The Bachelorette Challenge

Day 19: Final II – The End


After Lily Rose had mentioned all the beautiful moments they had spent together she paused and looked at Jason with a poker face. He couldn’t read it at all but he could feel that the final rose was meant for him.

With a bright smile he wanted to show the bachelorette to go on with what she had to tell him. In his eyes, Jason was the winner of this show. The winner of Lily Rose’s heart.

But instead of a happy face, Lily Rose eyes turned sad. Her lips were trembling and Jason could see that she was fighting back the urge to break down in tears.



“You’ve made your decision. But it’s not me. Right?” he whispered as his smile faded away. He didn’t have to hear her answer to know what she would say next. Suddenly, Jason felt weak. His shoulders were hanging down and his face had turned pale.

“I’m sorry, Jason” he could hear Lily Rose’s voice. But it sounded like she was far away and he could barely understand her words. “You’re right. I don’t have a rose for you today” the young woman continued.

Lily Rose stepped closer to Jason. She wanted to comfort him. Just because she didn’t love him didn’t mean she didn’t like him at all. She tried to explain her feelings but her lips didn’t move at all.

Jason held up his hands in defense: “Please, don’t touch me. I need time for myself to understand what just happened. But I wish you all the best, Lily Rose. Good bye.”

After a last sad glance over his shoulder he walked away from the pavilion and the bachelorette. Lily Rose knew that she had to do this but she underestimated the pain it would cause her to send him away.



The young woman needed some time on her own before she could go on with the show. Her heart was broken by the sad eyes Jason had thrown at her. After about an hour she took a deep breath and was ready to see Aiden. After all, he was her chosen one.

Just like Jason, Lily Rose almost started day dreaming remembering all the time she had spent with Aiden. As soon as she had seen his face appear afar, all the pain she had been faced with an hour ago has been blown away.

“Aiden” she softly whispered. The young man only looked at her. He was nervous, excited and scared at the same time. He could only hope for the best. And the best would be Lily Rose’s final rose. And her heart.

“When you’re not by my side I miss you. Even if we have spent the whole day before together. I miss you with every part of my body. And you know why?” she asked him.

Aiden was too nervous to think about the reason. All he could think of was kissing these perfectly shaped lips. I want to ruin her lipstick so badly. As she didn’t get an answer she giggled silently.

“Because I love you, Aiden. Do you want to take my final rose?” she said with bright eyes. Her biggest fear since the beginning of the show had been that she would be rejected during the final.



But that nightmare didn’t come true. Aiden stared at the rose for a few seconds before he realized what had just happened. He nodded softly, then harder and then he answered with a sore throat: “Of course! I want your rose! I want you! I love you, too, Lily Rose!”

Their first kiss as a couple was amazing. Aiden had to hold Lily Rose because her knees suddenly turned into jelly and she could barely stand on her own feet anymore.




Dear readers,

This is the end of the bachelorette challenge. I hope you all liked it as much as I did. Thanks again for all the sims some of you have created for this challenge!

Maybe some of you have already read it on the forums but I’m planning to do another similar challenge. As I’m not sure which one, feel free to help me by casting your vote in the POLL.

[It ends on Friday 05/05/2017 at 5 pm CET]


Thank you all for reading!


xoxo Sonschi


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