Newcrest's Next Topmodel

Week 3: Makeover [+POLL + SURVEY]


Derek and Skye were waiting in front of the pink building [Miss Paradise Hair Salon by pink_fuen]. They had big grins on their faces as their favorite part of the whole competition has finally come. “How radical will you be today?” Derek looked over at his colleague and competitor.

Skye giggled and answered: “Believe me, honey, you won’t recognize my girls after I’m finished with them. But they will love it.” The two kept on talking about their plans as Mary Anne showed up.

“Good morning you two! I’m happy to meet you here. You already know that I can’t stay long I have an important appointment I can’t miss. But as the team leaders I trust you and I’m sure the girls will look fabulous tonight” Mary Anne stated.


Soon after, Mary Anne had already disappeared, the two vans with the girls arrived at the salon. As the huge sign over the building already told them what would happen to them this day they weren’t surprised at all as their team leaders told them about their plans: “It’s makeover day!”

Derek and Skye were even more excited than an hour ago but the girls didn’t catch up on that. Most of them tried to hide their emotions as they were rather negative ones. Most of them were actually afraid what might happen to them.


“What would you say if I was your hair stylist today?” Skye asked her girls. Some almost gasped because they knew Skye too well. She was a model but no hair stylist. “Don’t worry, I won’t get near your hair today. We have the two best hair stylists from Newcrest for you: Holly and Rosie!” Skye introduced.

While a shared sigh of relieve came from team white, Derek didn’t tease his girls. As he introduced the two hair stylists the girls felt a bit better. Everyone in Newcrest has at least heard of Rosie and Holly. They might look a bit old-fashioned but they were experts when it came to hair.



The two jury members and the hair stylists went away to talk about their plans one last time. After a few minutes Derek and Skye excused themselves and disappeared.

Soon after woman entered the salon. Rosie rushed over to her and hugged her tightly. “Cara, hey! How are you. I’m so happy that you are the photographer for the girls’ makeover. Mary Anne has told me already” she greeted her.

Cara Albert was a famous photographer in Newcrest. Not only was she famous for her ginger hair and heterochromia eyes but mainly for her simple but high quality photos.



It was already after noon as the first girl’s makeover was done. As all the mirrors in the building had been hidden for the act, none of the girls knew what they looked like afterwards.

Cara took the first girl by the hand and led her to the mirror they had set up: “How do you like it?” At first Lola couldn’t believe her eyes. Was this woman in the mirror really her own reflection? “I’m amazed. Just … wow!” she gasped.

Cara showed thumbs up at Rosie and Holly so they could see the girl was happy with her new look. “Let’s go back to the shooting location, shall we?” she asked Lola. Cara had already taken the before pictures from all the girls. Not it was time to take the after pictures.

Lola’s hair was cut a bit and dyed blonde.


Lola before and after the makeover.



The next girl couldn’t wait to see her new self. “I already know that my color wasn’t changed” Lilah said to Cara as she played with long endings of her hair.

As she saw her reflection she couldn’t believe what she saw: “Oh my gosh! Is that really me? You didn’t cut anything from my hair, did you?” Happier than expected she followed the photographer to the shooting set.

Lilah got some extensions to make her hair even longer. The color wasn’t changed. (The different hair styles make it look like two different colors.)


Lilah before and after the makeover.



“Seriously? I can’t recognize my own reflection anymore! But I like it. Somehow” Grace said a bit insecure. She ran her hands through her hair. “You look great, darling” Cara assured her and lead the young model to the set.

Grace hair was shortened (make it half) and she got an ombré color.


Grace before and after the makeover.



She didn’t know why but Cara didn’t feel good about the next girl. She could see the fear in her eyes even before they reached the mirror. “NO! That can’t be true! Why did you cut my beautiful hair? Do you even know how long it takes to grow them again?! And that color… Awful!” Paisley’s complaints didn’t find an end.

Cara took her hand and made Paisley look away from the mirror. “Don’t worry. It might be a shock right now because you’re not used to it yet. But soon you will realize that the new hairstyle and color shows your personality just fine. Believe me, my dear, you will like it soon” Cara tried to comfort her.

Paisley lost a lot of her hair (almost shaved them) and they were dyed red.


Paisley before and after the makeover.



The next girl was calmer than the one before. Cara liked her cute face. As they had taken the before picture she knew that Audrey would like her new hairstyle.

“Oh, I got bangs!” was the first thing the young model recognized. She looked at her reflection from every side. With every second that passed the smile on her face was getting brighter.

Audrey’s hair was cut off and she got bangs.


Audrey before and after the makeover.



The next candidate was excited to see her new self as well. “I wonder what I look like. It felt as if not that much has been changed” she looked at Cara who only shrugged her shoulders.

The photographer pointed at the mirror and Kayla could see her new hairstyle. She was a bit disappointed that not that much had been changed but she put on a smile.

