Newcrest's Next Topmodel

Week 4: Dancing [+ POLL]


The next shooting day started and Mary Anne greeted the girls from team white. Next to her stood today’s photographer, Malik Reeves. The contestants couldn’t believe their eyes as they saw him. Reeves was one of the most famous artists in San Myshuno. It was a delight to work with him.

After Mary Anne had quickly introduced him – even though it wouldn’t have been necessary – she began to tell them about their challenge today: “So, Malik and I have thought about what kind of scene we want for your photos. And – when you take a look around – you can see we are at a nightclub. Today one girl each will be dancing in the spotlight while the others will be in the background. Be sure to not mess up someone else’s shooting even though you’re in a competition. And a little surprise: I will be joining you all!”



The first candidate for the day was Simone. Before the shooting started Reeves wanted to talk to her. He always did with his shooting partners because it made the whole atmosphere more comfortable.

“Oh wow, awesome hair. I bet you know what we want you to look like on the photo. Just dance like no one’s watching but don’t forget to look pretty. But that won’t be a problem” he tried to boost her confidence.

Everyone got ready for their part. The girls – Mary Anne included – started to move around in the back scene. Simone went to the sport Reeves had pointed out at her and immediately started dancing.



Simone finished her shooting quite fast. After her it was Grace’s turn. Reeves called her over and talked to her as well: “Grace, try to forget all the other people dancing around you and just enjoy the moment. It’s important that the fun you should have during the shooting doesn’t look forced. But I’m sure you’ll do just fine.”

Grace nodded and went to her place. At first she moved a bit stiff but after a time she felt more comfortable. Her shooting lasted longer than Simone’s but after a while Reeves smiled at her and raised thumbs up at her.



As Lola walked up to the photographer he was amazed: “Wow, I’m envious. I want to have a bright red leather jacket as well!” Lola laughed at his words but secretly she didn’t agree with him. All the other girls didn’t wear a jacket.

She smiled the anger away and tried to concentrate on her shooting. The first minute she found it hard to dance in the spotlight. What if her anxiety came back and she couldn’t perform like she wanted to? She closed her eyes for a few seconds and counted to ten. As she opened them again she ignored everyone around her and danced like never before.



With a high five Reeves thanked Lola for the great shooting. As she disappeared he waved at Audrey whose eyes were already shining from excitement. “Alright! Looks like you’re ready to have fun!” Reeves stated with a wink.

Audrey immediately began to dance. The way she moved looked great but she forgot the camera. After a few clicks Reeves paused the shooting to talk to the model again. “Audrey, you are a beautiful girl and your dance moves are stunning. But you need to focus on me a bit more. Alright? Okay, let’s move on.”



After Audrey’s shooting was over the girls from team white finished their day and went to the van. After a few hours of dancing around they were quite exhausted and couldn’t wait to come home.

While they were on their way home team black arrived at the location. Of course all of them recognized Reeves and celebrated. They knew it was an honor to shoot with such a brilliant man.

Just like with the other team, Mary Anne explained the topic for today. But she changed the scenes a bit: “During the shooting, the girl in the focus will be dancing and the rest of us – yes, I will participate as well – will be having some fun at the bar. And I am your barkeeper!”



Everyone in the background got ready and Reina walked over to Reeves to hear what was important for him. “Try to forget everything around you. Well, not everything because you need to focus on the camera. Just have fun and enjoy the dancing!” he explained.

Growing up with three brothers she had never been a dance machine. Most of the time, she had gone to pubs with the guys and they had played Foosball or darts. A bit scared she started dancing. Secretly, she hoped the shooting would be over soon.



It took some time until Reeves was happy with Reina’s photo. He smiled at her and asked the next model to come over to him. Hazel couldn’t wait to get started. “Before we begin let me tell you one thing. Your fun is in the focus here but don’t forget the camera. Also, eh, please, eh, y-your dress is pretty short. Don’t forget about that as well” Reeves avoided eye contact and blushed a bit.

Hazel giggled and promised not to make a peep show out of the shooting. At the beginning she had a few problems – mainly because she didn’t know how far she could get into dancing without showing her panties – but soon she could feel the rhythm and relaxed.




As Kayla walked up to Reeves he couldn’t help but see a classy woman. Not mentioning his worries he told her what he expected from her: “You probably have heard it as I’ve told the other girls. Enjoy yourself and don’t forget the camera.”

Still worried he smiled after her as she went to the spot he had pointed out to her. As she started to move he was amazed: she still looked classy but not stiff at all.




After the shooting, Kayla thanked Reeves and went back to the bar. On her way she passed Lilah who couldn’t wait for her shooting. She waved at the photographer and told him that she had already heard the instructions.

He waved back at her and went over to the camera. The shooting was fluently and Lilah almost didn’t need any help from Reeves. She clearly enjoyed herself but never forgot the camera.



Last but not least was Paisley. Reeves smiled at her as she walked up to him but it faded as he saw her expression. “Are you alright?” he asked her a bit worried. Paisley almost rolled her eyes but decided to just close them. With a sigh she complained: “Actually not. Look, I had perfect hair until last week. But they decided to cut and dye them and now look at me. I’m a mess.”

