The Bachelorette Challenge

Day 18: Dream Date #2


The following day was Lily Rose’s dream date with Aiden. She was excited to see him again and she had a little surprise for him. I wonder if he will notice it. For the location, the bachelorette had decided on a park with a little pool and a tent where they could spend the night.

As the limousine dropped her off at the park Aiden was already awaiting her. A bright smile appeared on his face as their eyes met. With two big steps he walked up to her and embraced her. Lily Rose laid her head in his shoulder and almost inhaled his scent. Never had she ever met a guy that smelled this naturally great.

As they dissolved, Aiden took a closer look at his date. “You look different. Are you not wearing makeup today?” he asked a bit too excited. Lily Rose blushed and giggled before she squealed: “I’m completely natural for you today.”

Aiden didn’t answer but smirked at the young woman. She felt a bit uncomfortable as she had never met a guy without any makeup on. The bachelorette always felt safer when she was wearing makeup; at least her mascara was never missing.

“You won’t believe me but you look beautiful without all that stuff in your face. You don’t need all of that” Aiden tried to persuade her. “Maybe – you know in case I will win this show – we could compromise on you only wearing makeup every second day?” the young man added with a joking voice.


[The location is once again from the gallery: “Romantic Camping Park” by Aijah2211]



Lily Rose laughed and softly pushed Aiden away. “I do what I want with my looks” she said, playing to be offended. Aiden just shrugged his shoulders and pointed over to the fire place he had recognized before Lily Rose showed up.

“Let’s set this on fire. I assume we will stay the whole day and night here, right? So we will need the fire as a light and to get some food. Or did you plan on ordering pizza?” even though his last sentence sounded like a joke he made a serious face. Lily Rose was confused, should she laugh or should she take his question serious?

Instead she just said: “No, we will need a fire. I brought some sausages and other food that we can grill over a fire.” A smile appeared on Aiden’s face. He loved grilling food over an open fire but grilling sausages was a bit of a cliché. However, he didn’t say anything about it.



As the fire was shining bright and spreading heat around it, Lily Rose discovered an old bench near the pool. “Oh my, look at this beautiful spot. What would you say if we go over there?” she offered. Aiden agreed and after he had put some more wood into the fire they went off to the place near the pool.

Seeing that the bench was full of old leaves and moss Aiden wanted to lay his shirt down so Lily Rose could sit on it. But before he could undress even one arm the young woman had swept away some leaves and sat down. She laughed as she saw Aiden’s confused face: “I’m not the typical big city girl. I don’t mind getting dirty.”

He sighed relieved and sat down beside her. “Honestly, I wasn’t sure about that. It would have been hard for me to deal with a little diva that’s afraid of a leave touching her designer jeans. I’m glad you’re not like this” he explained and kissed her forehead.



Lily Rose waved a hand in front of her head because she still felt too warm from the fire. “Let’s cool down in the pool, won’t we?” Aiden said seeing her action. Gladly, the bachelorette agreed and they went back to the tent to change into their swim clothes.

Lily Rose wanted to run to the water and jump into it but then Aiden pulled her up and carried her to the pool. “What if I through you in the water?” he teased her. Lily Rose just laughed and joked: “Don’t you dare!”

The last word of her sentence she almost screamed as she was flying through the air into the pool. As her head appeared atop the water again she started laughing. “I warned you, Aiden! Now I will chase you and pick you up to throw you in here as well!” she bothered him.

But before she could fulfill her warnings, Aiden jumped into the pool and swam over to where Lily Rose was. “You’re a strong and independent woman but I doubt you’re able to pick me up” he laughed before he pulled her close to him to embrace her softly.



The two had a lot of fun in the water but suddenly, Lily Rose climbed out of it and sat down on the edge. Aiden was confused but followed her. “What’s the matter, buttercup?” he asked her gently.

Lily Rose sighed. “I don’t know. Maybe it just hit me that the next time I will see you – and also Jason – one of you will leave with a broken heart caused by no one else but me. I don’t want to break any more hearts. It’s breaking my own” she whispered with tears in her eyes.

Aiden picked up the young woman and sat her down on his lap. She leaned her body against his and laid her head on his shoulder. “No matter how you will decide on the final, I can tell you this: every men that came here to meet you knew that there’s a great chance to leave without your love. And still we all came here for you. It’s not your fault if a guy isn’t your Mr. Right” he tried to calm her down.



“You’re right. That’s part of the show. And we all should have known this before. I mean, have you seen the other episodes before this one? They all acted so weird sometimes. I’m glad we had no freaks in our show” Lily Rose managed to put a smile on her face again.

Instead of answering Aiden only raised an eyebrow. “Your lips are getting blue again. Let’s find a spot in the sun to lie down, won’t we?” he suggested and picked her up once again. Even though Lily Rose didn’t like being treated like a little girl she enjoyed being carried around by Aiden.

As he found the perfect place, Aiden put down the bachelorette. Together they warmed up in the sun and the young woman snuggled up to the young man after they had lied down. “I like you, Aiden. A lot” she whispered into his hair.



The sun was setting behind trees and Lily Rose felt cold. She and Aiden changed into their casual clothes before they sat down at the fire. “So what have you brought to eat? You said we could grill sausages, remember?” Aiden asked her with a lovely smile on his lips.

Lily Rose didn’t answer but held up one finger and searched for her bag. As she found it she pulled out a box with sausages and said a bit disappointed: “I thought I’ve packed more than just these sausages. I must have forgotten everything else at home. I’m so sorry, Aiden.” But he didn’t mind at all. While the bachelorette had looked for the food he had found two perfectly shaped sticks to grill their dinner.



In the next morning, both woke up very early. The sun wasn’t up yet but the birds were already twittering from the trees. Both were still in their sleeping wear. “I still wonder where I’ve left my head back at home. I forgot most of the meals I’ve prepared and my pajamas. But thanks to you, I didn’t freeze at night” Lily Rose almost purred.

Aiden smiled as he remembered the last night. He hadn’t slept much but he had enjoyed having this lovely woman in his arms and watching her sleep peacefully. He couldn’t help but kiss her soft lips before they got dressed to get any kind of breakfast.



Going through her whole bag, Lily Rose found some marshmallows. She pulled them out of the bag and held them up, a shining grin on her face. Aiden laughed and asked for cookies but she couldn’t find any. “It’s okay, we’ll eat marshmallows for breakfast!” he said within laughter.

“I’m sad that our date is almost over” Lily Rose stated after their breakfast. Aiden only sighed as an answer. He knew that the fear of not getting a rose will return soon. And this final rose would mean the world to him; because she meant the world to him.




Dear readers,

As you can see, the second dream date is done as well. I hope you liked it. The following two – and also last two – chapters will be the final. Stay tuned to find out who will win Lily Rose’s heart, Jason or Aiden.


Thank you all for reading!


xoxo Sonschi


And once again some bloopers:






Eh, Aiden? Shouldn’t there be a marshmallow on your stick?



In case you wonder what poses I used for the “lying on the grass scene”: I used one that is actually set on a bed. They hovered the whole time but I tried to hide their shadow. It didn’t work on this one though.


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