Newcrest's Next Topmodel

Week 5: Wedding [Edit: Poll]


“How can I help you?” Mary Anne asked after a while. She was visiting friends because they had asked her to do them a favor. So far, she didn’t know what exactly they could need her for.

“You know I have my show at the moment. Does your favor affect the show? Do you want to take place in it?” Mary Anne asked on as the only answer she got was big grins.


[This room is from the gallery: “Elegant Choco Livingroom” by findjoo]



She sighed as her twin sister and Aiden shared a moment of we-are-in-a-different-world. Of course, Mary Anne was happy for Lily Rose but it bothered her that they couldn’t talk without breaks because they needed to glare into each other’s eyes.

“Isn’t this boring after a while?” she asked, a bit annoyed. Finally, Lily Rose looked back at her. “As soon as you find your Mr. Right you will understand that it’s impossible to get bored by looking at your baby’s eyes” she almost tweeted.

The former bachelorette moved a bit away from her blonde Adonis and fixed her sister. “You know that we, Aiden and I, are going to get married soon. And I want our wedding photos to look stunning. But I’m bad at modeling. So maybe, really just maybe, you could put your girls into wedding gowns, put them next to a handsome guy and let them have a wedding shoot. For me? Please? I really need some inspiration” Lily Anne begged with puppy eyes.



Only three days later, Skye met with her team in a little park near the model houses. As the girls arrived she gathered them around her because she wanted to introduce two important men for the day.

“Good morning, ladies! As you can see, we are at a romantic location today. And as soon as you see your outfits today you might squeal because today we’re going to take wedding photos!” she cheered.

The girls didn’t join her great mood. All four of them were too distracted by the two men next to their team leader. They looked familiar but none of them could find their name.

“Okay, as you’re already way more interested into them, I’ll introduce them. This, to my left, is today’s photographer, Perry Merrill” even before she had finished his name the girls gasped. THE Perry Merrill was going to shoot them today.

Skye gave her girls some time to cheer before she went on: “And to my right side is your model partner for today, Mike.” The young man greeted the girls and winked at them.



Simone was the first to start off this day. She liked her wedding gown, well she had never thought she would wear one that soon, but she enjoyed the feeling wearing it sent through her body.

Mike walked up to her and mentioned: “You look great, Simone. I hope you don’t have a boyfriend because new models tend to mess up shoots like this because of that.”

Simone was happy with her shoot. She didn’t feel awkward next to Mike – she sometimes did with strangers getting too close to her – and it also seemed that Merrill liked her. However, he didn’t say too much.



After Simone was finished, Lola went on set, carefully trying not to step onto her dress. It was long and looked like it would cost more than Lola could ever afford. Mike greeted her.

“Why didn’t Merrill say anything to Simone?” Lola whispered to her shooting partner. But before he could answer, both saw the photographer’s angry face shouting: “Concentrate!”

Lola felt guilty after everything was over. She didn’t mean to insult Merrill but she didn’t know how to tell him. As she walked away from set he had a little smile on his face.



As it was Audrey’s turn she had difficulties with walking on the grass. From far she waved at her model partner and tried to talk with him while she tried to shorten the distance between them. Finally, she arrived and Mike smiled at her: “Seems like Merrill likes you most because your dress is the most expensive one.”

Audrey didn’t know what to answer. She only managed not to gasp at Mike. Laughing he patted her shoulder and they began to pose for the photographer. Audrey needed more time than the ones before her but Mike assured her that it is because of the dress.



Next up was Grace. She was the last one from team white but she didn’t mind that she had to wait until it was her turn. Compared to Audrey she had the easiest dress. But she liked it anyway.

“Hey Mike” she winked at him as she approached her partner. He smiled back at her. Even though they tried many different poses Merrill didn’t like any of the outcomes. “Wasting” he murmured the whole time. But thankfully, Grace didn’t hear him.



After group white had finished their shoots, Merrill quickly talked to Skye. According to her reaction she was confused but she only nodded. After the photographer had left she pulled out her phone and dialed a number.

It turned out that the extraordinary photographer needed a break and delayed the shoot for the second group to the next day. Mary Anne was forced to give her okay in order to not insult Merrill.

