The Bachelorette Challenge

Day 10: Results + POLL!


Lily Rose was standing there not saying a single word for some minutes. She avoided looking at the two candidates left without a rose. As she opened her mouth both held in their breath but the bachelorette only sighed.

The tension in the room was growing with every second but Lily Rose stayed silent. “Why doesn’t she announce it already?” someone back at the couch whispered.

“Pegasus” she finally said. His whole body turned stiff as he heard his name and once again he held his breath. Will I stay or will I leave? Lily Rose’s pokerface turned into a bright smile:” Do you want the last rose tonight?”

Pegasus sighed relieved and nodded. “Of course I want it” he almost squealed. As he recognized that it was Gael – his Gael – who had to leave he didn’t feel as happy as he should have. However he pushed away his sadness and took the rose.



Pegasus sat down at the couch smiling absent mindedly at his rose. He almost missed the upcoming conflict. “How dare you give him the rose and not me?!” Gael was yelling. Lily Rose didn’t know how to react and kept silent.

At the same time Gael went on with his complaining: “To be honest I didn’t come here for you. There are many girls out there way hotter than you who want me! I will be a famous DJ and you will regret not giving me that plum rose!”

He turned around and wanted to leave the house but then he stopped and mentioned with a mean grin on his face: “Oh, and by the way, I made out with Pegasus to get the audience’s attention. My new album will be sold out within seconds!”




Dear readers,

I hope you like this outcome! Turn in next time to see who will be on the next group date and solo date! And as always it’s you to decide.

To make it fair it’s like this:

  • Aiden won’t participate on any date as he already had the first solo date.
  • The one who gets the solo date won’t be allowed to go to the group date.
  • This means you only vote the one for the solo date. The other two left (excluded Aiden) will go to the group date.



It ends on 04/16/2017 at 6 pm (CET).


Thank you all for reading!


xoxo Sonschi


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