The Bachelorette Challenge

Day 11: Group Date #3


“Good morning, my dear gentlemen!” Lily Rose greeted from the TV screen. Once again the candidates had found a video tape at the front door and had immediately known from who it came from.

The voice from the TV went on: “I have two surprises for you: a group date and a solo date!” She waited a few seconds to let her words sink in. Well, at least as she had made the video she thought the guys would need some time to let them sink in but in reality they were sitting tense on the couch awaiting the bachelorette to announce the names.

“Let’s start off with the solo date” Lily Rose finally said. All four men held their breath until she announced the chosen one: “I want to ask you to join me tomorrow, Pegasus! And the two candidates to come with me on the group date today will be Ashley and Jason! Can’t wait to see you!”



As the TV screen turned dark again the men were confused and surprised at the same time. “Oh wow, I’ve never thought of you to go to a solo date, Pega!” Jason said with a sweet bitterness in his voice. Because of his excitement Pegasus didn’t notice it but answered: “I know! I can’t believe it myself. I’m too excited. And I’m scared… I bet it’s because of Gael’s words as he has left.”

“Why does she only let two of us go the group date? I mean, we’re only four guys left, why didn’t she invite three?” Ashley wondered loudly. He meant to talk to Aiden but he didn’t listen to anyone. He was disappointed that Lily Rose invited everyone but him to a date. I thought she liked me?



Only two hours later Ashley and Jason met the bachelorette at the Star’s Bar and Karaoke [by aske006]. While they were walking over to her Ashley whispered to his competitor: “Do you think we’ll have to sing karaoke? I’m a bad singer.”

Lily Rose greeted them before Jason could answer. She led the two men to a cozy place on the first floor patio and together they sat down. “I’m happy to see you today!” Lily Rose said. Before she went on Ashley stated: “How about the start with the one on ones right at the beginning?”

Lily Rose nodded, excused herself from Jason and walked away with Ashley. As soon as they were out of Jason’s sight Ashley grabbed Lily Rose’s hand and she smiled at him.



The two entered a room that said “V.I.P.” and were stunned. “The whole room is black!” Lily Rose gasped. She had never seen a room this dark before. But thankfully, the huge windows let enough light fall into the room.

“I think it’s less dark over there at the window. Let’s sit down there, won’t we?” Ashley smiled at her and the bachelorette followed him to said place. They were still holding hands.

As soon as they got comfortable on the couch Ashley began to talk: “I have to add something to your question from the speed date. I know I was talking way too much about Belle but… Well, what I wanted to add is that I hope you would be okay that I don’t want any more kids. You never know if a relationship will last and I know how hard it can be if there’s a child that’s passed from one side to the other. And also how many problems it can cause when one part doesn’t want to cooperate.”



As Ashley saw Lily Rose’s sad face he quickly added: “Don’t worry, I won’t talk about this topic from now on! I really just wanted you to know about it.” Lily Rose looked down at her feet and as she looked up again her eyes met Ashley’s. “I can’t stand children and I will never ever have any of my own” the bachelorette heard herself say.

At first Ashley made a weird face because her answered shocked him a bit but then he bend towards her and whispered into her ear: “Two more years and Isobel will be a teenager.” Lily Rose giggled as she realized what he meant with his statement.



The bachelorette took a deep breath before she said: “I’m glad you understand me. And to be honest, you’re the only one who knows that I hate children. But I think a teenager is okay. I haven’t talked to any since I have been a teen girl but I in my opinion that’s a age where you can talk to them like they are normal people.”

Ashley gazed at her and snorted in laughter. Lily Rose didn’t get why he was laughing so Ashley tried to explain his outburst: “It was too funny that you think children aren’t normal people. What are they, aliens?”

Now the bachelorette could understand his laughter and joined him. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know it would sound weird” she almost gasped after a long time of laughing. She wiped away the tear that had rolled down her cheek from laughing and smile at Ashley. “Unfortunately, I have to leave you know and have my one on one with Jason. But I will see you later and then we will sing a song together, promise?” she winked at him.



Lily Rose walked back to where she had left Jason behind. He was sun bathing a bit and didn’t notice her showing up again. Softly not to scare him Lily Rose touched his shoulder. He took off his sunglasses and smiled at her: “So it’s my turn.”