Early in the next day, team black arrived at the same location. As soon as they spotted Derek they went up to him and he told them about the shoot’s topic. All of the four girls cheered.

In the meantime, Merrill had arrived and Derek quickly introduced him to his girls. Short after, the male model arrived. The photographer glared at him: “You’re late!” The young man apologized and introduced himself to the girls.



Lilah was the first to start the shoot. As she walked up to James she smiled at him. As Merrill was still busy with the installations she started a little small talk with her partner: “Is he always like this?” James had to hold back his laughter and whispered: “Yes, he’s known to be, well, let’s say special.”

Their shoot went well and Lilah was glad that the photographer wasn’t mad at her shooting partner anymore. However, he didn’t comment any of the poses she gave him.



As Kayla walked up to the set she tried to ignore the glances of Merrill. His expression made her nervous but she had to deal with it. “Hey, don’t worry about him. We’ll do just fine. After all you’re a pretty bride” James tried to cheer her up.

During the whole shoot the photographer had a rather grumpy expression on his face but he didn’t say a word. All Kayla could do was hope that he still had a great photo for her. As her shoot was over, Merrill whispered something at Derek that made the jury member look like he was thinking about something.



A bit worried after Kayla’s shoot, Hazel showed up on set. Merrill’s weird behavior made almost everyone at the park uncomfortable but no one dared to say a word about it. James shortly hugged Hazel as she introduced herself to him.

At first the young model thought her shoot went well. After all, her partner smiled confidentially at her several times and she liked her outfit. But after about half the shoot she noticed that Merrill’s eye twitched every time he looked at the photos he had just taken.



Reina was glad as she could replace Hazel. She just wanted to get the shoot over. With every minute that passed she felt more and more uncomfortable with just being at the same place with Merrill. But she didn’t dare to say a single word about it.

As she went on set, the photographer put up his hand, laid down his camera and walked away. Confused, everyone looked after him. Maybe he just needed a short break? It took almost a whole hour until he returned.

James had asked Reina to try some poses while they had the time to. But with every minute she became more nervous. Finally, the shoot went on. Reina got along with James quite well but Merrill’s presence scared her.



While team black was still working, the other group enjoyed their day off. “Why do you think they delayed the second part to another day?” Audrey asked her friend. Simone just shrugged her shoulders. “I wouldn’t be surprised if it was because of Merrill. He’s a genius. I’ve seen a lot of his works. But he’s creepy. I hope we won’t have another shoot with him” she shivered just thinking about it.



The other two girls, Lola and Grace, used the day to work on their fitness. As models they had to take care of their bodies even more than anyone else and they thought yoga was just fine for the day.

“Merrill seems to be nice” Lola said without an introduction. Grace was overrun by her comment that she almost fell down. Quickly, she changed her position and thought about Lola’s words. “I disagree” she only stated after a while.



After an exhausting day, the girls from team black returned to their house. Reina and Hazel decided to watch a movie to calm down. The shoot wasn’t exhausting but dealing with a person like Merrill made it way harder.

“I really don’t understand how such a person can be this famous” Reina stated angrily. Everyone felt sorry for how he had treated her. But at the same time they were glad it hadn’t happened to them.

Hazel looked at Reina, raising an eyebrow. “You do know that photographers are artists. And the more extraordinary you are as an artist the better. At least that’s how it feels like to me” she shrugged her shoulders.



Over in the kitchen, Kayla and Lilah tried to avoid talking about the weird part of their shoot. “Did you see his eyes? They seem to look right into your soul” Kayla said, dreaming away.

Lilah sighed. The jury did a great job picking a male model for them. James was delicious and the young woman couldn’t stop thinking about it. But suddenly she remembered her friend’s shot and asked: “Why was Merrill so weird around you? Or well, even weirder than with everyone else.

Kayla just shrugged her shoulders: “I really don’t know what was going on. James didn’t know it either. Maybe Derek will tell me what he has told him.”



A new day started and both teams got ready for the next elimination. It was the first time in a long while that no one knew if they were safe or not. With Merrill’s reactions all felt like going home that day. Except for Lola.

