The Bachelorette Challenge

Day 11: Solo Date #2


Lily Rose had thought it would be best to go have dinner with Pegasus to discuss the last elimination. So she invited him over to Bamboo Sushi Bar & Grill [by jadakiss1117]. As they arrived they decided to sit outside as it was a beautiful day.

The menu cards had been already lying on the table as they sat down. Since they had arrived they haven’t spoken too many words to each other. Lily Rose tried to hide her face behind the menu card as she didn’t feel comfortable at all.

She silently sighed. Before the show had begun she and the producers had planned every single date and event. This solo date had been one of Lily Rose’s favorites back at that time but the awkward silence growing between her and Pegasus destroyed the illusions she had had about it.

From time to time she sneaked over to him but she could tell from his body language that he didn’t feel any different than her. Okay, you’re a big girl and you should be able to face this kind of situation! Go girl, just talk to him. Even if you start telling him about the weather today. Just say SOMETHING!



At the same time Pegasus looked up from the menu card as well. It happened to be never at the same time when Lily Rose did it so their eyes never met. At some point he was glad about it but he also knew if he wanted to stay in the show and have a chance at winning her heart he needed to talk to her about the last elimination night.

But how am I supposed to start a conversation about it? Should I start a normal one and try to get more comfortable with her before I hit the bad topic? I can’t remember a worse situation before in my WHOLE life…



“Nice weather today, isn’t it?” Lily Rose pressed out of her mouth. She tried to look relaxed but her whole body was stiff. Pegasus nodded: “Yes it is. I hope it will stay like this for some more days.”

At last, their dinner arrived at the table and they had the opportunity to talk about their meals. “What did you order?” Lily Rose asked her date. Pegasus nervously laughed because with all the stress he was going through he hadn’t paid too much attention on what he had ordered. Now he didn’t know what food he had in front of him.

He started giggling. At first silently but then it turned louder and finally into laughter. Lily Rose stared at him as if he was an alien but then she joined him. They spent the next few minutes laughing but both weren’t quite sure why.

After a while Pegasus gasped: “I can’t remember what I ordered.” His answer made Lily Rose laugh even harder and a tear ran down her cheek. She wiped it away and tried to calm down again. “Honestly, I can’t remember either” she said between breaths.



After finishing their meals – they didn’t speak a word the whole time because they focused on the food – Pegasus asked: “So, have you found out what you ordered?”  Lily Rose shook her head and giggled but she tried to not burst out laughing again.

She knew that they had to talk about the elimination before the date was over. She stopped giggling and looked at her date. Pegasus could feel the bachelorette’s eyes lying on him but he tried to avoid eye contact. But after a while he knew he had to return it.



“You should know that I’m here for you and I really like you. And you’re such a wonderful person, Lily Rose” Pegasus tried to start the conversation. “More wonderful than Gael?” as the words escaped Lily Rose’s mouth she slapped her hand over her lips. Why did I say that?!

Pegasus glared at her. From her reaction he could tell that she didn’t mean it so he went on ignoring her comment: “At first he was only my attachment person in the house as the others thought I was weird back then. I can actually not remember how it turned into flirting and making out. But I swear we didn’t go any further than kissing!”

The bachelorette could see the regret in Pegasus’ eyes. His words made her angry but his sad eyes made her feel sympathy for him. She sighed but didn’t answer yet. After a while she looked away and whispered: “I do like you, too. But I’m not sure if I can trust you. You’re here for me, you even said that, but then you make out with someone else. And honestly I don’t know if I can live with it. Maybe I’m overreacting but it feels like you cheated on me.”

Deep inside her, Lily Rose knew why she was unable to look into his eyes. It wasn’t his betrayal but the memory of her kissing Jason the day before. Is it right to shame him for kissing someone else even though I did the same?



As Pegasus returned back home he quickly searched for Aiden. He found him relaxing on the patio and sat down beside him. “You don’t look happy” Aiden stated. Pegasus shook his head and tried to push back his tears.

“No, I’m not. And I don’t think I will still be here after the next elimination” Pegasus answered with a shaky voice. Aiden didn’t know what to say to this. On the one hand he felt sorry for Pegasus but at the other hand it would be fair to send the lilac haired man home after all the trouble he had caused.




Dear readers,

Finally you could read the solo date with Pegasus! I hope you liked it. The next chapter will include a special guest. Stay tuned to find out who it will be 😉


Thank you all for reading!


xoxo Sonschi



And as usual, the BLOOPERS:



We haven’t had a bee blooper for some time. But this is turning into an invasion! 3 bees at once! Can you find all of them?



*voice coming from Lily Rose’s earphone* ”Don’t look at the camera! Look at him!”


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