Newcrest's Next Topmodel

Week 5: Results


The jury didn’t say a word. For the three girls left, time seemed to stand still. They were hugging to comfort each other. Hazel smiled at Reina, hoping that none of their team would have to leave the show this day.

Grace tried to make eye contact with her team leader but all Skye did was look down at the floor. Was this a bad sign? A shudder ran down Grace’s spine. She didn’t want to leave yet.

Finally, Mary Anne opened her mouth: “Hazel, Reina, would you mind to wait outside until we call you in again?” Both girls exhaled and nodded. With shaky legs they walked out the door.

Now it was only Grace and the jury in the room. Grace hoped to hear good news now. Has it ever happened that the first of the last girls was sent home? She couldn’t remember. She was too nervous to think straight.

“Grace, we know this shooting was hard for you but we still believe in you. Congratulations to your photo!” Mary Anne almost cheered.



Grace was relieved. She couldn’t react yet but she felt a lot more comfortable now. As Mary Anne walked over to her to give her the photo, Grace only smiled. The shock was still too present to realize she could stay.

As the girl left the room she told Hazel to be next. The ginger hugged her team mate, took a deep breath and walked up to the jury again. She avoided eye contact with all three because she was too scared to see the truth in their eyes.

“Hazel, why do you look down on the floor?” Mary Anne asked her. As the girl slowly moved her head up she almost squealed as she saw the smile on the jury’s faces. It was then that she recognized her photo in Mary Anne’s hand.



“Congratulations! You’re still on the show. But let me warn you: from now on it will only get harder. So give your best and even more. But for now, you’re safe” the head of the jury went on.

As Hazel walked backstage with her photo in her hand she felt happy and sad at the same time. With only Reina left it was obvious that her friend would have to go today.

As Reina passed the ginger her heart dropped as she saw the picture. She tried to hold back the tears and put on a smile. Maybe this time no one had to leave? After all, the photographer was the rudest person she had ever met.

She stopped in front of the jury and concentrated on the words she would hear in a moment. But the jury kept silent. Like always. Her palms became more and more sweaty the longer she had to wait.

With a sigh, Mary Anne stated: “Reina, you are a beautiful girl and you do have potential for the model business. But the other girls have passed you by and we think you won’t make up the distance to them anymore. I’m sorry but I don’t have a photo for you today.”



The truth hurt more than Reina had ever thought it would. Her shoulders fell down and the tears she had kept back before streamed down her face. Deep inside herself she had already known she would have to go home today but hearing it out loud was tough.

Mary Anne came over to hear and tried to cheer her up: “Reina, don’t be sad. Just because you have to leave doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful or a great model. You are both and I’m sure you can make it without us.”




Dear readers,


Sorry that it took so long for this tiny little chapter! I’m a bit busy at the moment. But I can assure you that week 6 should follow in the next two days!


Thank you, MINEZ, for creating Reina. She was fun to play with.


And thank you all for reading!


xoxo Sonschi



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