The Bachelorette Challenge

Day 14: Family Meeting


Lily Rose was excited for the coming day. A special person from her life would come and meet the candidates to see if they were fitting for Lily Rose. A car was honking outside the bachelorette house and the young woman stormed outside to greet her beloved visitor.

As she reached the door the guest was already approaching the house. “Oh darling, you look great! How long has it been since we last met? I’ve missed you so much!” Lily Rose almost squealed as she hugged the other person.



“I’ve missed you, too, Lil! You look great as always. It feels like I’m looking at a mirror” Mary Anne joked. The bachelorette was happy to see her sister again.

Since they were born they had spent every second together. They were best friends, knew all the secrets about each other. Due to the show the twins had been separated for the very first time.

“It felt so wrong not having you by my side. I really hope that all this is worth it” Mary Anne went on. Her sister still had her arms around her and both didn’t feel like letting go too soon.



After a while they managed to go inside and sat down on one of the couches. “Tell me, sister, where are your men? Are they hot, wild and manly like you prefer your lovers?” Mary Anne asked excitedly.

Lily Rose laughed and answered: “You will find out in a few hours yourself. You will meet every single candidate in a one on one sitting and you can ask them anything you want. But please, Mary, don’t be too rude. I like all of them and don’t want them to leave because you were mean.”

Of course the bachelorette’s sister was curious to hear more about the men but her sister didn’t want to influence her opinion on them. Instead, she told her the plan about the meetings. “You can choose any spot on this lot to interview them. I can walk you around and show you everything” Lily Rose explained.

After a while Mary Anne had found the perfect spot. “So, can I make a fire or would the guys be scared of me next to a fire?” she laughed. Lily Rose joined her and shook her head: “I don’t think they would be afraid of a simple fire. Just don’t push them into it.” She winked at her and excused herself to introduce her plan to the three candidates left.



Jason, Aiden and Ashley were already awaiting the bachelorette as she entered the room. “Good morning, my dears! Today we won’t spend any time together. But you will have a lot of fun with someone that looks a lot like me. Well, she’s actually my clone” Lily Rose giggled. “Don’t tell her I said that. She doesn’t like it when I stress the 5 minutes I’m older than her. Anyway, Mary Anne will talk to each of you in single one on ones” she ended her little introduction.

The men were excited to see the bachelorette’s twin sister. Lily Rose had already disappeared as a little discussion started. “What if she’s kidding us and her sister is actually herself?” one mentioned but all three started laughing on that weird thought. They decided on who will go first for the next few minutes. Of course all of them couldn’t wait to see Mary Anne.



Jason had won the little fight and was on the way to Mary Anne. What if she doesn’t like me? Would this influence Lily Rose’s decision on the next elimination?

As he passed a bush he could already see her: Mary Anne was sitting at the fire place and was warming her hands. The resemblance to the bachelorette was amazing. The only difference the young man could see was that Lily Rose had longer hair than her sister.

As soon as Jason reached her he introduced himself: “Hey Mary Anne, I’m Jason” he shook her hand and replied her smile. “Hey Jason, nice to meet you. I guess my sister has already told you who I am?” she asked him.

“Even if she didn’t it would be obvious! I mean, it feels like heaven that there are two such wonderful women” Jason tried his best to make Mary Anne feel comfortable around him. But she just giggled and went straight on: “So, Jason, tell me anything you think I should know about you. Why do you think you would be the perfect match for my sister?”



Jason smiled before he told his story. He left out the part where he was an outsider at school. Somehow he felt as if Mary Anne wouldn’t like to hear about it. So he mainly talked about his older brother and his own passion for music.

“Too bad you didn’t bring a guitar. We’re sitting at a fire place but can’t sing along to you playing the guitar. I bet that would be awesome now. We really should do this one day. Well, just in case you win Lil’s heart of course” the sister assured him.

Mary Anne looked at her wrist watch and sighed: “I’m sorry, Jason. But I only have a certain amount of time to spend with each of you. Yours is over but let me tell you the time was just flying! And that’s great!” she winked at him before he left and told the next candidate to go to the fireplace.



