger is a bit too flirty. And the other girls judge her for this.


blooper6.11bEven Max isn’t amused about how Ivy looks at that man. Well, he’s not used to be on the jealous side.



The group seriously had to wait from 3 pm to 5 am! At first it took hours to even order their meals and then it took forever to get them. Oh wait, they never got their food! *furious* And why? Because the waiter was singing or playing with his phone the whole time… That’s why there are no screenshots from the group eating any food…



“Yum, this yogurt smells great! I’m such a great cook!” – *judgmental glare*


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