Simone’s legs were shaking as she walked in front of the jury. As always, they didn’t move at all. The waiting was even harder this time but the young woman stayed strong.

“We all know that Perry Merrill is hard to work with. But that’s something that can happen to you all the time in the model business. I’m happy you managed to deal with it. Congratulations, Simone, here’s your photo” Mary Anne finally stated.



As Simone took a first look at her photo she was stunned. Now she could understand why Merrill was this popular in the model world. His skills were amazing.



With a confident smile on her lips, Lola walked up to the jury. Instead of having a poker face, Mary Anne couldn’t help but smile at the model.

“Lola, we are all amazed by what you achieved. Perry Merrill, one of Newcrest’s most extraordinary photographers, likes you! He even complimented your work! Congratulations, here is your art work!” Mary Anne cheered.



Lola gasped as she heard the news. A bit distant mindedly she took the picture and walked out of the room. As she glanced at her picture for the very first time she had to laugh: her expression on the picture was awesome.



“Please, have a picture for me” Audrey silently whispered before she softly pushed open the door. She walked up to the jury and smiled shyly at them.

Not moving at all, they made her even more nervous. As always. After a while Mary Anne took the word: “Audrey, we can see progress in your work but you need to speed up. You’re still just in the middle. But we’re sure you can make it to the top. Congratulations!”



Happily laughing like a child, Audrey almost ran back to her friends. They all peered at her photo. “Wow, look at that dress!” someone from the white team expressed.



While everyone was busy with Audrey’s photo and discussing her dress, Lilah arrived in front of the jury. Mary Anne had a smirk on her face as she said: “How about you tell us what you think about your performance on the shoot?”

Lilah fought the urge to roll her eyes. There was nothing worse than a question like this. “Well, I don’t think I was the worst that day but I don’t know if I was good at all” she stumbled.

The model wrinkled her nose, not happy with her answer at all. Mary Anne took a while before she answered: “Well, as I had my first shoot with Merrill, I almost cried on set. So you did quite well! Congratulations, here’s your photo!”



Lilah was relieved as she held her picture in her hands. Now nothing worse than Merrill could happen in her career. With a big smile on her lips she left the room.



As soon as Kayla stopped in front of them, Derek had a worried expression on his face. The young model didn’t know what to think about it and hoped to get some answers for the questions running through her mind.

Instead of Mary Anne, Derek took the word: “Kayla, I’m sure you’ve noticed Merrill’s rude behavior on set during your shoot. Well, the one thing he told me about you was that he didn’t think you are a model. We have discussed about this very long and came to a conclusion.”

He paused and looked over to Mary Anne who nodded. “Well, he is one of the best of not the best photographer in Newcrest. However, we see a lot of potential on you and your previous shoots have confirmed that. Also, this picture looks great as well. Congratulations!” Mary Anne explained, looking at Kayla’s photo.



Kayla gasped as she heard the great news. Well, Merrill’s opinion almost destroyed her self-esteem but Mary Anne made it up again. With tears of joy in her eyes she left the room.



Again, only three girls were left. They all had to come to see the jury together. Grace, Hazel and Reina gathered together as they waited for the jury to announce their decision.



This would be Grace’s photo.



This would be Hazel’s photo.



This would be Reina’s photo.




Dear readers,


As promised, here’s the new chapter! In case you’re interested in the male models or the location, you can find everything on the gallery (snuffi14). As I use CC eyes now (the ones that replace Maxis eyes) all my CAS creations only show up on the gallery if click on the three dots at the left bottom and activate the little box.


Picture’s values:

Audrey: 16$

Grace: 11$

Hazel: 12$

Kayla: 17$

Lilah: 18$

Lola: 24$

Reina: 11$

Simone: 15$



I’m sorry! I forgot to add the link to the poll. You can find it here.

It ends on Thursday, 06/28/2017, at 2 pm CET.


Thank you all for reading!


xoxo Sonschi


Here are some of the wedding photos I took for Mr. and Mrs. Aiden and Lily Rose Lovett. In case you don’t know them: Lily Rose was the bachelorette from my last challenge and Aiden won.







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