Newcrest's Next Topmodel

The Casting [+Poll]


The big day has come. The jury including Mary Anne Faye and her two friends and colleagues Skye Taylor and Derek Sloan. Being a famous and successful model, Mary Anne wants to give young girls the chance to become one of the topmodels of the new generation. That’s why she is here now to find Newcrest’s Next Topmodel! (NNTM)

Skye Taylor has been her friend for at least five years. Skye is one of the very first topmodels, the so called “old school” topmodels. Mary Anne had asked her for help because of her many years of experience as a topmodel.

Derek Sloan is also a friend from Mary Anne but he’s no model at all. But he has set foot into the model business years ago, as a model agent. During his career he has helped many young women becoming popular. Because of his talent to see the potential of a girl from the first impression made Mary Anne ask him to join her as well.


Audrey Interview 1

“Why I’m here? Well, it’s a casting. I’ve never thought of myself as a model but I’ve been told several times that I should at least try this job. And what better way than being judged by three professionals?”


Audrey Cast

Audrey was the first candidate to step in front of the jury. She was nervous and her knees felt a bit weak. But she put on a confident smile before she introduced herself: “Hey, my name is Audrey and I’m 24 years old. I come from a small town but I moved to San Myshuno some time ago.”

Mary Anne smiled at the young woman. “Welcome to the show, Audrey! You do have a beautiful face and the perfect body! Why don’t you have your photo taken? Thanks for coming! See you later” the jury showed her where she had to go.


[You will see the photos of all girls at the end of this chapter.]


Brooklynn Interview 1

“Of course I’m here to win this show. I wanted to be a model since I was a little girl. And now that there’s this show I just had to join it. I hope the jury will like my look.”


Brooklynn Cast

As the young girl reached the point where the staff had told her to stand, Brooklynn almost held her breath. She waited a few seconds before she introduced herself: “Hello everyone, I’m Brooklynn, 19 years old and I’ve been dreaming of becoming a model my whole life.”

“Welcome to the show, Brooklynn! My notes say your name is written with two Ns, is that correct?” Mary Anne asked her curiously. Never has she ever seen this way to write the name. Brooklynn laughed and explained: “I here this question a lot. But don’t worry, it’s correct.” The jury led her to the shooting and went back to wait for the next candidate.


Elena Interview 1

“I’m here to show my haters that I can make it in a model show. Like my hair I’m different from other girls. And I love it!”


Elena Cast

With a flirty smirk on her lips Elena walked up to the jury. Already from far she could see their reactions because of her style, especially her hair color. “Good day Mary Anne, Skye and Derek. I’m happy to be here. My name is Elena and I’m 20 years young” she told about herself.

The jury was impressed by her confidence and sent her right to the shooting. “She has a unique face and she knows how to present herself. I like that!” Skye cheered. The other two members of the jury agreed.


Grace Interview 1

“I already bring some experience with me to this show. I have been modeling for about three years now. I just love to present all kinds of creations from designers.”


Grace Cast

Even though Grace was used to be judged by her appearance her palms were sweaty as she stepped in front of the jury. “Hey everyone, I’m Grace and I’m 20 years old. I’m here to set foot in the model business because after three years of modeling I know this is what I want to do for a living” the young woman smiled as she finished her little speech.

Derek raised an eyebrow as the candidate mentioned her modeling experience but he didn’t say a word. Instead, Mary Anne greeted her: “Welcome to the show! I’m happy to have an expert in the competition!” She showed her the way to the photo shooting and wondered why Derek had raised his eyebrow.


Hazel Interview 1

“No, I’m not here to travel around for free. I really want to be a model. I’m a perfectionist and you will see that I will give more than 100% on every shooting!”


Hazel Cast

Hazel told herself she wasn’t nervous as she stood in front of the three members of the jury. She smiled at them and began to talk: “Good day! My name is Hazel and I’m 23 years old. I think I’m your perfect candidate because I have seen a lot in the world already!”