Reeves knew many models with that kind of attitude. Most of them were from rich families and only got jobs because they were born with a famous name. However, he knew how to deal with them. “Okay, listen, Paisley. I don’t know how you looked like before the makeover but honestly I think you look amazing. Please try to forget your anger about your hair during the shooting. Otherwise it will be obvious on your picture” he tried to calm her down.

They began to shoot but – just like Reeves thought – Paisley moved too stiffly. He took his camera down and went over to her again: “Paisley, please forget the problem with your hair for a short while. Okay, let’s try this: close your eyes and imagine how you felt with your old hair. And now, let’s try it again.”



A long day ended and the girls from team black could finally go home and fall into their beds. Mary Anne waved after the van and went back inside the nightclub.

“Thank you very much for today, Malik. It was such a perfect day. I hope to see you again soon! I would recommend to get a drink together but I’m sure you miss the sunlight just like I do” Mary Anne laughed and said her goodbyes to the photographer.



After the girls from team black had arrived at their home they all quickly took a shower. They all felt sweaty and the water on their skin was a great way to feel fresh again. After everyone was finished they prepared dinner together and sat down on the table.

“Today was such a great shooting! But I’m exhausted like after a workout” Kayla laughed. Most of the girls agreed on her but Paisley didn’t join their conversation. She just starred at her salad and seemed to be distant.

“I’m actually scared to be sent home this week” Reina suddenly confessed with a sigh. A bit confused the other girls looked at her silently asking for an explanation. “Well, I’m more of a tomboy. I grew up with three brothers and I barely had any girlfriends. Most of my time I’ve spent with guys and of course we did men’s stuff. I’m not even sure if you can call it dancing what I fabricated today” Reina explained. She had tears in her eyes.

“No, seriously! I watched you for a short moment and your dance moves were great! You really shouldn’t be worried!” Hazel tried to cheer her up. Reina blinked the tears away and a shy smile appeared on her face.



In the meantime, Paisley had gone upstairs but no one had noticed it. As Hazel and Lilah went upstairs to go to bed they saw their team mate sleeping in her bed.

“Did you see the drama she produced before her shooting even started?” Lilah giggled. The two of them sat down on Hazel’s bed and started gossiping about Paisley. “I really don’t get why she’s so keen on her hair. It’s just hair. It will grow back. Mine were cut off as well and I didn’t even think about complaining” Hazel stated and rolled her eyes.



As soon as the two gingers had fallen asleep, Paisley got up from bed and went outside. She needed some fresh air. What the two girls didn’t know, Paisley had been awake the whole time. Every word they had said still echoed in the young woman’s head.

Instead of sitting down in one of the two armed chairs on the balcony, she sank down on the floor. Actually, she wanted to cry her eyes out. No one would see her in this place anyway. But the tears didn’t come.



Downstairs, Reina and Kayla were still awake watching a movie. Little did they know about the scenes going on upstairs. However, their conversation was about the same topic.

“Paisley was pretty quiet today at the table” Reina stated. Kayla wrinkled her nose: “Maybe she realized that she behaved awfully on set today. Had I acted like this in front of the photographer – well, in front of Malik Reeves – I would feel ashamed for weeks!”

They spent the next few minutes in silence but ignored the movie as well. Both were sunken in their thoughts. Then Reina said: “I don’t know why but there’s something about her that I can’t stand. I really have to remind myself to be nice to her. It’s just too hard sometimes.” Kayla agreed, nodding.



In the neighboring house, team white enjoyed the night outside. As they had been the first group today they already had enough time to relax after their shooting. All four were sitting at the table and had a nice conversation.

“It’s sad that only four of us are left. I think our team is, well, I don’t know how to describe this. We’re more mature than the other girls. I’ve recognized that on the last elimination” Grace stated without any context. The others were a bit confused about the abrupt topic change but they agreed with her opinion.



Soon, Audrey and Simone excused themselves to get ready for bed. In the bathroom upstairs they caught up on the discussion they had had outside before.

“I haven’t thought about it yet but now that Grace has mentioned it I also think that we are the better team. Well, at least we can call us a team. Have you seen how they exclude Paisley all the time?” Audrey said to Simone.

Simone finished brushing her teeth and looked at Audrey. She had never been one of those girls who were into gossip but she had noticed the same before. “Yeah, she always sits at a distant plays and no one talks to her. But honestly, I’m not sure if I should feel sorry for her. Maybe there’s a reason they treat her like this” she answered.



Back outside, Grace and Lola were still sitting at the table even though it was late already. For some reason Lola felt comfortable enough to tell her secret to Grace. She mentioned suffering from anxiety and that it had caused problems as she had begun modeling at the age of 14.

After a while both grew quite comfortable with each other. “I’m glad that I have someone to talk to in this competition. Honestly, I wouldn’t know how I would react if I were excluded from all other girls. That must be hard” she sighed and both went silent afterwards.



At another house in Newcrest, the jury was looking at the pictures that were taken that day. All three kept silent as during the process. After a while their eyes met.