Kayla only got some extension to make her hair look fuller.


before and after the makeover.



Brooklynn knew that due to her dark hair color it would be almost impossible to dye her hair. However, she hopped they wouldn’t make it up by changing her length too much.

As she stepped in front of the mirror she was relieved. “I knew my hair would stay black” she smiled at Cara. From the back of the salon they heard Holly yell over to them: “You look perfect with black hair. We didn’t want to change that at all. Don’t you dare to think we couldn’t dye them platinum blond.” A laughter from Rosie followed.

Brooklynn got extensions and bangs.


Brooklynn before and after the makeover.



The next girl had stains of tears on her face. “Honey, what’s the matter?” Cara asked her. Hazel sniffed and answered quietly: “I was scared that Rosie and Holly dyed my hair. I love being a ginger.”

Cara smiled at her because – of course – Hazel didn’t get a new hair color at all. But as she saw herself in the mirror she was shocked: “Where did my hair go? But, somehow, I look great.”

Hazel lost tons of hair and she got bangs.


Hazel before and after the makeover.



The next model had to go through the craziest hair color change of all. Before Cara led her over to the mirror she took both her hands and looked deeply into her eyes: “Darling, please don’t be too shocked when you see the changes you have gone through. If someone would change me like this I would cry. But let me assure you, you rock this look!”

Simone was even more scared than before. She knew that her hair wasn’t cut at all but Rosie and Holly made sure she couldn’t look at her hair yet. As she stepped in front of the mirror a loud bad word escaped her mouth.

Simone’s hair was dyed silver. (I actually don’t like the granny hair style but as I mistakenly clicked on that color I was amazed. So her hair are grey now. Except the creator wants them to be changed.)


Simone before and after the makeover.



Last but not least Reina’s makeover was done. Cara noticed that she was a bit shier than the other girls but she assured her that she looked great.

Reina knew that her hair was longer and that they were dyed. But as she saw her reflection in the mirror she wasn’t sure how to feel about her new look. “I’ve never had long hair before. But I like it, I think.”

Reina got extensions, bangs and the tip of her hair are dyed blue.


Reina before and after the makeover.



After a long and exciting day all the girls returned to their homes again. In team white’s house Audrey couldn’t help but admire her new hair in the mirror for at least an hour. She would have never asked a hairstylist to give her this cut but she liked it a lot.



Downstairs in the back of the house Simone and Brooklynn were having a conversation. “How do you feel with your new hair color?” the blacked hair model asked.

Simone didn’t answer for a while and only shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t really know if I like it or not. It’s so different. I mean I had black hair like you before. I’d never even thought that it’s possible to dye black hair this… well, colorless” Simone sighed. Maybe she just needed to sleep a night over it and tomorrow she would know what to think about her new hair.



Grace was preparing a salad as Lola joined her in the kitchen. “Do you like your new hair?” Lola asked immediately. Grace didn’t look up and kept chopping tomatoes. Lola was still waiting for an answer as she finally heard Grace say: “I think so. I think we should trust the jury. They have far more experience than we do. They wouldn’t give us a makeover to look worse than before.”



The same topic was discussed in the other house as well. “I can’t believe we weren’t changed too much. Do you think this means we will be eliminated soon? Or does that mean that our styles already were great before the makeover?” Kayla asked.

Lilah was a bit fed up that Kayla asked so many questions. The day was harder than anyone had thought of and all Lilah wanted right now was go to bed and sleep. But she didn’t want to be rude so she tried to find an answer to some of Kayla’s questions: “Mh, I’m not sure. But I think they like our look.”



Another person in the house wasn’t happy with her new hair at all. Paisley knew that the other girls didn’t want to spend time with her. But she couldn’t understand why. At home she had always been the one girl in the middle.

Paisley had always loved to look at herself in the mirror but with her new hair she avoided getting near one at all. Maybe she could talk to Mary Anne and they would change it? But how could they change it back to her old style? Silently, a single tear ran down her cheek.



“It’s kind of funny that you have short hair now and mine are long now” Reina laughed at Hazel. The other girl was a bit insecure. She liked her new look but she didn’t know if she could handle short hair. As long as she could remember she had always had long hair.

“Would you might to help me style these short hair? I don’t know if I’m capable of doing it on my own” Hazel asked shyly. Reina nodded with a smile on her face. “I hope you will help me as well?” Both laughed and hugged each other.



A few blocks away Mary Anne and Cara met. They sat down on one of the couches in the waiting room at the elimination house. Cara gave the head of the jury a little review from the day.

“So no one cried at all? Wow, I’m proud of my girls. I can’t wait to see their pictures” Mary Anne stated. Cara handed over the folder with the best pictures she had chosen and said goodbye.



With the folder in her hands she entered the other room. Derek and Skye smiled at her as they saw her approaching them. “I’ve got the photos! Let’s take a look at it. I can’t wait to see what makeovers you had your girls go through” the head of the jury almost squealed.

