Newcrest's Next Topmodel

Week 7: My Portrait


Hey everyone! The big surprise Mary Anne had prepared last chapter was A NEW HOUSE! I’m honestly too lazy to make a real story introduction of the house so I’ll just show you the front and back view as well as the two floors.

So this is the front view (*captain obvious flies away*). The two writings should represent team black and white even though both are in black ^^



This is the back view of the house and also the garden: pool and some stuff to have fun. And yoga. Is that fun? I’ve never tried that before.



Now the floors. The first floor has a huge entrance (pink one). A kitchen in the left upper corner and a dining room underneath. And the huge room separated by a monstrous aquarium is the living room with a little “playground” (darts and stuff because models are into pub games… 😀 )



In the second – and also last – floor you find the two bedrooms. I put three beds in every room because I really thought it would be a perfect tie between team black and white with each team still having three girls when they move into this shack. I was wrong but it’s a great opportunity to add some drama.

Also, there are two bathrooms (none on the first floor at all, what was I thinking?) and the sitting areas are balconies.


If you like the house/villa/shack you can find it in my gallery. ID: snuffi14


Also, if you want to download some of my sims you need to unlock the opportunity to see CC relevant stuff on the gallery. In case you don’t know:

In the gallery in the left lower corner are those three dots. When you click on them a little text with a box in front of it pops up. Click the box and you can find my CC sims. Well, actually all of my new sims because – maybe you’ve seen it on some of the screenshots yet – I’m using default eyes (meteor eyes if you want to google them) and that’s why all of my sims are in the CC category.



The first thing the girls recognized in their new home  – apart from all girls living together now – were the huge photographs of themselves over their beds.

“So does this mean we can’t decide where we want to sleep?” Grace asked the others in her room. She was the only model from team white who had to share her bedroom with team black.



In the other bedroom, team white – or half of it – captured their new home in a selfie. “I’m so happy we’re in the same room, Simone!” Audrey chirped. As it was already six week since the girls had met the two had become best friends.

Simone cheered as she looked at her phone: “Yay, your photo in the back looks amazing on this selfie!” Together, they went on to experience the new house.



In the next morning, earlier than ever, the van arrived at the girls’ new home. Still sleepy they all got in and were carried to a park like location. As they got off the vehicle, Mary Anne and a common photographer were already waiting for them.



“Good morning, girls” Mary Anne cheered. She giggled as she saw all the tired faces, knowing that they celebrated to be moved into a villa. After a while she went on: “I bet you all still remember Amy Wu from your very first shooting here in the show.”

Of course no one had forgotten about the pink haired photographer. She was a nice one – especially compared to others they had experienced – and everyone was happy to see her again.

Instead of Mary Anne, it was Amy who explained today’s task:” When you look behind me you can see a huge frame. Some nice guys have put it up for us and also you because this will be your task today. Playing with the frame with a beautiful scenery behind you.”



After about an hour the first candidate was finished with her outfit and styling. Lola went over to the shooting set and Amy Wu waved her over.

“Hey Lola, you look great today. The blond hair suits you even more than your natural color. However, what’s important today is that you don’t stand behind the frame like a photo is held into the scenery but you should ‘interact’ with it. You can stand next to it, hang on it, sit on it. Whatever you prefer to do, okay?” Amy Wu explained.



Lola did understand the task but somehow, Amy Wu wasn’t happy with the outcome. But now it was the next girl’s time. Simone was full of energy as she arrived in front of the photographer.

After Amy Wu explained the same setting as she did with Lola, Simone immediately began to find many different poses with the frame. “Yes, great, Simone! That looks perfect, stay like this!” Amy Wu said as she clicked the camera, taking the final photo.



Seeing the great outcome of Simone’s shooting made Lilah a bit nervous as she walked over to Amy Wu. The photographer explained what she expected from her before the model went over to the frame.

In opposite to her own expectations, she quickly found different poses to Simone and felt like doing a great job. The compliments Amy Wu gave her during the whole session made her feel even more confident and after her shooting was over, Lilah was happy with her results.



Audrey liked the way Simone’s poses had looked like sitting on top of the frame. After Amy Wu had explained all the instructions she tried to climb it up. Unfortunately, she hadn’t enough strength to make it.

“You don’t need to sit on the frame, Audrey. Just stretch your legs to make them look longer and the photo will look just as great. But don’t forget about your expression doing it” the photographer suggested.



After she had seen that Audrey couldn’t climb the frame, Grace decided to leave that from the start and tried something else. The idea she had on her mind was still hard to put into action but after a few failed attempts she finally found a pose she felt comfortable with.

Amy Wu put her camera aside and tilted her head a bit. A smile appeared on her face and she quickly grabbed her camera again and took some photos. With a simple thumbs-up she showed Grace that she made a good job and that it was over.



Being the last one put a lot of pressure on Hazel. All over five girls had already showed many different poses and it was hard for her to find a unique one. That the others were standing only a few steps away watching her made her feel even more awkward.

Amy Wu asked her over to her to give her the necessary instructions. “Don’t worry about the others. They already finished their job but that doesn’t mean they’re better than you. Just concentrate on yourself” Amy Wu tried to cheer her up, seeing the worried face of the model.



“Do you see that? She’s lying down. That’s like the easiest thing to do in this shooting. I didn’t even think about it because it is way too easy. I bet this photo won’t look great” Lola whispered into Grace’s ear.