“Honestly, I have my favorites but there are also some that make me feel a bit awkward” Skye stated, wrinkling her nose. A sigh escaped Derek’s mouth. “Unfortunately, I have to agree. Actually, I’ve thought this shooting would be easy. Women love dancing. What can’t I see that made it so hard?” he wondered loudly.

They went on with their discussion and soon found out that they shared one opinion. Three of the nine girls left didn’t have a great week. “Well, we’ll have to discuss them a bit more” Mary Anne sighed.


It was early in the morning as both vans arrived at the elimination location. Tension was in the air because no one knew what would happen next. Everyone wanted to have their picture first and straight away.

The first girl was asked to step in front of the jury. Lilah was nervous, her legs were shaking as she waited for Mary Anne to say something. The head of the jury stood there in silence, crossing her arms over her chest. “Lilah, Malik Reeves loved your performance on set! Congratulations, here’s your photo!” Mary Anne suddenly exclaimed.



Lilah cheered and almost ran out of the room, waving her photo over her head. Before she could even look at it the other girls already passed the photo around to see it.



Hazel as well was nervous standing in front of the jury. She still remembered Paisley’s words from a previous week. What if she was right and only one of the two ginger girls in the competition will make it? Her palms were sweaty. After all, Lilah already had her photo.

This time the jury wasn’t sitting. They stood there like mannequins and barely moved or blinked. Hazel exhaled to calm down but it didn’t help much. Finally, Mary Anne moved a bit and laughed, saying: “Hazel, you managed to make Malik Reeves blush. Well, at least your short dress did. But you successfully worked with it. So, come and get your photo! Congratulations!”



“Oh wow! I didn’t even know the dress was that short!” Hazel squealed as Mary Anne handed the picture over to her. She thanked the jury and went back to the backstage where the other girls were already awaiting her.



Kayla didn’t have the time to look at Hazel’s photo as she had to go to the jury. She took a deep breath before she opened the door. No one of the three was smiling. They all had poker faces on and didn’t move for a whole five minutes.

“Malik Reeves was impressed by your performance. He said you managed to look classy but your photo is expressing the fun you had that day. And we all agree with Malik. This photo is great! Congratulations on it!” Mary Anne finally said.



As the pressure fell off of Kayla she took a deep breath again. Then she put a smile on her face and walked over to Mary Anne. Carefully she held her photo and looked at it, amazed. “Thank you!” she whispered and walked away.



“It will work this time. It will work this time. It will…” Audrey almost ran into the jury as she tried to boost herself with confidence. Since the competition had started she had always been among the last four girls. This time she hoped it would be different.

From the jury’s faces she assumed it was the same procedure as every week. She sighed and looked down at the floor. “Why are you sad, Audrey?” Mary Anne asked her. Without looking up the young model answered: “I will have to wait again, right?” Mary Anne giggled: “Not this time. Come and get your photo, it looks very good! Congratulations, Audrey!”



Some time passed until she understood the meaning of the words. “I d-don’t have to wait this time? Oh my gosh!” she squealed and jumped into the air. Quickly she went over to the jury and received her photo.



With shiny eyes she went back to the other girls. As she closed the door behind her she held her picture up in the air, blushing from all the pride streaming through her body.

“I couldn’t have danced with such a cleavage” Simone laughed as she passed by Audrey. She opened the door and disappeared in the elimination room.

The jury was already waiting for her, Mary Anne holding Simone’s photo in her hands. “Malik Reeves loves your hair. You go girl! Congratulations” Mary Anne winked at Simone.



Relieved that she didn’t have to wait too long for her photo, Simone returned to the other girls. Audrey ran up to her and hugged her. “I’m glad we both have our photos already” she smiled.



While the two of them compared their photos, Lola went through the door and hoped to come back with her own picture. Actually, she had a good feeling because her shooting went very well.

Skye and Derek were standing in the background and didn’t say a thing as usual. Mary Anne was a bit closer to Lola but her face didn’t tell anything about what she would say soon. “Lola, you were by far the best on set! Congratulations!” she only said and handed the photo over.



Lola was relieved. After all, only four girls had been left. As she closed the door behind her everyone was looking at her. “I have a photo! But I guess from now on only three girls have to wait for their picture” she said and innocently shrugged her shoulders.





Paisley, Grace and Reina were the only girls left without a picture. They were told to see the jury together. Hearing these words made them shiver. All three knew that they had to face the hardest part of the elimination.


These would be the photos of Grace, Reina and Paisley.




Dear readers,

I hope you all enjoyed this chapter. I added some more drama that might evolve more in the following chapters. As always it’s up to you which two of the three girls left will get their photo.


The POLL will end on Thursday, 06/22/2017 at 3 pm CET.


The pictures’ values are:

Team Black Team White
Reina à 12$ Simone à 17$
Hazel à 15$ Grace à 14$
Kayla à 17$ Lola à 25$
Lilah à 17$ Audrey à 15$
Paisley à 11$


Thank you all for reading!


xoxo Sonschi



Everything was set for the screenshot but then I realized Paisley and Reina were still in their PJs…


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