The Bachelorette Challenge

Day 15: Solo Date #3


The new day had begun and Lily Rose was a bit sad that Mary Anne was gone again. She missed her sister but she knew that it would only take some more days until they would be reunited again. And hopefully, Lily Rose would have her Mr. Right by her side.

For this day, the bachelorette had huge plans as always. She got ready for the day and walked over to the men’s house to find them sitting in the living room already waiting for her.

“Good morning” she greeted them. “Today I will go on a date again. But only with one of you. And the chosen one is” she paused for a short while, “Aiden”.

All three men were surprised but for different reasons. Aiden was happy to spend the day with Lily Rose without the other candidates. But said candidates were angry. This was only the third  solo date but already the second one for Aiden.



As the two arrived at their dating location Aiden gasped. They almost had to climb a hill but as they reached the top the view was amazing. Standing on top of cliffs they could see the sea with all its boats and animals.

“Oh my gosh, look at all this, Lily Rose” Aiden finally found his words. She was standing behind him and almost cried of joy because her plan of making him happy with the location worked perfectly. “I just thought you haven’t seen the country side of this region yet. And as a country boy you really need to see it. I’m glad you enjoy the view” the bachelorette whispered as she hugged him from behind.


[With animals I mean the Loch Ness monster. Can you spot it?]



Aiden turned around and pulled Lily Rose into his arms. He took a deep breath from her soft smell before he answered: “It doesn’t matter where I am as long as you are by my side. But this surprise is the best I have received in my whole life. Thank you. Thank you a lot, my darling.”



“I hope you brought your swimming trunks because there’s a pool over there” Lily Rose said. Aiden looked over his shoulder and pointed at the pool asking: “Do you mean this one? I thought that’s a pond.”

They quickly changed their clothes behind a bush – not at the same time of course – and sat down at the edge of the pool. Aiden put his arm around Lily Rose and pulled her closer to him.

“My sister liked you a lot. And she said she knows a little secret but she refused to tell me” the bachelorette giggled. At first the young man didn’t know what she was talking about but then he remembered the conversation with Mary Anne.



He watched his legs moving in the water and smiled softly. Aiden hadn’t told Mary Anne about his feelings for her sister but she had seen straight away that was madly in love with her. Should I tell her?

As he moved his head to look at Lily Rose he decided to not tell her directly. Instead he wanted to show her his little secret. He softly grabbed her chin and kissed her lips. He tried to put as much passion into this kiss to express his feelings for the young woman.



As their lips parted again Lily Rose wanted to say something but Aiden decided to prank her a bit. He laid his arms around her waist and leaned forward. Both fell into the pool and Lily Rose squealed.

At first she looked as if she didn’t like it because her hair got wet and her perfect makeup was smudged a bit. But then she laughed and splashed some water into Aiden’s face.

“Warn me next time before you try to drown me” the young woman said laughing. Aiden splashed back some water at her and the two played in the water for some time.



“Your lips are a bit blue. Maybe we should get out of the cold water and warm up in the sun” Aiden suggested. A bit shivering, Lily Rose agreed and they found a spot in the sun to cloud gaze.

“You know, I have never showed my face without makeup to any man before you. Well, actually I’m forced to know” the bachelorette tried to look angry at him but she couldn’t help but smile.

Aiden removed a wet streak of hair out of her face and answered: “You’re still wearing makeup. It’s just a bit smudged.” Lily Rose gasped jokingly and pushed him softly.

Warming up in the sun, she said after a while: “When we first met I couldn’t understand how someone can enjoy nature like you do. But today I learned that it’s way better to spend the day out in nature than going shopping in a big mall in a huge city.”



The sun started to go down at the horizon and the two felt a bit cold. “I have another little surprise for you” Lily Rose said and together they walked back to the car that brought them to this beautiful location.

After a long drive they were back in town. But instead of going home the car stopped in front of a restaurant. “I bet you’re just as hungry as I am” Lily Rose stated. They went inside and sat down at a table. After ordering their meals they talked their date at the cliffs.

“I want to make a toast. Thank you, Aiden, for being here to win my heart. I like you a lot” Lily Rose said as she held up her glass of red wine. Aiden thanked her and kept a smile on his face but deep inside her words made him sad. No matter how perfect a date could be with the bachelorette, there were still other candidates left.



They enjoyed their meals and laughed a lot for the following time. After they had finished dinner they looked for a private place to have some time on their own.

In the upper floor they sat down and Aiden immediately pulled Lily Rose closer to him. “Thank you a lot for this wonderful date. It almost hurts that I have to let you go soon” he whispered into her ear.



His head was still close to her after he finished whispering into Lily Rose’s ear. His nose softly grazed her cheek. Feeling his breath on her skin sent shivers down her spine and before she knew what she was doing, the young woman kissed the man.

Even though the two had kissed before this one felt different from the others. Lily Rose didn’t know why. Instead of thinking about a reason for it she just sunk into the kiss and enjoyed every touch of their lips.




Dear readers,

After I have made you wait so long for this chapter – sorry once again – I truly hope you enjoyed it. Tune in next time for the last elimination before the FINAL. But of course there will be some days between those events: the DREAM DATES! I’ve already played them and I bet you will love both!


Thank you all for reading!


xoxo Sonschi


[Sorry, but no bloopers this time. And just in case you wonder what locations I used this time: the cliffs in Windenburg and the same restaurant where Lily Rose and Pegasus had their solo date.]


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