The Bachelorette Challenge

Day 19: Final I


It was a sunny day. No cloud was seen in the sky. The bachelorette was waiting in a park, in a pavilion. She had put on a white dress. The white dress she had worn back when she had met the candidates for the very first time. Since that day, more than a week had passed. Many dates had taken place and a lot of men had been eliminated.

It was the last elimination for this show. Lily Rose was nervous even though she had made her decision already. But knowing that one man will leave this beautiful park with a broken heart, she couldn’t enjoy to hand out the final rose.

And she knew that one of them would have a broken heart. None of the finalists had committed their feelings for her. But their actions, the way they looked at her, the way they talked to her, the young woman could feel that they had fallen for her. But Lily Rose only had only fallen in love with one of them. And today was the day she would announce it.


[Romantic Park by manonchat]



Lily Rose closed her eyes and took a deep breath. As she opened them again she could see the limousine arriving. Soon the first candidate would step out of this vehicle and make his way up to her. In the pavilion she had found the perfect place to see the whole park.

Jason was already half way to the bachelorette. He was nervous like never before. His palms were sweaty and his knees felt weak. However, he tried to put on a confident smile and walk without falling.

He was only a few steps away from the pavilion as he stopped. He could have kept on walking but the view was amazing: Lily Rose in her long white dress, with her beautiful long blond hair waiting for him to come close to her.



With a confident boost he brought the last few steps to Lily Rose behind him and greeted her with a shining smile. The young woman returned it and welcomed him: “Good day, Jason. It’s nice to see you again.”

She paused for a while before she went on: “I can still remember the first time we’ve met. I was amazed by your appearance. You looked so confident, just like today. Nothing suits a man more than confidence. Always remember that, Jason. Over the last few days we had a lot of fun. And I was filled with joy when I finally heard you play an instrument. The loving sounds that came from your piano brought me right to you, remember?”



Jason smiled. Back at the hotel when he had been waiting for Lily Rose he had played on the piano. At first he had sat down to pass the time and to calm his nervous mind. But then he had fallen into the music, like always. Hearing that is passion for music showed her the way to him made him feel happier than he would have ever thought of.

“Our dream date was the best day of my life, Lily Rose. I was so glad that you chose me to join you on this date. After I have never had a solo date with you I thought I would have to leave before we could have some time on our own. But I’m still here” his eyes became a bit glassy as he drifted off into his memories.

Lily Rose and Jason had had a lot of fun on the journey to the final. But how much does the bachelorette like him? Will he receive the final rose? Or will he be sent home with a broken heart?



As Aiden arrived at the park he couldn’t wait to see his girl again. He heard her soft laugh and followed the sound until he could see her. He almost tripped as he rushed towards her. But the closer he came to Lily Rose the slower he walked.

In opposite to Jason, Aiden didn’t stop to appreciate the bachelorette in her dress. He kept on walking until he stopped in front of her. He took both her hands and twirled her around.

“You look amazing. Just as always, honey” he stated with a smile on his face. He wanted to greet her with a hug but somehow he felt a distance between them.



“I’m happy to see you again, Aiden. We’ve experienced many great things during the last weeks. Thank you a lot for applying to this show. Maybe you remember the first day we’ve met?” she asked him innocently.

Of course he did. “I thought I was dreaming when I saw you waiting at the front door. You looked like an angel with your long blond curly hair and your white dress. I felt like someone from above sent you into my life. And I hope you will stay in it forever” he finished.

Lily Rose had never been a fan of romantic words. Of course, she loved romantic but she had always preferred actions over words. However, Aiden’s little ode to her beauty made her awe. She sighed.



The part that was coming next would be the hardest of the whole show. Lily Rose wanted to speak but her mouth refused to let the words from her tongue leave it. Her throat felt sore.

Finally, she whispered: “Aiden, you know that only one will get my final rose today.” Her voice broke down and she couldn’t speak no more words. She looked into Aiden’s green eyes and could see that he knew the answer.



Two candidates. One rose. Who will get it? We’ll find out next time!


Thank you all for reading


xoxo Sonschi


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