A few hours later Skye sighed: “So we’ve made our decision?” After they had all looked at the pictures and saw the girls’ new styles they had to discuss about the next elimination. The sun was already rising as they finally came to a conclusion.

“Yes, it’s done. Let’s go home and try to get at least a few hours of sleep before the girls arrive” Derek said and held the door open for the two ladies.



After maybe two hours of sleep the jury returned to the location. All the girls were already waiting in the room next to the elimination room and smiled at the jury.

The first one to get her results was Lilah. “Honey, how do you like your new style?” she was asked. The ginger shrugged her shoulders and replied: “My hair is longer than before. How could I be mad at that change?”

Everyone laughed. After a short while Mary Anne got up and walked over to Lilah with a photo in her hand. “Congratulations, Lilah. This picture shows how comfortable you feel with your new look.”



Lilah’s photo.



With a sad face, Paisley entered the room. “It’s obvious that you don’t like your new hair, do you?” Derek asked her. Paisley had to fight back a tear but soon she said: “I’m still shocked about it. And I wanted to ask you to change it back. I neither like the length nor the color. It’s awful!”

Mary Anne looked a bit disappointed at the candidate. “But Paisley, you look great. And your photo shows how confident you wear your new hairstyle.”

The tear she had tried to fight back ran down Paisley’s cheek. “I really get a picture with that hair?” she gasped. Mary Anne walked over to her and hugged her. “Of course you get one. Look at how beautiful you look on it” she tried to cheer her up.



Paisley’s photo.



“I love my new hair!” Kayla exclaimed as the jury asked her about it. “Well, after all I only got more hair and my color didn’t change at all. Thank you for that” the young model added with a happy smile.

“We already liked your look. The only thing we wanted to change was your thin hair” Skye smiled back. Mary Anne took the word: “And we can see on your photo that your new hair gave you a confidence booth! Congratulations!”



Kayla’s photo.



Mary Anne remembered Cara’s words about Reina. “She didn’t react in any way. I don’t even know if she likes her new style or not. And she’s one of the girls with the most extreme change” Cara had told her.

“Reina, how do you like your new hairstyle?” Mary Anne asked as soon as the young woman entered the room. Reina smiled at all three before she answered: “At first I wasn’t sure how to feel about it. But with the long hair I feel feminine. I’ve never felt feminine at all. Thank you.”

“I thank you for this awesome photo, Reina! Cara liked you a lot. She was amazed by the change you went through as soon as she began taking pictures of you. Congratulations, here’s your photo!” Mary Anne told her.



Reina’s photo.



“Oh Grace! I almost didn’t recognize you!” Skye said as the model entered the room. Grace laughed and replied: “But this look was your idea, remember?”

Mary Anne and Derek joined the laughter until the head of the jury said: “Rosie and Holly only cut your hair and dyed the tips of your hair. But now you look like a completely new person. I like it. Just like your photo. Congratulations!”



Grace’s photo.



“Oh wow, pretty blonde woman!” Derek was amazed by Lola’s new look. “I have to admit that you always looked like the girl next door with your brown hair. You didn’t stick out of the pictures or the groups. But the blonde hair make you look like it’s fun to hang out with you” he added with a wink.

Mary Anne chuckled. “Calm down, Derek. Our girls are too young for an old man like you. Now to you Lola. I have to go with Derek’s opinion. You look more unique than before. And it was the first time I said ‘Wow, look at Lola’s picture’ as we decided on the nominations. And here is your photo! Congratulations, my dear” Mary Anne kissed Lola’s cheeks before she left the room.



Lola’s photo.


Once again the last four girls had to come see the jury together. They all were terrified as they waited in front of the jury.

[I think I should have chosen less dramatic poses xD]



These would be the photos of the four girls left: Hazel, Audrey, Brooklynn and Simone.




Dear readers,


This chapter was fun to play and write ^^ The makeover is always the best of the whole show, at least in my opinion.

As they all are your Sims and I’m not sure if you like their makeover or not, we will have a SURVEY this time (I hope it works the way I want it to). I recommend opening the survey in a new tab because you might want to take a closer look at the girls again. The survey is about the makeover (of course). It will look like this:


Girl’s name: What do you like more?

  1. Before
  2. After
  3. Both

And that’s why you will probably need the pictures.

(In case the creator of a girl really can’t stand the new look: feel free to text me a private message on the forums and we’ll create a new makeover together.)


And as always, there’s a POLL about who should stay in the competition. The girls’ photo prizes are:

Simone: 2$ (I don’t know what happened there)

Grace: 17$

Lola: 14$

Brooklynn: 13$

Audrey: 13$

Reina: 17$

Hazel: 12$

Kayla: 15$

Lilah: 22$

Paisley: 16$


Both the survey and poll will end 06/16/2017 at 5 pm CET.


Thank you all for reading!


xoxo Sonschi


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