Newcrest's Next Topmodel

Week 3: Results

Four girls were left to receive their third picture. None of them knew how many photos Mary Anne had left. Maybe she got still four or maybe even just one or two. They were all silent because no one wanted to leave the competition today.

“Audrey, we, the jury, are honestly a bit disappointed. You promised to be better this time but again you are among the last four girls again. What happened this time? Your new haircut should bring out the best in you but somehow you still need to find a way to express your potential. But we still see that potential” Mary Anne stated.



Audrey wasn’t sure how to react at first. “Come here and get your photo. Congratulations, Audrey! You’re still part of the competition” the head of the jury added as the young woman didn’t come up to her.

Audrey almost jumped over to the blonde woman and took a look at her photo. “Oh wow, it’s gorgeous!” she said and disappeared.

The room was once again filled with silence. It seemed as no one was breathing. “Hazel” the word cut through the air like a sword through butter. The ginger girl almost shrieked as she heard her name.



“You know that we love you and your hair as well. Unfortunately” Mary Anne used a pause before she went on. Hazel shivered on her whole body but tried to stay calm. “Unfortunately, this week wasn’t the best for you. Please go back to your great performance we’re all used to. Congratulations to your photo!” Mary Anne finally ended the sentence.

A squealing Hazel with the first picture where she had short hair and bangs left the room. She was happy to have her picture and couldn’t wait to show how great of a model she was in the following week.



Now only two more models were left. Still, Brooklynn and Simone didn’t know how many photos the jury had left for them. They looked at each other and their eyes showed that both hoped to still be on the show.

“Brooklynn, your hair was only changed a bit. You have bangs now but that’s it. Maybe your new hair made you feel uncomfortable because you seem rather stiff on most of your pictures” Mary Anne said to Brooklynn.

She turned her head and took a deep breath before she spoke to Simone: “And you, Simone, we thought it would be good for you to make you more unique. So you would sting out of the masses with your silver hair. All your photos were okay. But okay is not enough for this competition.”

Another long period of silence followed her words. No one even dared to whisper or clear their throat. Both models left avoided eye contact with the jury. Too scared were they to see the truth in their eyes.

“Simone, we decided that you get another chance. We hope you will get better again as soon as you got used to your new hair. Congratulations, here’s your photo” Mary Anne leaned forward to kiss the young girl’s cheeks as she handed her the desired picture.



Simone was already moving around as she stopped. There was one thing she had to tell the jury before she left: “I would have never dyed my hair in this color. Or even any color. But I really like it and I, too, hope that I will soon get used to it and shine brighter than my hair.” She winked at them and left through the door.



As soon as the door closed all eyes went to Brooklynn. Even though it was obvious she wouldn’t get a photo today she still hoped that no one would have to leave after the makeover. A tear appeared in her left eye but she wiped it away before anyone could see it.

“Brooklynn, my dear, you are an amazing girl. And just because the show is over for you today doesn’t mean you’re not pretty or talented. Only one of all you girls can become Newcrest’s Next Topmodel. With every week it will get harder and we have to send home beautiful and talented girls. I’m sorry but I don’t have a photo for you today” Mary Anne ended with a sad expression on her face.

Skye walked over to her and hugged her tightly: “As your team leader let me tell you one thing: no matter what will happen after this show, you’ll make it your way and it will be perfect. Because you are a great woman.”




Dear readers,

These are the results from your votes. Thank you all for voting. The next week will follow soon.


As you know most of you also participated on the survey and here are the results:

Audrey 5/8 prefer her new style.

Brooklynn 7/8 prefer her new style.

Grace 7/8 prefer her new style.

Hazel 4/8 prefer her new style (3 of the other 4 votes like both.).

Kayla 6/8 prefer her new style.

Lilah 5/8 prefer her new style.

Lola 7/8 like both styles.

Paisley 6/8 prefer her old style.

Reina 4/8 prefer her new style (the other 4 prefer the old one.).

Simone 4/8 prefer her old style (other 4 votes are equally 2 for after and both.).


Conclusion: You mainly like the new styles except for Paisley, Reina and Simone. Maybe their styles will be changed again a bit. MAYBE :p


Thank you Skcaga6 for Brooklynn. She’s a beautiful sim and I hope she will make it her own way 🙂


Thank you all for reading!


xoxo Sonschi



2 thoughts on “Week 3: Results”

  1. I am sad to see Brooklynn leave. It is okay though. I still have hope for Paisley.
    Brooklynn is living a happy life in my current game. She is happily married one child and a baby on the way. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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