The Bachelorette Challenge

Day 13: Elimination #4


The day of the fourth elimination had arrived and Lily Rose gathered all candidates left around her. “I can’t believe we’re already this far! After tonight only three of you will be left and I can assure you the decision on who will have to leave us won’t be an easy one” the bachelorette stated.

“But before we come to the tough part of today, why don’t we have a little fun at the pool? I don’t know about you but I haven’t been in there even once!” she claimed and all the men nodded in confirmation.



After everyone had changed into their swimming clothes they all headed to the pool together. Before they could recognize anything Lily Rose disappeared with Aiden and they couldn’t see them anywhere. Ashley and Jason decided to sit down at the pool and wait for the bachelorette to return.

“What do you think about Pegasus getting the solo date?” Jason asked the other candidate. Ashley shrugged his shoulders and looked at his feet splashing in the pool water. “Well, I’m not even sure if he’s right here at all” he finally confessed looking back at Jason who nodded to confirm the statement.



What they missed was Pegasus sitting on the other side of the pool watching them gossip about him. He was used to be a bit of an outsider in most cases as he was different to almost all other men. But he always tried to be friendly with everyone so the words swapping over to him hurt him more than he would confess.

I wonder why they are picking on me. Have I ever said something wrong and don’t know about it? Should I face them and just ask what’s their problem with me and get this out of the world? Pegasus sighed. He had always been struggling with the fact that not everyone had a kind heart as he did.



At the same time Aiden and Lily Rose were hanging out at the pool. As the bachelorette had returned to them in her bikini Aiden took the chance as no one else was watching and had taken her hand to lead her over to the Jacuzzi where they had some privacy.

Sitting next to her in the hot water and her smiling face looking at him he couldn’t help but lay his arms around her, pull her close to him and press his lips on hers. At first the kiss was a bit shy because Lily Rose didn’t expect to be kissed at all but after a few seconds she returned it with passion.

As their lips parted again she asked him a bit out of breath: “How come you kiss me?” Aiden smirked and pulled her close to his body again. As she laid her head on his shoulder he said: “On our date I really felt like kissing you but I missed that opportunity. I needed to make that up as soon as possible.”



The two heard a knock at the gate and quickly moved away from each other. Lily Rose giggled as she felt like a teenage girl again who almost got caught by her parents kissing a boy she had secretly invited over. As the gate opened the lilac hair of Pegasus followed by the rest of his head showed up.

Aiden excused himself and walked away while Pegasus jumped into the hot water with Lily Rose. He was still not sure if she was mad at him for kissing Gael so he tried to keep a bit of a distance between them.

“How are you today?” she asked him kindly. Pegasus looked at the water and thought about Jason’s and Ashley’s words about him but then he decided to ignore it and answered: “I’m fine but I’m really scared of tonight’s decision.”

Lily Rose felt a bit uncomfortable with his answer as she could understand why he was nervous. She wasn’t sure if he was the right one for her but still, she liked him a lot. “I think we all are. Even I’m scared” she laughed.



The gate was opened again and Jason slipped in through it. “Do you mind if we spend some time together? Only the two of us, I mean” Jason said looking at the bachelorette. She nodded and apologized to Pegasus. He didn’t mind at all and went away.

“You know that I can’t resist you when you’re wearing these sunglasses” Lily Rose giggled at Jason sitting next to her. He had his arm around her and grinned. Of course he knew, so he put them on on purpose every time.

“But that’s not the main reason why you’re here!” she assured him. “There’s something about you that’s just… I don’t know how to describe it.” Jason put his finger on her lips. “You don’t have to explain it” he whispered in her ear before he kissed her.



It seemed as if all the candidates had been waiting in line at the gate because as Jason’s and Lily Rose’s lips parted again they heard a little knock. “Can I come in?” Ashley’s voice was heard from the other side of the fence. Jason jumped out of the Jacuzzi and opened it. “Of course, man. She’s all yours now” he said and winked back at Lily Rose before he left.

As Ashley was sitting next to the bachelorette he pulled her close to her. “You know, now that I know you better with every day I can imagine a life with you after the show” he began. Lily Rose just smiled at him. Still, she had his daughter in mind but also his words that she wasn’t forced to meet her too often. A fight was going on inside her and she didn’t know who would win it: her heart or her head.



After the bachelorette had spent the whole day with her men she excused herself to get ready for the elimination. While getting dressed and applying makeup she dallied as much as she could to avoid the part where she had to decide who would leave after tonight.

All the time spent on her look didn’t solve the problem. With a big sigh she got up from the chair at the makeup desk and looked at the four pictures left on the wall. I like all of them! How am I supposed to send one of them home? Who invented monogamy anyway?!



As the stars rose at the sky, all men were dressed up and looked at Lily Rose. They were all stunned by her appearance. After all she had spent a lot of time to get ready for them. For the first few minutes no one said a word and everyone hid their nervous feelings behind smiles.

“So, the time has come” the bachelorette began. “You should know that I like all of you and please don’t take it personally if you are the one who has to leave. You probably have noticed that I needed more time then on the other eliminations before to decide. Well, it was a tough one. So let’s get this over!”

She looked at the table where the three roses were placed and carefully picked up the first one. Every rose has its thorns. Just like finding the man of my dreams on this show… Rolling the flower between her fingers she looked back at the men: “Do you want this rose, Jason?”



Relieved he almost jumped up from his seat. He tried to calm down quickly before he walked over to Lily Rose. She already reached out the rose at him and he took it. As he thanked her he kissed her cheeks.

After he had returned to the couch Lily Rose already announced the next one. She had to interrupt herself as she almost touched a thorn and the rose fell on the floor. “Excuse me!” she said as she picked it up again. “It’s not broken so do you still take it, Aiden?” she tried to joke.



Aiden winked at her and as he stood in front of her he said: “I don’t mind how the rose looks like. I wouldn’t even mind if you gave me a jar of dirt. All that matters is that we have some more time to spend together. And hopefully it will be forever.” The bachelorette was in awe as she handed the rose to the gentleman. Afterwards she hugged him and he kissed her cheeks like always.



The last two candidates already knew what would follow next. With sad faces they got up and walked over to Lily Rose and hoped that the last name that would be announced soon would be their name. But both knew that there was only a 50/50 chance to get the final rose.




Dear readers,


This is the first part of the fourth elimination! Stay tuned to find out who will have to go and who will stay.


Thank you all for reading!


xoxo Sonschi



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