The Bachelorette Challenge

Day 16: Elimination #5


Early in the morning, Ashley and Jason were sitting in the kitchen and complaining about the last day. “I really don’t get it why he gets two solo dates when we didn’t have a solo date at all!” Ashley stated angrily.

Even though Jason didn’t answer Ashley knew he felt the same. He was beside himself with rage. “I mean what’s so special about him? He’s just a boy coming from the country side. That doesn’t make him any better than us. Rather the other way around…” Ashley went on.



In their anger both didn’t realize that Aiden was sitting at the other end of the table, hearing every single word they were saying. Aiden had never been a guy who was looking for trouble. Most of times he got along with everyone and if that wasn’t the case he just avoided the people he couldn’t stand.

But he would have never gossiped about another person. The young man couldn’t understand why the other candidates were talking bad about him. After all he thought they would be friends. Maybe a competition isn’t the best way to find real friends. He silently stood up and walked away.



A bit later Lily Rose gathered the last three men around her at the basketball place. “Hey you all!” she greeted them. “You might already know what I want to do with you today” she went on pointing at the basketball basket.

Without intending it she mainly kept eye contact with Aiden all the time. Of course the other two recognized it but tried to play it down while the bachelorette was around. They all went inside to change into their sports clothes before they started a little game of basketball.



The four had a lot of fun playing basketball. They didn’t even realize that the time was passing quickly until the sun was about to set.


[Sorry for this short text but trying to get a good picture for this scene was AWFULLY hard… And that’s why I won’t write a long text about it *logic* In your face, game!]



Jason took the chance to be the first to have a private conversation with the bachelorette. He took her hand and together they walked into the men’s living room and sat down on the couch.

At first they didn’t say a word. Lily Rose was probably waiting for Jason to begin but the young man was caught by his thoughts. He wanted to confront her with his feelings because of the solo date issue. But he wasn’t sure if it was a great idea to do that on an elimination day.

As he saw that Lily Rose was becoming uncomfortable and shooed his thoughts away and fixed his complete attention on her. “I’m sorry, I was still thinking about the game we just had. We were a great team. I mean, we won” he stated confidentially.

Lily Rose giggled. “We really are a great team. Do you think you will make it to the final?” she asked Jason out of nowhere. He was hit by the question and didn’t know what to answer. He stuttered around and finally closed his lips and rubbed his forehead before he replied in a complete sentence: “I hope so but I’m not sure.”



Jason wanted to add more of his thoughts but suddenly Ashley was standing in front of them asking for Lily Rose’s company. The young woman nodded and excused herself from Jason before she followed the other candidate outside.

They sat down on the bench in the garden and Ashley immediately began talking: “I’m really curious how you decide on who gets a date and who doesn’t.” He tried to put on a smile to hide his anger.

“Is it like, you only go on solo dates with guys you’re not sure about your feelings yet or how do you handle all that?” he went on. A sigh escaped his lips as he finished the last sentence.

Lily Rose could clearly see that Ashley was desperate because of this issue. She didn’t know what to answer. She had no real system on who she chose for a date. The only thing she counted on was her intuition. But how should she explain this to Ashley without hurting his feelings?

Badly looking for an answer to tell the young man she bit her lips. Should I lie? What would be more hurtful, the truth or a lie? Finally, she opened her mouth and stated: “Somehow it’s like you said. I guess…”

An awkward silence grew between them but none of both knew what to say next. Should they talk that out or start a new topic? Ashley decided to choose the second one: “But who cares? The next two dates will be the dream dates and both candidates left will go on one.” He smiled at Lily Rose and she returned it.



“It’s pretty late and I haven’t talked to Aiden yet” Lily Rose tried to excuse herself as she got up. Without waiting for an answer she walked away. Ashley looked after her, feeling the anger rise inside of him once again.

Aiden was sitting inside. He looked as if he had been waiting for the bachelorette the whole time. As she sat down beside him a bright smile appeared on his face. “Did you miss me?” she asked him.

“Always” he just answered. Lily Rose took his hand and played with his fingers. As she looked up again their eyes met and she blushed a bit. His eyes told stories words couldn’t tell. They sat there the whole time and didn’t say much and all. But words weren’t needed at all.



After a while both had to get ready for the elimination. Aiden had already disappeared in the men’s house. Lily Rose had almost reached the stairs as a voice asked her to wait a minute.

As she turned around it was Ashley. A bit confused what was going on the bachelorette waited for him to say something. “There’s something I forgot to tell you” he just said.



Before Lily Rose could even think about what he could mean his lips touched her mouth. It was only a short kiss. After their lips parted Ashley stood there and waited for a reaction from the young woman. But all she said was: “I’m sorry, I need to get ready now.”



It took about an hour until Lily Rose was happy with her outfit and makeup. She smiled at her reflection in the mirror. But then she realized that she had to think about who she should send home tonight.

Her smile faded away and she starred at herself. With only three candidates left the decision was harder than ever. Have I really thought that the eliminations would become easier the longer the show is running? I can’t be this naïve…



Slowly she walked out of her private rooms and looked down from the gallery. The men were already sitting on the couch waiting for her to show up. All of them had a smile on their faces.

Lily Rose put a smile on as well before she walked down the stairs to the waiting men. They all looked up as she appeared and their faces shined even brighter than before.

The bachelorette harrumphed before she began to speak: “Today’s decision was tough but it had to be made. As usually, I will not say too much to get over this hard part as fast as possible.”

She paused as she grabbed the first of the two roses and looked back at the men. A smile hushed over her face as her eyes met Aiden’s. “Do you want this rose?” she asked him, still keeping up the eye contact.



Aiden got up and walked over to Lily Rose. He stopped only centimeters away from her and only smiled at her. The young woman could feel that he wanted to kiss her but he didn’t. With the other candidates around it would have caused too much trouble.

“Yes, I’d love to get this rose, my dear” he finally answered. Lily Rose swung her arms around his neck and pulled him in a close hug. After they left go the bachelorette gave the first rose to the candidate and he returned to his seat.



Even though they already had counted with this situation both Jason and Ashley were devastated as they realized only one of them would get a rose. Only one of them would go on a dream date with Lily Rose and only one would still have the chance to win her heart.




Dear readers,

Once again the elimination is interrupted here to bring some suspense into the story. I will post the results in a few hours so you won’t have to wait too long for it.


Thank you all for reading!


xoxo Sonschi


PS: Once again, no bloopers. BUT: There are bloopers on the dream dates. I SWEAR!


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