Newcrest's Next Topmodel

Week 6: Results


The air was tense in the elimination room. It seemed like no one moved. Did anyone even breathe at all? The four girls left couldn’t tell. Hazel and Kayla were hugging and also Grace and Simone tried to calm each other down by staying close.

Finally, the jury seemed to become alive again. Mary Anne tilled her head a tiny little bit. If you hadn’t looked closely you would have missed it. As she raised her voice, the sound was piercing the silence: “Grace, would you please step forward.”

The girl almost shrieked as she heard her name. With shaking legs she walked up to the jury and tried to put on a smile. Skye looked rather happy and her wink helped her calm down a bit more. “Congratulations, Grace, here’s your photo” Mary Anne almost interrupted Grace’s and Skye’s eye contact.



“Thank you a lot, Mary Anne! And of course also you, Skye. You’re the best team leader I could wish for” Grace said hugging both women at the same time.

While she left the room, the three girls still left concentrated on Mary Anne once again. All of them hoped and feared at the same time that their name would be called next. “Hazel” the head of the jury only said.

The ginger took a deep breath and stepped forward. She felt like crying because the whole stress in the competition was nagging on her. But she stayed strong. With a smile on her face, she heard Mary Anne say: “You, Hazel, also get your photo. Congratulations!”



Before Hazel even had the chance to cheer she heard a huge relieved sigh from behind Mary Anne. Both women turned around to look at Derek grinning from one ear to the other. As Mary Anne raised an eye brow he just shrugged his shoulders.



More dancing like walking, Hazel left the elimination room. Now it was only two girls left: Simone from team white and Kayla from team black. Both their bodies were shaking.

“You two, Simone and Kayla, know that one of you will leave us today. But who will it be?” Mary Anne began. A long silence followed after her question.

“To decide on who to send home was tough. One of the toughest decisions so far in this competition. But you know, only one can become Newcrest’s Next Topmodel. And so we had to make a decision” Mary Anne finally went on. But still, she didn’t tell who got the last photo.

“Simone” she said after a time – for the girls it felt like eternity – and then she paused again, looking at both of them with a poker face on. She closed her eyes and as she opened them again, she cheered: “Congratulations! Here’s your photo!”



Still not realizing what had just happened, Simone walked up to the jury, got her photo and hugged everyone as a thanks. Her whole body felt stiff and she didn’t get why Kayla was crying.



As soon as Simone closed the door behind her, Mary Anne walked over to the crying Kayla to comfort her: “Hey, don’t be sad. You are a beautiful girl. The tasks we give you are tough and all of you girls are the best from the whole country. It’s no shame that you have to go home today. You should be proud of yourself for getting this far. Because you made it and no one can ever take that away from you.”

A shy smile appeared on the young girls face and she nodded. “I’m just sad that it’s over. I really liked it here even though it was pretty hard sometimes. Thank you all for everything!” she hugged the head of the jury a last time before she left the show forever.



Instead of being brought home by their vans, both teams were lead into one bigger van. As their driver opened the door, all were stunned. “Hey girls!” Mary Anne cheered at them.

She waited a short time and laughed at the funny faces her girls made. “I’m only here because I have a little surprise for you. We will drive for – let’s say 15 minutes – and then you will see my surprise for you. Are you ready?” she asked starting the car.




Dear readers,


Unfortunately, another girl had to leave the challenge. We’re getting closer to the last four weeks! Stay tuned to find out what Mary Anne’s surprise for the girls will be!


Thank you, cind3r3lla, for Kayla. She’s still gorgeous!


And thank you all for reading!


xoxo Sonschi


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