Together they tried to find a room similar to the one Ashley and Lily Rose had been in but they wanted a less dark one. On the same floor they found one that wasn’t black at all. “But that’s all pink! It hurts my eyes” Jason joked. So Lily Rose followed him downstairs and after a while they found a room that wasn’t all black.

“Well, at least the couches are purple. Just like Pega’s hair” Jason tried to make the bachelorette laugh. But instead she became uncomfortable. There was a reason why she had chosen the group date to be before the solo date because she was scared to talk with Pegasus about the last elimination. “His hair is lilac, not purple” she just said.



Of course Jason noticed the change in her mood and he wanted to make it up immediately. He moved closer to her and almost whispered: “I’m happy you have chosen a karaoke bar for our date. You know, I love music and you just have to sing a duet with me later.”

Lily Rose giggled, not only because of the duet she would have to sing with him later but because of how close their bodies were. She had been shyly avoiding eye contact with Jason but as she looked up their eyes met. His head was close to her face and she felt the urge to kiss him.



Jason could read in the bachelorette’s eyes that it was the perfect moment to kiss her. So he moved his head a bit closer to her face with every second that passed. The more time that passed the heavier his breath turned. Their noses were already touching but Jason delayed the kiss for some more time.

One blink before their lips touched Lily Rose sighed as if she was relieved Jason took the turn. The kiss didn’t last for long but it was passionate enough to make Lily Rose’s knees weak. With butterflies in her stomach she cuddled against his chest and sighed once again.

After a while of not saying anything Lily Rose turned a bit away from Jason but she could still feel the strong bond between them. “I’m sorry, Jason, but it’s time we return to Ashley” she whispered. The kiss had taken her breath away and she could barely speak.



As they almost tumbled out of the room Ashley was already for them on the biggest stage he had found in the whole bar. He had a big grin on his face as the door finally opened but it faded away as he saw the blush on Lily Rose’s face.

He cleared his throat and waved over to them: “Let’s come over and sing some karaoke songs, won’t we?” Jason and Lily Rose jumped onto the stage – the bachelorette had a lot of troubles to not expose her underwear in the act as her dress was a bit too short for that move – and Jason went straight over to the karaoke machine.

He took both microphones and handed one of them to Lily Rose. “Which song do you want to sing with me?” he asked her, completely ignoring Ashley. The two decided on a duet. Ashley was standing on the side of the stage and watched them perform the song. The bond between them couldn’t be unseen.



As Jason and Lily Rose finished the song Jason handed Ashley his microphone with a big grin on his face. Of course he remembered the words Ashley had said to him as they had arrived at the location. Knowing that he was the better singer, Jason felt self assured and enjoyed rubbing it into Ashley’s face.

Lily Rose had chosen a song already, once again a duet. The first line to sing was Ashley’s part. He was aware of him being a bad singer but he quickly had fun with Lily Rose. But as he looked over to Jason face palming his confidence fell down again. You’re such a great friend, Jason.



While the group date was going on, Pegasus spilled out his heart to Aiden. “You should be happy to have a solo date with Lily Rose. After all you’re here for her and you like her, don’t you?” Aiden asked his friend.

Pegasus sighed: “Of course I like her! It’s not her that scares me but the one thing we will have to talk about.” He made a sad face as he looked over to Aiden. Of course the blond man knew what he tried to point out. He wanted to help Pegasus on this problem but he couldn’t find a way to get him out of a tight spot.

“She will address it, won’t she?” Pegasus whispered. He knew the whole situation was his own fault but he didn’t regret anything. He had liked Gael, he still did. But his words at the elimination had broken his heart. Let’s hope for the best…




Dear readers,

One of the two dates announced is now over. But the one you’re all waiting for – I know that – will come soooooon 😉 Stay tuned!
Thank you all for reading and HAPPY EASTER 🙂


xoxo Sonschi


And once again, the bloopers:



What’s wrong with Ashley? He’s grumpy because he “needs to flirt” (Romantic Trait) but he had been flirting with Lily Rose only seconds before he got mad 😀



Oh, I didn’t know the current Easter challenge would turn existing sims into those green ones (forgot the name 😀 ). In case you don’t recognize him: Mortimer Goth.

The man in the back looks familiar. Can it be…?



Yes! It is Lyman Zest! How cute, he’s still alive ❤

[His lifespan was already blinking as he was still in the house.]



Jason and Lily Rose had a little private concert. If only her voice wouldn’t have sounded like someone ran over a cat…


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