Newcrest's Next Topmodel

Week 2: Groups [+ Poll]


It was a sunny morning. The jury met at a beach resort [Summer Beach Paradise by MrSheep3]. They arrived one hour earlier than the girls so they decided to change into their swimming clothes and sat down at the pool.

“What’s the plan today?” Skye asked Mary Anne. Derek didn’t say a word but a big grin appeared on his face. He could think of what kind of shooting the girls would have today. “Our girls will have a shooting in bikinis in pairs of two each” Mary Anne replied with a soft smile.



The head of the jury wanted to go into more detail but she spotted a man completely dressed in black at the entrance. “Oh, Jackson Bean his already here as well!” she said and together the jury walked over to the man.

“Nice weather, honey! How are you doing?” Jackson greeted the blonde woman. Mary Anne kissed him on both cheeks and introduced him to the other members. “Jackson is a great photographer. I’m sure you will love his pictures!” she went on.



Two days ago Derek had visited his team after the elimination. They had sat down at the kitchen table and had had a little discussion. “I know it’s a tough challenge. But you are all here to become Newcrest’s Next Topmodel and this means you really need to focus on your job. Modeling is not just being a beauty and having some photos taken. It’s hard work and the sooner you realize it the longer you will stay here. But don’t worry, I’m here for you whenever you need someone to talk” Derek had tried to push his girls.



At the same time Skye had visited her team in their model house. “Girls, I’m proud of all of you!” she cheered. “You have all beautiful photos and none of us had to leave the competition!”

“I can’t believe that Rachael had to go. She kept saying that she has been modeling since she was two years old” Simone had stated. A discussion had begun about how important experience in this business was for the competition. “You’re here to learn from us. Don’t worry if you’re not experienced enough yet. As long as you listen to me and also Mary Anne nothing can go wrong” Skye assured her girls.



“Good morning, team black!” Mary Anne greeted the first five girls to the shooting location. “This handsome guy is your photographer today, Jackson Bean! He will take pictures of you in pairs of two. But as you are only five one will get the chance to have two shootings. It’s up to you who to choose.”



Paisley and Lilah were the first couple for the photo shooting. “So you don’t want a second chance today?” the head of the jury asked them. Paisley shook her head and stated confidentially: “I can only speak for myself and not for Lilah but I don’t think I will need a second chance.”

Mary Anne just raised an eyebrow and looked over to Lilah. The young girl felt like she had to say something and mentioned: “I will do my best to not need a second chance.”



Backstage the other three contestants from team black were discussing the same topic. “I hate it that we have to choose” Reina rolled her eyes. Kayla didn’t say a word but only looked over to Hazel. As their eyes met Hazel could see that Kayla thought the same like her so she cautiously began to talk: “Well, as I’m the only one from team black who had to wait for her picture during the last elimination, maybe I should get the second chance?”



Reina thought about her suggestion for a few seconds and shrugged her shoulders: “That’s actually not a bad idea. I think the jury might even expect this from us. Or at least Derek does. We are a team and a team should help each other. And – I’m sorry to say that – but you were the worst of us last time.”



The next two contestants were ready for their photo shooting. “Oh wow, I love your bikinis!” Mary Anne almost gasped as she saw Kayla and Hazel in their outfits. Both felt confident in their bikinis and the compliment added to their self-esteem.



As their photo shooting was over Reina appeared. “So my dear, you’re the one without a partner right now. Have you all agreed on one girl to get a second chance today?” the black haired girl was asked. She nodded and replied: “We all came to the conclusion that Hazel should get it.”

Hazel smiled at Reina as she arrived next to her on the set. “Thank you a lot, Reina” the ginger whispered before Bean began to take pictures of them.



After the last photo from team black was taken they were driven back home. As soon as their van disappeared the vehicle with team white on board arrived.

“Hello girls! As you can see we have a bikini shooting today. It’s a bit dark yet but don’t worry about the lighting, we have specialists to help us. By the way, two of you are missing?” Mary Anne noticed.

“Grace and Brooklynn are still in the makeup” Audrey kindly told the head of the jury. Mary Anne asked them to tell them about everything when they saw them again.



While the first couple was ready for the shooting, Simone took her partner aside and asked Lola: “I’m a bit scared. What if you’re way better than me?” “Or the other way around!” Lola laughed. Simone joined in her laughter and both quickly forgot about their worries.



“Sage, Audrey! Are you two ready for the shooting?” Mary Anne asked the first pair. Sage nodded a bit absentmindedly but Audrey’s face was shining bright as she said yes. As soon as they went on the set Sage’s worried face disappeared and she focused to look beautiful.



As soon as they were finished, Sage took her partner aside: “You know what really grinds my gears? Team black are only five girls and they had tons of time for their shootings. And now we have to shoot in the dark. It’s not like we are exhausted now after a long day of mainly waiting!”



“Give me your ‘I’m ready to get a perfect photo’ face!” Mary Anne joked as Simone and Lola showed up. The two were still in a great mood from joking around earlier. Mary Anne was sure with this attitude they will get a great picture within seconds.



“Oh you’re finally ready” Lola said as she walked back to the backstage and found Brooklynn and Grace. Audrey had already told them everything they needed to know and now it was their turn. “Good luck!” some of the girls yelled after them as they walked away.



“I hope you aren’t tired yet because I really want you two to get a perfect picture now” Mary Anne winked at the two last girls for today’s photo shooting. The girls nodded. Thanks to the makeup artists the dark circles under their eyes couldn’t be seen. And so they were ready for their second shooting of the competition.



It was already three o’clock in the morning as Mary Anne said goodbye to the photographer: “Thank you a lot, Jackson. I knew with you we would get the best photos! See you soon!” She kissed him on the cheeks again before both left the resort.