“Welcome to the show, Hazel! I love your red hair. Do you dye them or is this your natural color?” Mary Anne asked her. With a bright smile the young woman answered: “I would never dye my hair!” Skye explained the way to the shooting before she and the other two concentrated on the next girl.


Izabella Interview 1

“I’m really curious what it’s like to be part of a competition. But that’s not the main reason why I’m here, of course. I have always been interested in fashion and I think I’m not ugly at all. So, why not?”


Izabella Cast

Izabella concentrated on her walk to not trip or even fall. As she stopped she sighed relieved. She wanted to say something but she almost laughed at the faces of the jury. She cleared her throat and began: “Hey! I’m Izabella, I’m French and 22 years old. I love fashion and I couldn’t be happier to be here!”

As she mentioned her origin the jury was impressed. Everyone knew that French women had a perfect sense for fashion. “Do you still live in France and came here just for us? This far?” Mary Anne was amazed. Izabella laughed: “Oh no, I moved to Newcrest when I was three years old. That’s why I don’t have an accent.”


Karrie Interview 1

“I think I have good chances at winning this show because my hair color is rare and unique. But of course I also have other good traits besides my hair color!”


Karrie Cast

Not knowing she was the youngest applicant for the show Karrie walked confidently up to the jury. “Hello, my name is Karrie. I’m 17 years old and I have worked as a model for some magazines already” she introduced herself.

“Welcome to the show, Karrie. It’s nice to see you are already experienced. Follow me to your first photo shooting for the competition” Mary Anne led the blonde girl to the location and returned to her colleagues. “She is only 17 but has more confidence than some of the other candidates” Skye mentioned impressed.


Kayla Interview 1

“I have finally found my passion in life! And – of course – it’s modeling. And that’s why I’m here. I want to be a model. And no, I’m not only here to try if it would fit me. I really want it.”


Kayla Cast

Kayla had planned to walk up to the jury with confidence but as she saw the cat walk her thoughts drifted off a bit. On all these empty chairs famous people would watch her wavering down in a beautiful outfit. As she reached the jury her attention was back to them as she said: “Hey! I’m Kayla, 21 years old and here to become a successful model.”

“Welcome to the show, Kayla!” Mary Anne greeted her. After a little small talk she led her to the photo shooting. As she returned she asked the others: “Was it just me or was she a bit distracted? But she’s a natural beauty!”


Lilah Interview 1

“You ask why I’m here? I just love presenting my perfect body. What better way to do so than by modeling? Also, I am the proof that gingers are pretty because I will win this show!”


Lilah Cast

It didn’t take long until Lilah was talking to the jury: “Hey you all! My name is Lilah, I’m 19 years old. I want to be a model because I love myself and also my body. Gingers are beauties, too!”

Mary Anne almost squealed due to Lilah’s Southern twang. She held it back and said instead: “Welcome to the show, Lilah! I have to agree on you. Gingers are beautiful and you are proof!” She brought her to the photographers and grinned at her colleagues as she returned.


Lola Interview 1

“I have been modeling for the last 10 years. I’m here to learn from experts and to become good enough to live from modeling.”


Lola Cast

Lola has been to enough castings to not feel nervous at all. She knew that a confident appearance was even more important than a beautiful face. As she reached the jury she immediately introduced herself: “Hello, my name is Lola and I’m 24 years old. I’m probably the oldest candidate in the competition but I’m not new to the model business at all.”

Mary Anne welcomed her and – as with every other girl before her – showed Lola the way to the photo shooting. “I think I have seen her before” Skye was sunken into her thoughts. Derek nodded to agree on her.


Paisley Interview 1

“I’m here to become Newcrest’s next topmodel, of course. Why? Look at me, it’s obvious: I have the perfect body and a unique and pretty face. I want this title. And I will get it.”


Paisley Cast

As Paisley came into sight Derek immediately leaned over to Mary Anne and whispered into her ear: “Does her waist look natural to you? Something tells me she has had some rips removed.”