Aiden wasn’t able to say a single word because Mary Anne already began speaking as he sat down next to her: “Oh wow! You’re a country boy, aren’t you?” She grinned at him and finally let him talk. Aiden laughed and nodded: “Yes, I am. How do you know that?”

The bachelorette’s sister just shrugged her shoulders: “I can easily read every person. And with you it’s kind of obvious. I mean, the way you dress, the way you walk and somehow also your freckles. I bet Lil loves them, doesn’t she?”

Aiden blushed a bit but acted as if everything was normal. “I don’t mind that it’s obvious. I’m proud to come from a small town. You should visit us with Lily Rose one day. Then you’ll see that you won’t have more fun anywhere else” he promised.



“Maybe I will visit you and my sister in your home town one day” she winked at him. Now Aiden blushed even more and couldn’t hide it from the blonde woman anymore. “Oh, did I embarrass you?” she asked him, seriously worried that she had gone too far.

“No, no! It’s okay. It’s just that…” Aiden didn’t finish the sentence but his head turned even redder. Mary Anne gasped as she understood what he meant. “Oh wow, you are in love with my sister, aren’t you?” she asked him a bit quietly.

Aiden – still with a red head – shrugged his shoulders and grinned innocently. Mary Anne didn’t need a spoken answer to see that he had lost his heart to her sister. She was a bit disappointed that the time was up again.



Ashley was already nervously walking in circles. He was the poor guy to be the last to see Lily Rose’s sister and he couldn’t wait to meet her. Finally, Aiden came back and sent him over to the fire place. Ashley almost ran but then stopped and took a deep breath.

As he sat down beside Mary Anne she smiled at him. “Why do you hide your hair under that beanie? I bet they look great without a hat” she said straight away. “Bad hair day” Ashley joked and both started laughing.

“I like you. You’re funny. So, what makes you special compared to Aiden and Jason?” Mary Anne asked after a while. Ashley remembered that Lily Rose hated children and wasn’t sure if he should talk about Belle. But then he decided it would be best to not hide it: “I already have a little daughter. Her name is Isobel, Belle for short.” While he was talking he avoided eye contact with the bachelorette’s sister.



As he looked over to her again her eyes were wide open. With a bit of a shaky voice she asked: “Does my sister know about your child?” Ashley nodded and told her the little compromise they had already arranged.

Mary Anne couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “That’s so Lily Rose! But you do know that it’s a good sign that you’re still here even though you have a child? Seems like Lil has fallen for you” she finally said with a grin on her face.

“Anyway, thank you a lot for your honesty. You seem to be a very nice guy. Unfortunately, our time is up and I will return to my sister now to tell her everything” she waved back at Ashley as she walked away from him.



The twin sisters had discussed about every single man in the house. Lily Rose couldn’t help but tell her sister some things about the candidates who had already left the show. They had a lot of fun together and came up with the idea to jump into the Jacuzzi.

“You have told me a lot about my men but who do you think fits best and who fits worst in my life?” Lily Rose asked curiously. Her sister sighed and looked a bit sadly at her before she said: “None of them fits.”

She burst out laughing and after a few minutes she said: “Of course not! Look at them! All three would fit perfectly for you. I’m sorry but I can’t help you with your next decision. But I have a favorite one. But I won’t tell you. I don’t want to manipulate you. Well, at least not too much.”




Dear readers,


Hopefully you liked this chapter and you were excited to hear about the bachelorette’s twin sister! Stay tuned to see the upcoming solo date, once again with Aiden!

And just to let you know: the relationship points Mary Anne has with the men will be added to Lily Rose’s points.


Thank you all for reading!


xoxo Sonschi


And once again, some bloopers:



While Mary Anne was talking to the candidates I made Lily Rose sit down at the bubble blower. Well, she seemed a bit dizzy after a while.



And she was dizzy for a VERY long time.


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