Newcrest's Next Topmodel

Week 1: Happiness [+ Poll]

After every candidate had been seen by the jury the three sat together to discuss which girls seem to have a talent for modeling. It took almost two hours but then they could announce their decision. As there were many girls who wanted to become Newcrest’s Next Topmodel the candidates were sent to the jury in groups of three.

“Hey girls!” Mary Anne greeted the first three. “Only two of you will join us on our journey. Congratulations, Audrey and Brooklynn, you’re both part of the challenge! I’m sorry, Elena, but you won’t come with us.”

The second group – including Izabella, Hazel and Grace – were waiting in front of the jury as Mary Anne announced their decision. Once again, only two of the three girls were accepted to the show. Unfortunately, Izabella had to leave.

The same procedure was repeated with the third group of girls: Kayla, Lilah and Karrie. “I’m sorry, Karrie, but you are going home today. And you two, Lilah and Kayla, can be happy because you’re IN!” Mary Anne cheered.

The last six girls – Paisley, Rachael, Reina, Lola, Sage and Simone – were happy as well because all of them made it to the show.


[Sorry, that this part is so short but you already know the results ^^]



The first real day in the competition has started early. All twelve girls were invited to an old and left storage building. As soon as they were complete they walked up to the building to go inside. Everyone was curious what would happen at this place. Most of them knew what it would be: the first shooting.


As they opened the door Derek and Skye were already waiting for them. “Good morning, girls. As you might guess, today is your first shooting. But before we need to tell you something. Yesterday, all of you had to choose which of us – Derek and me – you would want to have as a helping hand on the show. Well, actually you voted for your team. We both sat down last night and discussed which girls should be on who’s side. And believe me, it was a loooong night. After all we formed our teams. We will call your names now and you’ll come over to us – depending on who says your name” Skye stated.

Derek thanked Skye for the introduction. He smiled at the girls and started listing his team: “Hazel, Kayla, Lilah, Paisley, Rachael and Reina. You six are in my team, Team Black.”

Skye recited the other six girls’ names: “Audrey, Brooklynn, Grace, Lola, Sage and Simone are in my team, Team White. These two teams compete against each other. And of course Derek and I want to be the team leader from the one girl that will be Newcrest’s Next Topmodel in a few months!”

Both teams went in different directions because their team leaders wanted to tell them more about today’s shooting.



At the same time Mary Anne arrived at the set and immediately searched for today’s photographer. “Amy Wu! Nice to see you. How are you today?” she greeted the pink haired woman. The photographer hugged and kissed her and said: “How are you? I can’t wait to see the girls.”

After a little chat Mary Anne explained today’s setting: “It’s their first shooting on the show. Some have experience with modeling but most of them don’t. This means today I want to see which girl has the potential to be a topmodel. Their clothes are simple just like the setting. We want to focus on their expression. Let’s start, eh?”

Right afterwards all twelve girls showed up and Amy Wu introduced herself. She told the young models what she cared the most about in her photos. “So, today’s topic is happiness. We want to see your expression when you are truly happy. Be yourself but don’t exaggerate too much. But don’t worry, I will help you!” Mary Anne assured her girls.



The first candidate to begin with was Audrey. “Are you nervous?” she was asked. The young girl took a deep breath and replied: “Maybe a little bit. But I’ll do my best to get a great picture!”

At first Mary Anne watched Audrey try some poses she probably had seen in some magazines. After a few minutes she began coordinating the contestant but still the young woman struggled to look like a model. After a while they finally had a picture.



The next girl was Brooklynn. Just like Audrey she needed a lot of help as well. “You can see that she really wants to get the perfect picture but when you take a look at the result it can’t be seen” Amy whispered to Mary Anne.



As Grace showed up in front of the camera Amy’s heart almost skipped a beat. The candidate offered several poses and the results turned out great as well. “She has been modeling before” Mary Anne winked at the photographer. “That makes sense. A lot.”



After Grace it was Lola’s turn. The first few pictures turned into real disasters because she was too distracted. Mary Anne asked her what’s wrong. “I’m not sure. Maybe it’s because I still can’t believe I’m here. I’ll try to focus now” the young girl promised. It seemed as the little conversation had helped her find her concentration because her pictures turned out better than before.



The first few attempts Sage showed in front of the camera were a bit odd. “I really appreciate your effort but maybe just give 110% instead of 150%” Mary Anne offered her help. Sage nodded and tried to be more natural but still it took some time until a great picture was found.



Team White’s last girl for the first shooting was Simone. As she appeared on the set Mary Anne was amazed: “You have such great hair! Why do you hide it under your beanie all the time?”

“I hope all the practice with my friends will pay off” Simone tried to joke. The three women had a lot of fun on set and after a while they even found a picture. “The first team is finished” Mary Anne said to Amy. “Half way through, right?” the photographer smiled.



“Oh, a ginger! Love it!” Amy cheered as the first girl from Team Black arrived at the set. It only took a few pictures until Amy sighed and looked sniveling at the jury member. “I’m a bit disappointed. I always thought redheads were more outgoing” she tried to explain.