“Hey hey, my name is Paisley, I’m 22 years old and I’m here because you asked for me” the young woman winked at the jury. “We asked for you?” Skye asked for them all. Paisley nodded and stated: “Yes, you are looking for Newcrest’s next topmodel, aren’t you? Well, here I am!” After a little pause Mary Anne greeted her and led her to the photographers.


Rachael Interview 1

“I was a model as I still pooped into diapers. But I think it’s always great to take the chance to improve your skills and that’s why I’m here.”


Rachael Cast

Arriving at the jury Rachael began to introduce herself: “Hello Mary Anne, hello Skye and hello Derek. It’s nice to meet you. My name is Rachael and I’m 22 years old. I started collecting experience in the model business at the age of 2. But I’m sure I can still learn a lot from all of you.”

The whole jury was stunned by her long experience. Mary Anne repeated the same sentence as with every candidate and brought her to the location for her first photo in the competition. As she returned her two colleagues were still speechless.


Reina Interview 1

“I’ve always felt more like a boy my whole life. Well, I’ve been surrounded by brothers all day. But now that I’ve moved out I could finally experience my feminine side. I know I’m pretty and this show will help me hold on to this thought.”


Reina Cast

Reina still had some problems walking in her high heels but she wanted to wear them in front of the jury to stress her feminine side. “Hey everyone! My name is Reina, 20 years old. I feel pretty and want to show my beauty to the whole world” she introduced herself.

“Welcome to the show, Reina. You are a beautiful girl. Let no one tell you something else!” Mary Anne stated. They had a little small talk before Reina ended up at the photo shooting location.


Sage Interview 1

“There are a lot of reasons why I’m here! Most importantly, I want to be a successful model and this show is perfect to reach my aim!”


Sage Cast

Even though Sage wore enough clothes the jury could see her muscles play as she walked up to them. They were stunned and in some point a bit jealous, especially Derek.

“Hey! My name is Sage and I’m 21 years old. I take a lot care of myself and my body and love modeling. Perfect combination, right?” she laughed together with the jury. After a while she was led away to have her first photo shooting for the show. “Have you noticed that she only wore grayish colors?” Skye asked the other two.


Simone Interview 1

“I have to admit I’m here because my friends signed me up. But I’m excited because I have always admired models my whole life. I have no experience in this branch at all but I’ve practiced with my friends.”


Simone Cast

“Why is she wearing a beanie?” Skye whispered to Mary Anne. “Because it fits to her outfit” the younger model chuckled. A few seconds later, Simone has reached them – the last candidate for the competition. “Hey! My name is Simone and I’m here to become a model, of course” the young woman laughed.

“Hello Simone and welcome to the show!” the young woman was greeted. Afterwards she was brought to another location where a professional photographer would take some pictures of her.




Dear readers,


This is the end of the first chapter from the Newcrest’s Next Topmodel Challenge! This chapter is actually a little extra as I wanted you to decide which THREE girls will not be part of the show. You can find the link to the poll here. (You have the ability to choose more than 5 girls – I thought I set a limit. Please don’t choose more than 5. Thank you!)


The poll will end on Tuesday, 05/23, at 3 p.m. CET.


And here are all the pictures from the candidates you can choose from (with their backstories):

Audrey Set CardAudrey Morango grew up in a small town surrounded by family her whole life, but always dreamed of moving to the big city. She scored her dream apartment in the fashion district of San Myshuno, and wishes to become a food critic. But she worries… will her inherently good trait keep her afloat in such a cutthroat industry? When she heard about a top model competition happening in a town called Newcrest, she figured it would be a perfect way to practice being in a competitive event. People always told her when she was growing up that she should model, but she never thought it was her thing. But maybe this is the perfect place just to try it out…


Brooklynn Set CardBrooklynn Swan is a young woman trying to make it on her own. Her parents divorced when she was a baby. She stayed with her mother while her older sister lived with their father. Now that both parents have remarried and her sister is married with a kid, Brooklynn is determined to do things on her own. She moved to Newcrest recently and has yet to make any friends. She hopes that by entering Newcrest’s Next Top Model she can make some new friends, as well as establish herself in the modeling world which is something she had always dreamed of.


