Newcrest's Next Topmodel

Week 6: Gender Swap


Mary Anne could feel that it would be a good day. She had a shooting with her girls and her all-time favorite photographer Jackson Bean. He had even offered her a ride to the location and the head of the jury had gladly accepted his offer.

As they arrived – Mary Anne had her arm tucked into Bean’s arm – they were both amazed. They had known for some days where the next location was set but the view from the penthouse was even more amazing than they had thought of.



About half an hour later Mary Anne surrounded her girls from team black around her. “Good morning, ladies. I’m sure you all remember the great Jackson Bean! You had your group shoot with him. Anyway, today at this awesome location, you will be turned into men! Do you like that?” she asked her girls excitedly.

Still a bit tired from a short night the girls nodded and smiled at Bean. Everyone was happy they didn’t have to shoot with Perry Merrill again. Mary Anne gave the models a quick lesson on how to pose as a male before the first girls were sent away to get their makeover.



The first one to be ready after her makeup and hair was done was Kayla. She was nervous because she was used to be a very feminine woman. Mary Anne was sitting at the edge of the set and watched the whole thing.

After a while she had to interrupt the photographer: “Kayla, I don’t know why but something seems to distract you today. You need to focus on the camera and the shooting.”

Kayla looked over to the jury member and forced a smile. Of course there was something that distracted her from the shooting. After all, her best friend on the show had left the day before and Kayla still had to cope with it.



While Kayla tried to give her best for the camera, Lilah and Hazel were backstage talking. “Remember the day when Paisley said one of us won’t make it far or even none of us just because of our hair color?” Lilah asked.

Hazel laughed. She had to take care to not cry from laughter because her makeup was already done. Gasping she said: “Oh yes! And now look at us: we’re among the seven best and she’s gone like ages ago!”



Soon after their conversation, Kayla returned. She didn’t look quite happy and Hazel pulled her over to talk about it. Now it was Lilah’s turn. She hoped she would leave the set with a happier smile than Kayla.

Mary Anne waved at the model as she came outside. “Oh Lilah, you look amazing with short hair! Maybe we should do another makeover with you?” she raised an eyebrow.

Lilah almost gasped at the words. Nervously snickering she answered: “Eh, no thanks. I’m fine with my long hair.” Mary Anne winked at her and finally Bean could start taking pictures.



As Lilah’s shoot was over and she wanted to go back inside, Hazel was already waiting at the door. She had given up comforting Kayla because she didn’t say much. After a few sentences exchanged, Kayla had disappeared to get her makeover undone.

As Hazel arrived she felt uncomfortable. Not because of Bean or Mary Anne watching her but her suit was a bit too tight at her neck. “Woah, I barely can breathe in this” she complained trying to get the collar a bit looser.

She was too busy with her outfit that she didn’t see the annoyed expression on the photographer’s face. Mary Anne didn’t say anything but she already had a bad feeling for Hazel’s shoot. If a tiny little problem like a bad fitting outfit was such a huge problem for the young model than her concentration would fade away easily.



“It’s done!” Bean finally said. Hazel thanked him and disappeared in the backstage. At the same time, the girls from team white appeared at the location.

Mary Anne put Jackson Bean and team white aside to give them short instructions, the same she had given team black. After almost half an hour everyone knew what they had to do.



The first one from team white to begin the shooting was Lola. The makeover artists had decided to give her and the other girls from team white no hats to have a slight difference to the girls from team black.

Lola didn’t mind that. After all they all had their wigs. Thankfully, the wigs were of high quality so none was itchy at all. As her outfit had been finished she had actually liked the short hair. But she wasn’t sure if she should cut them this short. After all, this one was only a wig.



While Lola’s shoot was going on smoothly, the other three girls were backstage joking around because of their short hair. “I can’t believe they actually have a grey wig for my hair!” Simone was stunned.

Audrey enjoyed the conversation and said, laughing: “I actually like my wig. But I don’t look manly at all!” Grace put a hand over her face as she heard the comment. “How are we supposed to look manly when we are the least manly women in whole Newcrest?” she gasped ironically.



Soon it was Simone’s turn for the shooting. She liked her bright red suit because it made her feel confident. But she always had to think about how their wigs looked like. As she remembered the girls’ words from backstage she started giggling all the time.

“Simone, you were told to look serious. Please stop laughing for a few minutes” Mary Anne stated. In her voice swung a disappointed tone. But Simone didn’t notice it.



After Simone finished, it was Audrey’s turn. She was giggling as she arrived on set and Mary Anne felt the urge to roll her eyes. All she hoped for was that the young model would concentrate on the shooting. It would be more than impossible to give her another chance at the elimination.

But Mary Anne was positively surprised. A soon as Bean reached his camera at Audrey she turned all serious. She entered a professional mode and only focused on the shoot. Mary Anne couldn’t help but smile.



