Newcrest's Next Topmodel

Week 4: Results


Terrified, the three girls left waited for the jury to announce their results. But as Mary Anne began to speak, they were even more scared: “Please, wait outside until you’re asked to come in again. Skye, Derek and I have to discuss the subject for a few minutes.”

It took almost half an hour until the first girl was asked to come back in front of the jury. With shaking legs, Grace got up and walked towards the door. Before she opened it she closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

“Grace, your shoot started out a bit too stiff. But after a short while it turned out to be great. It’s important that you work a shoot as soon as you enter the set. Please, keep this in mind next week. Congratulations to your photo!” Mary Anne cheered.


4.28Grace couldn’t believe it at first but soon she cheered along with the jury. Finally, after a long time of waiting, she was holding her photo in her hands. Running out of the room she waved at the other two girls. She didn’t care that they were still in fear to not get theirs at all.



While Grace was still busy staring at her photo, amazed by the colors, Reina was asked to the jury. Her hands were sweaty as she softly pushed the door open.

With a poker face on, Mary Anne began to speak: “Reina, dear, what happened during the shoot? You seemed distracted by something.” With a shaking voice Reina replied: “I’m not a good dancer. And that kind of stopped me to enjoy the whole thing.”

The young woman had to fight back her tears. To make sure the jury didn’t see them she looked down at her feet. “Hey, look up. Otherwise you can’t see your photo, Reina! Congratulations” Mary Anne cheered her up.



Reina blinked as the words touched her ears. With big puppy eyes she looked up and saw the jury’s smiling faces. Then she finally spotted the photo Mary Anne was holding. As it was handed over to hear she almost squealed. “I love it!” she shouted over her shoulder as she was on her way back to the other girls.



Her teammates cheered as they saw Reina enter with a photo in her hands. “I told you, you won’t have to leave today!” Reina heard. But the words sounded like the speaker was far away because she was too amazed by her own photo.

The last girl to see the jury was Paisley. With every girl having their photo yet she almost felt sick. She took a deep breath and put on a confident face. No one should see the fear.

Standing in front of the jury she tried to read their faces. They weren’t smiling; they had put on their usual poker faces. But looking closer Paisley could see emotions in their eyes. Were they angry?

Before Mary Anne could say anything Derek stated: “Paisley, as your team leader I have to tell you something: As you arrived at the set the first thing you did was complain about your new hair. In front of the photographer. And unfortunately, this not only ruined the atmosphere on set but also your photo. Plus, you embarrassed Mary Anne and also Skye and me with your behavior.”



Paisley couldn’t hold back her feelings anymore. “B-but… You won’t kick me out after you ruined my hair, will you?” her voice was barely a whisper, tears were swimming in her eyes.

Mary Anne looked straight into her eyes. She had always liked Paisley but after what she had done during the shooting made her angry. “You know, Paisley, I thought you might get very far in this competition. You’re beautiful and confident. But unfortunately, your personality ruined your chances. I’m sorry, I don’t have a photo for you today” she stated.




Dear readers,

These are the results you have voted for. I was surprised to see that Paisley had to leave. Maybe you’re not as much into drama as I am. ^^


Thanks, Skcaga6, for creating Paisley.


And thank you all for reading this chapter!


xoxo Sonschi


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