Elena Set CardElena Clark is a musician and artist from Oasis Springs. She enjoys wearing unusual clothing and in the future she wants to be a fashion designer. She hopes that being on Newcrest Top Model, whether she wins or not might help her in her career. She was also told by some people when she was at school that she would have no chance on it and wants to prove them wrong. She dyed her hair purple to match her personality but her natural hair colour is blonde. (the second palest one) She would be willing to go back to blonde for a few rounds if it was needed.


Grace Set CardGrace Kyle was never really a ‘style and beauty’ kind of girl, until she began modelling when she was 17 and she enjoyed it. She didn’t care about the fame or money, only the unique enjoyment of helping someone else show their beautiful (most of the time) outfits they have designed. She saw the Newcrest’s Next topmodel advertised and jumped at the chance of doing it. Hopefully she will get accepted and be able to participate in what she enjoys.


Hazel Set Card

Hazel Graham grew up with a loving family, her parents and her two younger brothers. She lived in a big house by the coast and had two dogs. She had a perfect childhood.
She still comes home to her parents every sunday to eat dinner with them and her brothers, which is very important to her.

She has always been very popular in school, she loved to make new friends. She had many friends but only a few that was her best friends.
She got good grades in everything, mostly because she wanted everything she did to be perfect.

After she turned 18, she traveled alot. She discovered new places and got friends all over the world. After three years of traveling, she wanted to take a break for a while to do something else. She wanted to reach her goals of doing something special with her life, and one day, she knew exactly what she wanted to do. She wanted to become a model.
So she applied for Newcrest’s next top model after seeing an advertisement on tv a couple of times. She could finally do something special with her life.


Izabella Set CardIzabella Mendez was born to a single mother in France. They moved to Newcrest when she was 3 and she knows both French and English. Her mother married guy called Steve when she was 5 and they had her triplet sisters when she was 6. She is a video game extraordinare/ fashion critic for her local magazine and is currently working as a Journalist in The Newcrest Times. She wants to be on Newcrest Topmodel to break out of her comfort zone, meet unique people and get a bit competitive on the side.


Karrie Set CardKarrie Nelson Williams came from a average middle class family in Newcrest, and had the ambition to be a famous novelist/writer since a child, as Karrie grew up she took an interest in Photography and used her younger sister Melanie as her inspiration but as she reached her late teens she was encouraged to model for small magazines due to her rare Platinum blonde hair colour. Karrie wants to join Newcrest Topmodel to hopefully have a chance at modeling for larger companies in the fashion district of San Myshuno.


Kayla Set CardKayla Garcia had a pretty good childhood, she grew up with her 3 year younger sister and her parents. She has always had a good relationship with her sister, and always felt like it was her responsibility for being the oldest one to protect her.
At school she was the popular kid and had many friends, and because of that she grew up being very confident of herself. As a teenager she got into dancing, she loved to dance. She took dancing lessons and performed on big shows. She won a lot of dance competitions as well.

At the age of 18 she moved to San Myshuno, the big city. She had always dreamed about living there and discover herself, and now she had that chance. She wanted to do something different with her life, something that she could be proud of.
By being very ambitious and self-assured, she knew that she could do whatever she wanted with her life.. She just needed to figure out what.

A few years after settling down in the big city, she decided to go to the art museum for inspiration. At that day they had a huge photograph exhibition, showing a lot of pictures on men and women posing in different settings.
The photographs caught her eye, she liked the way the models beauty was portrayed in the photos. She got inspired, that night she took a couple of photos of herself in different settings and got really excited. She knew what she wanted to do with her life, she wanted to be a model.

The next day she went to the park, and discovered an advertisement about Newcrest’s next top model in a newspaper. She got so excited, finally her dream could become true, all she needed was that one push.