Kayla was better than Hazel. “May I see my pictures?” she asked after a few clicks from the camera. As both Amy and Mary Anne looked confused she added: “I really love photography and I’m curious to see how I look like in a professional shooting.” After a short look she returned in front of the camera and tried to give her best again.



Lilah, the second ginger in Team Black, appeared and Amy’s hopes rose again. And this time she wasn’t disappointed. Lilah offered many different expressions and poses. “Honey, you are great! But don’t hide your face, please” Amy almost celebrated.



“I love your hair!” Amy said as Paisley entered the set. “I hear that a lot” the young girl answered and winked at the two women. They were amazed by her confidence and as it influenced Paisley’s shooting they were happy about it.



“The next girls has been modeling since she was a little girl” Mary Anne explained as she read that it was Rachael’s turn. “You do know that I expect a lot now, don’t you?” Amy answered. Mary Anne just nodded because she felt exactly the same. Rachael showed some nice poses and expressions but as she went backstage again Amy wasn’t happy: “Basic.”



“Reina, hey, come here. You’re the last one today. Are you nervous?” Mary Anne asked the girl as she arrived. Reina shrugged her shoulders and stated: “I’ve never tried modeling before. I don’t even know if I look good on pictures. Maybe I’m not nervous but curious.”

A long day ended. Two vans were waiting at the entrance of the storage building to bring the girls to their new home. “Does it matter which car we use?” one girl asked. Someone explained that the two teams had to be on the same van.


Intermission: I promised you to show the houses. I thought it would be nice to add them at this point so here we go. Some of you already know that it’s the same house placed twice in Newcrest (I’m a lazy builder).

The left one is Team Black and the right one Team White. At some point (won’t tell yet) the girls will move into a villa! You will get an introduction then as well.

The first floor has an entrance (left lower corner). Right to it is the kitchen and dining room (all in one). And over this room is a tiny living room. Behind the stairs is a small bathroom. The patio has some yoga spots, a sitting area and a basketball basket. (Models need to be fit after all.)

The second floor consists of a larger bathroom with two separate shower/toilet rooms. And the main part is the bed room. Loft style. The two little balconies have each two chairs to relax after an elimination or shooting.

The houses have the same interior as well. Every little decoration is at the exact same position in both houses. If you want to take a closer look you can find it on the gallery. (Just like most of the things that will be seen in this challenge). My ID is snuffi14. Some things can only be found if you tick that little box in the lower left corner on the gallery (need to press the three dots button first).

Now, back to the story:



Everyone from Team Black has arrived at the house and occupied their beds. Reina, Rachael and Hazel sat in the living room trying to calm down after this exciting yet exhausting day.

“What do you think about the first shooting we had?” Reina asked the two other girls. “For me it wasn’t the first shooting. My parents have been going to castings and shootings with me since I was two years old. But I liked it a lot today” Rachael stated confidentially. Hazel nodded and added: “But somehow I’ve expected a bit more. Only a grey background and our outfits… I don’t know. Is that even a real photo shooting?”



At the dining table Kayla and Lilah listened to Paisley’s story about her day: “You know, it was obvious that Amy Wu loved me and my style. She even mentioned my hair!” Lilah didn’t say a word but her face said it all. “Your style? You do know that we all were wearing the exact same clothes, right?” Kayla mentioned but Paisley didn’t react to her.



In the Team White house Audrey and Grace talked about the day as well. “At first I was nervous but then I liked it. Do you think there will be another elimination soon?” Grace thought about it and then shook her head: “No, I don’t think so. I mean it was only yesterday that some girls had to leave. Why should they send home some more this early?”



Upstairs, Lola and Sage were sitting on one of the six beds. “I’m amazed we live in a nice house already. I’ve heard from other shows similar to this one where the contestants live in shacks for the first few weeks” Lola stated. Sage just laughed as she said: “Well, I’ve heard of shows where they moved in into huge mansions right from the beginning!”



“You know what really scares me?” Simone said to Brooklynn sitting across the table. As she shook her head, Simone went on: “There are similar shows on other countries and there the girls have to go through a makeover. The jury doesn’t like my beanie but what if they can’t stand my long hair as well?” Brooklynn was shocked: “You think they will cut off our hair and dye it? I don’t want to be blonde!”



At another place in Newcrest, Mary Anne discussed the shooting with Derek and Skye. “It was obvious that some girls have never had a professional photo shooting before. But a few were amazing! Amy Wu said that Lilah was the best in Team Black and Grace in Team White” she cheered.

“That’s great news! But what about the other side? Are there girls who shouldn’t be here?” Skye asked almost shyly. Derek sighed as Mary Anne nodded: “Yes, there are a few. Here are the best pictures of all the girls. It’s time to choose now.”

Early in the next morning the girls arrived at a new location. They were told that once again it was time for another elimination.