Both Mary Anne and Bean didn’t know what was going on backstage but as Grace appeared in front of them she was giggling as well. As the shooting hadn’t begun yet it was still unclear how Grace would perform: more like Simone or more like Audrey?

Mary Anne hoped for the last one but she was disappointed. Grace bit her lips most of the time to not burst out laughing. After a few photos, Bean took down his camera, rubbed his eyes and sighed. That was the moment Grace knew she had to concentrate more. At least the last few minutes were more professional.



After a long day as usual, the shoot was over and all the girls returned back home. The first thing Simone and Audrey did was sit down on their favorite couch and start chatting.

“I think I messed up completely” Audrey sighed. “It was so hard to concentrate on the camera and not laugh at all” she explained. Simone look at her and smiled, comforting her best friend: “I’m sure you were way better than me. Did you see the bad glare Bean threw at me at the end of the day?”



Upstairs, outside on one of the small balconies, Grace and Lola were having a conversation as well. But their topic was different. “When do you think we will move into the villa? I’m sure we will one day but the question is, when?” Lola wondered.

Grace shrugged her shoulders. “I’m not sure if we will ever move into a villa at all. But I wouldn’t mind because this house isn’t bad at all” she explained her point of view.



In the neighboring house, Kayla still needed some time on her own. Today’s shooting was the worst she had ever had. At least her feelings were worse than in the other shootings. She washed her hands and dried them with a towel.

As she looked into the mirror she sighed. “What would I do to have Reina here now” she made a sad face and left the bathroom. She had the bad feeling that she would see her friend sooner than she would ever think of.



In the other room, Hazel and Lilah were sitting on a bed, talking. “I hope that we won’t lose another girl from our team. We’re only three left now and team white still has four” Hazel sighed.

Lilah just shrugged her shoulders. Looking at her friend she stated: “I would be sad if you left but we’re not here to make friends, you know. All of us want to be Newcrest’s Next Topmodel and only one can win this show.”



The next started earlier than expected. All the girls were driven to the elimination location and hoped to receive their picture as quick as possible.

The first one to walk up to the jury was Audrey. All the other eliminations before she had always been nervous at this point. But today she was relaxed. Maybe it was because Mary Anne was already smiling at her.

“Audrey, we’re proud of you! At the beginning of this show you were struggling a lot. But today you are one of the best of this week! Congratulation to your photo!” Mary Anne cheered as she handed the picture over.



Audrey’s photo.



Right after Audrey had left the room, Lola walked in. She was greeted with three huge smiles on the jury’s faces. Lola knew instantly what this had to mean.

“Congratulations, Lola! You are the best this week. Keep it going” the head of the jury told her as she gave Lola the picture. With an even bigger smile than the jury’s smiles she left the room.


6.18a.pngLola’s photo.



Lilah was already waiting in front of the jury for a while. No one moved nor talked. Has the time come where the jury had to decide which ginger they would keep in the show? Does Lilah have a chance against her friend Hazel?

Finally, Mary Anne moved. She didn’t say a word but at least she didn’t look like a mannequin anymore. “Lilah, your week was okay. Not good, not bad. We want more than okay. We want you to have a good week next time. Congratulations” Mary Anne finally stated.


6.19a.pngLilah’s photo.



Now, still four girls were left. As the jury had sat down to discuss their decision, it was hard to choose. The first three girls were easy to decide on but the last four were too tough. Instead of asking three of them to the jury together, they told all four to do so.

The team leaders were not happy with the girls standing in front of them. Derek rubbed his chin. Two of his three girls left were standing in front of him, not sure if they would get a picture.

Skye didn’t even dare to look at her two girls. Her team was still a bit larger than Derek’s but she thought her girls were the best on the show. Seeing the same girls over and over again to be last almost every week made her sad and angry.



Each couple of each team was hugging each other, trying to comfort themselves. They knew that at least one of them would have to go in a few minutes. No one wanted to be the one.

Hazel still hoped that neither she nor Kayla would have to leave. Team black was already too small. But on the other hand, Simone and Grace didn’t want to leave as well.


6.21a.pngThis would be Kayla’s photo.


6.21b.pngThis would be Hazel‘s photo.


6.21c.pngThis would be Simone‘s photo.


6.21d.pngThis would be Grace‘s photo.




Dear readers,


Finally this chapter is over. Sorry for the long wait. I hope it was worth it!


The prizes this week are:

Lola 29$

Audrey 27$

Lilah 16$

Grace 13$

Simone 13$

Hazel 12$

Kayla 11$


Once again, you can vote who should stay on the show. You can find the link here.


It ends next week on Saturday, 07/15/17 at 2 pm CET.


Thank you all for reading!


xoxo Sonschi


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