The Bachelorette Challenge

Day 13: Results + POLL!


“Pegasus, you’re a kind man and even though I would have never thought of it, I really like you” Lily Rose finally said after a long pause. She turned to the other candidate and stated: “Ashley, I like you, too, even though you have a daughter. And you all know that I can’t stand children. But you promised I wouldn’t have to meet her until she’s a teen and maybe, just maybe, I can deal with her as a teenager.”

Despite the nerve-killing moment, a smile appeared on Ashley’s face, not only because his daughter was mentioned but he also felt the urge that everything would be alright tonight. Pegasus felt the complete opposite. But he wasn’t ready to leave the show yet. But did he have to?



“Do you want tonight’s last rose, Ashley?” Lily Rose asked. While a single tear was running down Pegasus’ face, Ashley walked up to Lily Rose and hugged her tightly. As he let her go again he said: “Of course I want it. And I really mean it that you don’t have to meet Belle until she’s 12.”



The bachelorette waited until Ashley, Aiden and Jason had left the room before she turned towards Pegasus. The expression on his face almost broke her heart and she had to fight back some tears. “Pegasus” she tried to start her sentence.

But the man interrupted her softly: “It’s okay, Lily Rose. I would have never thought of coming this far. After all your first impression of me was, well, sorry but it was a disaster. Maybe we’re only made to be friends and it’s better to find it out this way than to be together and have to break up because the relationship doesn’t work out. At least I hope we will stay friends.”

Lily Rose smiled a bit sad. “You should know that it has nothing to do with what has happened between you and Gael…” she stated but Pegasus held up his hand. “I know, darling, I know” he smiled, hugged her one last time and walked out through the door to leave the show forever.




Dear readers,


Maybe that’s the saddest elimination in the whole challenge so far. At least I’m close to crying my eyes out.


Thank you a lot, princess2109, for creating this wonderful character called Pegasus. Also, I can’t wait to read your legacy with him!


In the next chapter the house will get a special guest! Stay tuned to find out who it will be!


And before I forget it: Day 15 is the third solo date! And you all are allowed to VOTE!

It will end on 04/22/2017 at 3 pm CET.


Thank you all for reading!


xoxo Sonschi


And this time, we have a “blooper” again.



As Pegasus walked out the front door Gael was passing by. Coincidence? I don’t think so 😉 *cough* stalker *cough*


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