“Audrey, you are one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen. But it was hard to catch your beauty in a picture. I’m sorry to tell you but the jury will have to discuss your picture again. Please wait backstage until we call you in again” Mary Anne stated. Audrey was sad because she thought her shooting wasn’t that bad.



Skye was devastated to hear that the second girl from her team would have to wait backstage as well. “I’m sorry, Brooklynn. We haven’t come to a result yet. You have to wait a bit more” Mary Anne explained.



Seeing that the first two girls didn’t leave the jury room with a picture scared Grace. A bit shy she slipped through the door and walked up to the jury. All three were smiling at her and Grace almost cried as Mary Anne handed her first picture to her: “Congratulations, Grace. We will see you next week!”



Grace’s photo.

[Sorry for the bad background. It turned out worse than I thought it would. And my PS skills are too bad to change it. The next photos will be better, I promise!]




Lola stopped in front of the jury and smiled. She hoped she wouldn’t end up like Audrey and Brooklynn. It would be her worst scenario to leave the show after the first shooting. But as Mary Anne got up from her chair she had a photo in her hand. She hugged her and Lola left the room with a broad smile on her face.



Lola’s photo.


[All photos will be made with poses, just in case you wondered.]



Compared to the other girls Sage was confident about herself and could feel that she would get her first picture. And her feelings were right. “But remember for next time: don’t exaggerate too much!” Mary Anne added.



Sage’s photo.



Simone didn’t know how to feel about the elimination. She had never expected that Audrey wouldn’t get a picture right away. So why should she get one? “Why so sad, Simone? Maybe I can cheer you up” Mary Anne said and paused. Simone looked up and was curious what would come next. “With your photo!” Mary Anne added.



Simone’s photo.



“Oh Hazel, Amy Wu loved your red hair” Mary Anne began and remembered the moment with her eyes closed. Her smile faded as she opened her eyes again and looked at the young woman: “But unfortunately, she didn’t like your performance. And so did I. I’m sorry but you have to wait.”



“I’m nervous, sorry” Kayla whispered as she almost tripped in front of the jury. “No problem. We all know how it’s like to be nervous sometimes” Derek tried to cheer her up. “But you don’t need to be nervous, Kayla! Look at this pretty picture!” Mary Anne added and showed Kayla the photo of her first shooting.



Kayla’s photo.



Lilah knew from Hazel that Amy Wu liked gingers. But Hazel was still waiting for her photo. Lilah took a deep breath before she opened the door and walked in. “You look worried, Lilah” Mary Anne noticed. “Yes, I worry because Hazel is still waiting for a photo and we look like twins, somehow” the candidate answered. “But your performance was way better. See?” Mary Anne stated and pointed at Lilah’s photo.



Lilah’s photo.




With a big smile on her face Paisley walked up to the jury. Every step she took was filled with confidence. As she stopped she winked at Derek, her team leader. “Wow” Mary Anne stunned. “That’s the confidence you can see on your photo.”



Paisley’s photo.



At first Rachael walked in almost as confident as the candidate before her. But as she saw the jury’s faces her smile faded and she felt weak and uncomfortable. “As you told us that you have twenty years of experience as a model we were all stunned. But after your shooting we were disappointed. I’m sorry, Rachael, but you have to wait” Mary Anne said without any emotion.



Last but not least Reina entered the room to hear the jury’s opinion. She didn’t show her feelings. Maybe because she didn’t know how to feel in this situation. Mary Anne didn’t say a word for a while but smiled the whole time. “Here’s your photo! Congratulations, Reina!”



Reina’s photo.


Four girls had been told to wait and come back again to see if they get a photo or not. None of them was happy with their situation. All they hoped for was that one photo.




And this is where you, dear readers, come in again! Four girls want a photo but only three will get one. Take a look at their pictures and choose who you want to stay:



This would be Audrey’s photo.



This would be Brooklynn’s photo.



This would be Hazel’s photo.




This would be Rachael’s photo.


The POLLwill end on Thursday (06/01/2017) at 1 pm CET. Everyone has 3 votes for the three girls to stay in the show.


Thank you a lot, Bugsie2016 and Yubell, for your sims who didn’t make it into the show. They are beauties and it was sad they didn’t make it.


Sorry once again for the bad quality of the photos. The next shootings will be better, I promise!


Amy Wu took a picture in game of every girl (only one each). And the prizes are like this:


Audrey 12$

Brooklynn 13$

Grace 29$

Lola 16$

Sage 14$

Simone 16$



Hazel 12$

Kayla 17$

Lilah 28$

Paisley 15$

Rachael 12$

Reina 16$


The four girls with the lowest prize (their photo’s lowest prize) can be eliminated. It all depends on your votes. 🙂


Thank you all for reading this long long chapter!


Xoxo Sonschi


PS: I have some bloopers for you.



For the elimination I wanted Mary Anne to hug Grace. But Grace sat down on her chair right after the jury member got up.



You know I use poses. As soon as a sim sits down on a bar chair they start posing and the jury synced perfectly for 30 seconds.



Forgot to remove the statue for the poses for the screenshot.


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