Now that only six girls were left the feeling of a competition was more present than before. Also, that the two teams lived together now showed the difference between the girls even more.



After the shooting had been finished, the van brought the girls back home to their villa. The first thing the two girls from team black did was to disappear in their room – and also Grace’s room but they ignored that fact – to talk about their day.

“Did you see Grace and Lola whispering at each other during my shoot? That was kind of mean. I almost lost all of my concentration. I mean, we didn’t talk about them as they did their shoots” Hazel complained to her friend.

Lilah nodded. They had recognized the two girls gossip the whole time and it had made her furious. However, she didn’t want to start a fight when Mary Anne was around. Still, they would have to talk this out. This might be a competition but what they did was unfair.



Said girls were in the new living room, discussing the same scene. “You know what I really don’t get? There are still two gingers left on the show. I mean, gingers aren’t pretty at all. One is more than enough. I would rather prefer to still have Paisley around than those two” Grace rolled her eyes.

Chuckling, Lola responded: “I feel the same. Did you see how fast they jumped out of the van to get into their room? Like they don’t even want to be in the same room with us. Do they think they are better than us just because they have red hair?”



At the same time at the elimination location, the jury had sat down to discuss today’s shooting. All six photos lying on the table in front of them it was obvious who would stay and who might have to leave after this week.

“I really think we should talk about this girl a bit more in detail” Derek said picking up a photo. “Maybe her last few shootings weren’t as great as we know it from her but I think everyone has a bad phase sometimes” he went on, trying to fight for the last two girls he had left in his team.

Skye looked at him, wondering how she should tell him the truth. “You know Derek, maybe you chose the wrong girls. Maybe you saw more potential in them than there ever was. It’s true that you can have a bad phase sometimes but this shouldn’t affect your performance” she said, avoiding eye contact with him.


In the next morning, the elimination day had arrived. All six girls were waiting backstage to be called to the jury and hopefully to get their photo. Decisions had been made the day before and now it couldn’t be changed anymore.

The first girl that was asked to enter the room was Simone. After she had been among the last four the week before she was glad to be the first one. She had a good feeling about the shooting which took away all her nervous feelings.

“Simone, great to see you. Amy Wu was really impressed by your hair color. And honestly, it makes you less forgettable. After the first shooting she couldn’t even remember having taken a photo of you. And now, she even knows your name! Congratulations, here’s your photo!” Mary Anne cheered.



Simone joined the cheering and ran up to the head of the jury to get her photo. Quickly looking at it she thanked the jury and left the room. She had a big grin on her face as she saw that Audrey, her best friend, was right after her. Being the first ones always seemed to mean they are sure to get their photo.


7.19a.pngThis is Simone’s photo.


“Audrey” Mary Anne simply said. A long pause followed after this word and it made Audrey feel a bit uncomfortable. What if they changed their setting and she would have to wait to hear about her outcome? But right after this thought, Mary Anne said: “Come here and get your photo! You look great. Good job!”




Audrey jumped in the air as she saw her picture. Almost tripping she went over to the jury and received it. Waving at them she left the room to send the next model to the jury. From all she knew the next one would be the last girl today to get a photo for sure.


7.20a.pngThis is Audrey’s photo.


Lilah knew that as well and grinned as she opened the door to the elimination room. However, she ignored all the other girls backstage, except for her friend Hazel. Knowing that Hazel would have to wait with two other girls again made her a bit sad.




And her thoughts were right. After some compliments from the jury, Lilah received her photo and gladly went back to Hazel and the other girls. Now it was obvious who would have to wait for their photos.


7.21a.pngThis is Lilah’s photo.


But as the last three girls waited to be called in to the jury together, they were told that only Grace should come in. A bit confused the model walked up to the jury and waited for them to speak.



“Congratulations, Grace! You also get your photo. We will see you next week for a new shooting” Mary Anne finally told her. Relieved and surprised at the same time, Grace couldn’t help but jump in the air.


7.22aThis is Grace’s photo.




Everyone was surprised as Grace returned with her photo. Not because they thought she performed badly at the shooting but because only two girls were left now.

And those two girls had to see the jury now, together. Lilah hugged her friend and wished her all the best. She shot some angry eyes at Lola because she knew that it was her fault that Hazel had to wait for her photo now. But she was glad that Lola herself messed up her own shooting as well.



Standing in front of the jury both Hazel and Lola were shaking. However, they didn’t even think about comforting each other. Without even speaking about whatever had happened between them they could feel the cold glares from each other.

Both hoped that the over one would have to leave in a moment.


7.24a.pngThis would be Lola’s photo.


7.24b.pngThis would be Hazel’s photo.




Dear readers,


I hope you like the new chapter and also the new house. This time, we only have two girls left (because the difference in prizes was so huge and just wow…). Still, it’s up to you who will stay and who will go. But you can only vote for one girl this time.


The poll ends on Thursday, 7/20/2017, at 3 pm CET.


You can find the poll here.


And as usual, the list of prizes:

Audrey 25$

Grace 25$

Hazel 12$

Lilah 25$

Lola 16$

Simone 26$


Also, I have to apologize because of the pictures (the one with the prizes). I just placed the room (Waterfall 4 by Malibu96) and didn’t see the edge in the grass and how ridiculous this looks like until now (writing the chapter…)  :/


Thank you all for reading!


xoxo Sonschi


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