Back at the house of team black Paisley wasn’t ready for bed yet. She looked through all the DVDs in the house and sat down to watch one of them. She didn’t ask any of the other girls to join her. She needed some time for herself.



The other four girls were in the backyard working on their fitness. Lilah could see that Hazel was upset and after a while she asked her. Hazel rolled her eyes. She was clearly mad as she almost hissed: “You won’t believe what Paisley said to me earlier! She can’t stand gingers and she hopes that both of us will be eliminated soon. Can you believe that?!”



Kayla and Reina tried to do yoga only a few steps away. “Do you think Paisley really said that?” Kayla whispered. Reina didn’t look at her. She sighed and answered a bit louder: “I don’t know. I don’t want to know. It’s none of my business. I don’t want to get torn into problems.”



At team white’s house the lights were still on as well. Brooklynn saw Simone sitting on her bed combing her long hair. She walked over to her and started a conversation: “What do you think about today’s shooting? I don’t know why but I have a bad feeling about it.”

Simone put her brush aside and smiled at Brooklynn as she answered: “You’re a beautiful girl. And your eyes are amazing. I don’t think you should worry at all.”



Downstairs in the living room, Audrey enjoyed a bowl of fruits and yogurt as Grace joined her. They didn’t talk. Maybe they were too tired. But as Audrey wanted to leave for the kitchen, Grace finally mentioned: “I don’t really understand why you’re here. You didn’t get a photo straight away on the first elimination; don’t you think that’s some kind of sign?”

Audrey gasped but was too shocked to talk back at Grace. She glared angrily at the other girl before she stormed out of the room. Grace was perplexed at Audrey’s reaction as she realized what she had said.



“We’re the best team ever! Like team black has a chance against us” Sage laughed. Lola had tears in her eyes from laughing and started gasping. “I bet this time someone from team black will have to leave as well” she winked at her new friend.



A few blocks away Mary Anne showed her colleagues the pictures of today’s photo shooting. “What do you say?” she asked them. They both looked at them for a few minutes without any reaction or word.

“On the first sight they are all gorgeous. But when you take a closer look you can see differences. Huge differences” Skye finally said. Derek still kept silent but he could understand her opinion.

“Just because the photo looks great doesn’t mean it was easy to get one. Who made problems during the shooting” he asked Mary Anne. She thought about it and mentioned the girls with the best and worst performance.



The next morning, the sun was rising, the elimination began. The first girl this time was Hazel. She hoped she would get a picture. After all she had two chances.

And of course Mary Anne mentioned it: “This means you must have the perfect picture. And you have! Congratulations, my dear!”



Next was Lola. As she saw her picture in Mary Anne’s hand she couldn’t help but scream. “Congratulations, this photo is very pretty!” Mary Anne said and handed it over.



Reina couldn’t believe the words she just heard. Was it true? Did Mary Anne really say exactly these words? “I can’t believe it. I’m sorry but can you say it again, please?” she asked the jury. “Congratulations! You are still part of this competition!” Derek said for Mary Anne.



“Simone, what do you say? Was your shooting good enough to get a photo from us?” the young woman was asked. She thought about and nodded: “Of course. I had a great time and Jackson been complimented us all the time.” Mary Anne high-fived her as she gave Simone heir photo.



“Oh wow, Kayla! You look like a goddess today!” Derek expressed as the woman entered the room. She blushed and thanked him. For a minute the whole room turned silent. Everyone was waiting for Mary Anne’s words. Would Kayla get a picture or not? “Congratulations, Kayla!”



Grace had been waiting in front of the jury for at least five minutes before they even showed a reaction. But before they could tell her anything about her picture she interrupted them: “I have to wait, right?” Mary Anne smiled: “No, you don’t have to wait.” She paused for another minute: “Here is your picture, congratulations!”



The whole jury was stunned as Brooklynn entered the room. “Well, my grandma always told me to dress up if I’m feeling insecure” she tried to explain her ball gown. “But why do you feel down? Your picture is perfectly fine!” Mary Anne said as she gave it to the contestant.



The last four girls had to see the jury together. They were nervous and anxious as they saw the neutral faces of the three members. “Sage, Audrey, Lilah and Paisley. I’m sure you already know what it means to be here in front of us together. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture for all of you.”




Dear readers,

The ones from the forums already know my struggle but as some of you might not be registered there:

I actually wanted to use poses for the shootings (like in the first one) but the latest update doesn’t go along with the teleport pose player. At first I wanted to wait until the creator of this mod updates it but then I decided to take “regular” pictures. Luckily, the thing I planned for week 2 was perfect for this little problem. Of course the pictures are not as pretty as they would be with poses but at least there’s another chapter 🙂


And as always, we have a POLL. Four girls are left but only three of them will get their photos. It’s up to you who will stay this time. The poll ends on Thursday, 06/15/2017, at 1 pm CET. You will see all the pictures in the next chapter where only the results will be revealed. (Last time I only showed them on the forum thread.)


Here’s the list of the pictures’ prizes: (in groups this time)

Lilah & Paisley: 15 $

Kayla & Hazel: 18 $

Reina & Hazel: 37 $

Audrey & Sage: 17 $

Brooklynn % Grace: 18 $

Lola & Simone: 23 $


Thank you all for reading!


xoxo Sonschi



For some reason I couldn’t move all 8 sims in one household. It turned out to be because of Simone: she was PREGNANT! Well, she has no lover. I use the MCCC ^^



I had to try for good pictures several times with the different couples. Because of this bug or glitch or whatever. It was annoying at some point.


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