Lilah Set CardMeet Lilah Rooney, a 19 year old, openly bi-sexual, part time university student and bottle-service girl. Lilah grew up in Appaloosa Plains riding horses and shopping at Rags to Riches Consignment Store. Even though she moved to San Myshuno as soon as she graduated high school, she still has that sweet Southern twang when she speaks. She left Appaloosa Plains because she never felt she fit in with the small-town lifestyle. Now she goes to school during the day, but hasn’t decided yet what she wants to major in. Instead, she lives for her job a night as a bottle service girl, where she gets to do two of her favorite things: dance and receive complements from strangers about how great her body is. She has great confidence in herself and now whether she’s doing yoga, swimming, or just sitting around watching tv, Lilah loves to be naked. She’s sick of the jokes about ugly, soulless gingers and wants to prove to the world that a redhead can be Newcrest’s Next Top Model (being able to show off her body and maybe even attract a sugar daddy doesn’t hurt either).


Lola Set CardAfter suffering for many years from anxiety, Lola Chase found it difficult to begin modelling. It all began when she was 14 and an opportunity came up at her school. Everyone who made the outfits really appreciated her stepping in, and they recommended her to many others. After that, her real career began, and her anxiety began to stop. Will Newcrest’s Next Topmodel be the place to extend her opportunities in modelling and build her skills? Or will she be put down by her Anxiety returning again?


Paisley Set CardPaisley Putnam is one of those girls where everything had been handed to her. Her parents had given her everything she ever asked for, and many things she didn’t even know she wanted until she had them. She was spoiled. She didn’t care who knew it either. In her mind, nobody mattered except for her. She did not care who she hurt to get what she wanted. When she heard about the modeling competition taking place in her town, she knew what the next thing was that she wanted.


Rachael Set CardWhen Rachael Harley was a girl, her parents had always made good use of her looks and she was a model for many years. She became extremely skilled in the art of modelling (is modelling an art…?) seeing as she’s been doing it since she was 2. Not only is she great at modelling, but fashion too. Rachael hopes that joining the Newcrest’s Next Topmodel will improve her skills and help others to succeed in the art like her.


Reina Set CardReina Knight was always picked on for being a tomboy. Growing up with three brothers (including 2 older brothers she idolized and a twin brother) it was just easier to do as they did. Reina always felt that she wasn’t pretty enough to hang out with the other girls and was always singled out by Mallory Landgraab, the Queen Bee. After high school, aspiring artist Reina, moved from home and discovered makeup and clothes. She heard about the competition and decided with her new-found confidence to prove to herself once and for all she’s pretty enough. And who knows maybe even make a few girl friends.


Sage Set CardThere are two ways Sage Daniels‘ friends describe her: health-nut and the quintessential mom-friend. Never without her much loved green juice, she can often be found doing yoga, pilates, barre3, or aerial silk. When she’s not exercising or cooking something with kale in it, Sage can often be found playing mother hen to her mish-mosh friends, ranging from wide-eyed country girls to boys disowned by their families for their sexuality. Sage loves caring for people and hopes to be a mother to her own child one day, but for now hopes to land a good model contract by appearing on NNTM. She has landed some decent regional gigs in the past, but hopes to be the center of a national campaign that makes the whole world sit up and take notice. Hopefully something in black and white, as greyscale are the only colors Sage ever wears.


Simone Set Card

Simone Cordero has always been known as a kind girl. She excelled in school, and can make friends anywhere she goes. Now that she’s a young adult, she isn’t exactly sure what she wants to do with her life. When she heard about the castings for Newcrest’s Next Topmodel, her friends urged her to join, and Simone had to admit she was pretty excited about it. Even though she had never modeled in her life before, she has been practicing with her friends in the meantime, wanting to be the best she can for this competition.


Thank you all for reading! Tune in next time to see who will join the competition and how the teams are formed!


xoxo Sonschi


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