The Bachelorette Challenge

Day 17: Dream Date #1


Lily Rose’s hands were shaking as the limousine stopped in front of the huge building. Even though she was already late for almost half an hour – she couldn’t decide what to wear on this special day – the young woman stayed in the vehicle for some more minutes. Before she opened the car door she took a deep breath.

The first few steps she hurried but soon she stopped and inhaled some fresh air. She needed to calm down. Jason would understand that sometimes women were late for dates. After all, they wanted to be pretty for their loved ones.

As she entered the hotel through the grand front door she heard a beautiful melody. Lily Rose couldn’t find Jason in the entrance hall so she followed the music until her date appeared in her sight, sitting on the piano playing perfect tones.



Jason didn’t recognize the bachelorette standing behind him so she decided to walk up to him. As he looked up from the instrument he immediately stopped playing. He wanted to stand up to greet her but Lily Rose interrupted his action: “Don’t. Please, play a song for me.”

Jason sat down again and went through all the compositions he knew. Soon he found the perfect one and stated: “Back when I learned this song I always imagined playing it to my future wife. I think it suits perfectly for you.”



Right after his words he began to play a symphony for Lily Rose. At first he started out with soft and quiet tones but soon enough he felt into the melody and his song for the bachelorette turned louder.

Lily Rose blushed listening to the music. She forgot they were at a public place. She could only see Jason playing the piano. All the other guests of the hotel peaked over to the two. Some awed, some were a bit jealous and some even rolled their eyes.



After their little private concert the two checked into the hotel. They brought only small bags because they only stayed one night. After they had put their luggage into their suite they looked around the hotel.

As they found a Jacuzzi they immediately jumped into it. “I really don’t know why but there’s nothing better than a hot bath in here” Lily Rose confessed as Jason laid his arm around her shoulders.

Jason smiled at her and stated: “As long as I can spend time with you I wouldn’t even mind taking a bath in a puddle of mud.” The image popping up in the bachelorette’s head was too vivid. She burst out laughing. At first Jason was confused but then he realized what he said.

He joined her laughter and as it abated he couldn’t help but kiss her soft lips. Lily Rose returned the kiss and threw her arms around his neck. As the kiss stopped, Jason whispered: “While you were still changing into your bikini I booked a massage for both of us.”


[By the way, the location is called “Honeymoon Hotel & Spa” by PropertySimmer. Take a look at it on the gallery, it’s AWESOME!]



Both climbed out of the Jacuzzi and covered their bodies in towels. Jason took the bachelorette by the hand and led her to the room where he had booked the massage for them.

“What kind of massage is it?” Lily Rose asked curiously. Jason grinned at her. At first he wanted her to guess it but he decided to tell her straight away. “Do you know that one with the hot stones? I forgot the name but we will get this one” he winked at her and opened the door for the young woman.



After the massage both were heated up. The spa area of the hotel was in the basement. As they walked back upstairs they were surprised to see the night had already begun. “We could change back into our clothes and go for a walk, maybe?” Jason suggested.

As Lily Rose felt a bit too hot she didn’t like the thought of wearing her nice – and also expensive dress. She didn’t want to ruin it with her transpiration but before she could find a nice sounding excuse she spotted a little swimming pond behind the hotel.

“Or we could jump into there” she pointed at the little pond. Before Jason could answer she grabbed his hand and almost ran outside. The fresh air made her shiver a bit. She put one toe into the water to test its temperature.

She peaked over her shoulder and smirked. Before he could realize what was going on, Lily Rose jumped behind Jason and pushed him into the pond. In the last second before he fell into it he could grasp Lily Rose around the waist and pulled her after him.

“Ah, my hair!” the bachelorette squealed as her head was over the water again. Jason felt guilty because he had forgotten about her styling. Before he could say his apologies Lily Rose started laughing. Confused he asked her what was so funny. “Well, it’s already night and we will have dinner and then go to bed, I guess. I don’t mind my hair looking bad then” she explained, shrugging her shoulders.

After a while the water was too cold for the bachelorette and Jason’s stomach was growling. So the two went up to their room and changed into their sleep wear. They didn’t want to dine with the other guests so they ordered diner for their room.



In the next morning, Lily Rose woke up in an empty bed. A cold shudder ran down her spine. Has Jason left without a word? He’s not that kind of man, right? She felt panic rise inside of her but then the bathroom door opened and Jason’s bright smile appeared.

Quickly, the young woman jumped out of bed and fell into his arms. She didn’t tell him what she had feared only seconds before but she almost smothered him with her hug.

Her head was resting on his chest. Jason softly grabbed her chin and pushed it up until he could leave a kiss on her lips. “Good morning, my dear” he whispered and laid her head on his chest again.


[Watch your hands, young lady!]



Looking at the watch on the wall they realized it was almost too late for breakfast but too early for lunch. They decided to walk to the dining room and ask the staff if they could have a late breakfast.

The staff was kind enough to grant them their little extra but instead of a whole buffet they had to order their meals. After they had finished breakfast Jason sighed. “What’s the matter?” Lily Rose asked him.

“Our date has passed too fast. I want to stay here with you forever” he said. He didn’t mention the real reason why he was a bit down. Knowing that Lily Rose would have a similar date with Aiden as well hurt his feelings. But he didn’t want to ruin the atmosphere.



After the breakfast they got ready to leave the hotel. As always Jason was faster than Lily Rose – well, he didn’t have to style long hair like she had to. So he waited in front of the hotel for the bachelorette.

As she showed up he embraced her and caressed her cheek. “I will miss you” he said knowing he wouldn’t meet her until the final. Instead of saying a word Lily Rose leaned her head against Jason’s and before she knew it her lips touched his for a passionate kiss-good-bye.




Dear readers,

This is the first dream date. I hope you liked it after I mentioned several times that you will love it. The next day will be the dream date with Aiden. So tune in to find out how their date will be.


Thank you all for reading!


xoxo Sonschi


And as promised – and after there were none for way too long – here are FOUR bloopers:



Mortimer is ALWAYS around when there’s a date outside the house. Stalker…



And of course there are bees again. Count them, really. Do it. And there were even more but I couldn’t get them all on one screenshot. It was an invasion!



Nice yoga instructor… NOT.



Aw, look who turned up for Vlad’s yoga course! Pegasus! Maybe Vlad manipulated him. After all he has visited Pegasus at the beginning of the challenge. Remember? ^^


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