The Bachelorette Challenge

Day 10: Elimination #3


“Good morning, gentlemen! It’s awesome to see you all dressed up once again. But you know just like me that there’s a reason we’re dressed this fancy: The next elimination will be tonight. But before one of you will have to leave let’s have a great time together!” Lily Rose stated as all the candidates were sitting at the table with her.

This time no one was sure who might be the unlucky one who would have to pack his bags tonight and leave the house. The only one who felt safe was Aiden because he had a great time with Lily Rose on their solo date.



Almost everyone left the kitchen after the bachelorette’s greeting speech to mind their business. The only two left were the only lady in the house and Ashley. Of course this was on purpose as he wanted to be the first to talk to her before the elimination.

“I’ve thought about our speed date yesterday” he began as Lily Rose took the seat next to him so they didn’t have a huge distance between them. “I’m sorry if I’ve talked too much about Isobel. It’s just that she’s my baby and I love her like I never have loved anyone before.”

Please let’s not talk about her again. Lily Rose forced a smile on her face and said: “It’s okay. And to be honest, it was obvious that you’re proud of her.” She wanted to add her own opinion on kids but she couldn’t. Would he refuse my rose if I told him I can’t stand children?



Before she could think about it any longer Aiden came up to them and asked Ashley to let them have a one on one conversation. Ashley just nodded and walked away. What’s wrong with him? Aiden was a bit confused by his reaction but shrugged his shoulders and led all his attention on Lily Rose.

Their eyes met and fixed but they didn’t say a word for some time. The silence between them wasn’t awkward at all as they both enjoyed telling each other stories with their eyes only. But why didn’t he kiss me?

Aiden cleared his throat and began to talk: “I don’t want to sound selfish but I bet I will be safe tonight, won’t I?” Lily Rose only chuckled but didn’t answer. Besides his look she fell for his confidence that seemed to grow with every day he spent in the show.



Once again the conversation was interrupted. This time it was Jason who wanted to talk to the bachelorette in private. Lily Rose excused herself and disappeared with Jason. Aiden looked after her with a big smile on his face. Even though he didn’t receive an answer he could feel that she wouldn’t send him home tonight.



Jason led Lily Rose upstairs to their loft-like bedroom. As he sat down on the edge of one of the seven beds in the room he waved the bachelorette over to him and asked her to sit down beside him. But Lily Rose was too confused about the location he had chosen. What is going on here? Why does he want to sit on this bed with me when there are tons of locations we could have talked at beside a bed…

Anyhow, the bachelorette went over to Jason but didn’t sit down on the bed. For her it felt too awkward to sit on a bed with someone she still was about to get to know. “Why did you choose the bedroom?” she finally asked him.

Jason just shrugged his shoulder and said: “No one will think we would come up here to chat. I think that’s the most privacy you can get in this house.” His answer sent a shudder down her spine and Lily Rose was glad she wasn’t sitting next to him. Somehow that’s pretty creepy…

For some time they tried to start a conversation but every single sentence felt compelled. After a while the bachelorette recognized someone in the Jacuzzi and dismissed her to look who that was.



Already far away she could see that it was Pegasus. His lilac hair was shining in the sun and Lily Rose had a sudden smile on her lips. Before she went outside on the balcony to join him she stopped. Do I like him as a possible spouse or only as a friend? I think I should finally start finding it out…

“Oh Lily Rose, why do you ruin your styling by jumping in here?” Pegasus almost complained as the bachelorette took her seat next to him in the Jacuzzi. She was confused that he was more concerned because of her hair and less glad she joined him.

A bit miffed she answered: “My hair is easily styled. So no need to feel bad about them.” From his reaction she could see that he felt sorry and ashamed at the same time so she tried change the topic. Still, she needed to find out if he was only a friend for her but she didn’t know how to find out about it. Maybe I should take him on a solo date to find out?



After all, they had a nice conversation. As the sun was about to sink, Lily Rose went back inside to look for Gael. She hadn’t seen him since they had all been sitting around the dining table.

As she found him downstairs in the living room she greeted him with a bright smile on her face. Before she could start a conversation he began to talk: “Remember how I said yesterday that I wanted to name a song after you? Well, I will do it anyway. It was a bit mean to tell you and don’t do it after all.”

Why can’t he talk about something else than his music career? Why does he never ask anything about me? Is he only here to promote his stuff? Lily Rose had to hide the sad face her thoughts caused her. A bit down she left Gael behind without talking too much.



She went over to the bachelorette house and got ready for the elimination. About half of the time she invented in her outfit again she spent on her hair to show Pegasus they were still stunning after a bath in the Jacuzzi.

After all the styling was done she turned around and looked at the portraits of the five men left. It made her a bit sad that only one of the pictures made her smile today. Two others made her feel unsure but the last two made her feel uncomfortable. One of them has to go. And I know who it will be.



As Lily Rose walked down the stairs all the candidates were waiting for her. She smiled at all five but she knew that in a few minutes one of them would walk through the door behind them and never come back again.

The bachelorette took a deep breath and said: “Hello once again! The time has come where four of you will get a rose from me once again. As always I want to get over it as quick as possible so you won’t have to be nervous for too long.”

She paused and smiled at the first candidate who would be sure to stay some more days in the show. Giggling a bit like a teenage girl Lily Rose said: “Aiden, you already felt like getting a rose this morning. Do you want it?”



The way Aiden walked over to her made the bachelorette melt away. His confidence not only seemed to grow with every day but with every hour. As he was standing in front of her he stated with a flirty expression on his face: “Of course I take the first rose, Lily Rose.”

With the rose in his hand he bent forward to exchange some kisses on the cheek with the lady. Before he returned to the couch he hugged her and whispered something in her ear.

Her knees still felt like jelly as Lily Rose announced the next candidate to receive a rose: “Jason, I don’t know why we were at this weird location today but I still want to have you around me anyway.” She laughed at his face.



“I’m sorry, it won’t happen again. I didn’t think it through very well, I guess” he confessed and thankfully took the rose from the bachelorette. Just like the candidate before him he kissed Lily Rose on both cheeks before he went back to the other men.

“The third rose today is for you, Ashley. Do you want it or do you miss your daughter too much already?” Lily Rose asked the young man a bit frightened.



During walking up to her Ashley smiled and assured: “Don’t worry, I won’t leave you alone with them.” He pointed behind him and laughed. At the same time he hoped the others knew he didn’t mean to insult them as it was meant to be a joke.

Lily Rose handed the rose to him and he kissed her on both cheeks. As he hugged her Lily Rose’s face showed her emotions and she hoped the other candidates couldn’t read it too obviously. I like him but I don’t want to know his daughter…



With only one rose but two men left the bachelorette sighed and looked over at them. “Gael and Pegasus, would you please come forward?” she claimed. The two men’s reactions couldn’t be more different: Gael seemed to be angry at the bachelorette even though she didn’t know why and Pegasus looked as if he would start crying any moment.

“I’m sorry but only one of you will stay after tonight. The other one will have to leave the moment I eliminate them. You know only one of all candidates will win my heart at the end of the show so there will always be someone who has to leave. And remember, it’s nothing personal. I just don’t see a future together with you “ Lily Rose tried to explain her decision.




Dear readers,

I hope you liked the first – and bigger – part of the third elimination. The second part will follow in a few hours! And just to remind you, the table with the relationship points won’t be posted from now on. Also, the roses are handed out randomly so you don’t know the ranking. (Only the one to be eliminated is at the end all the time.)

Thank you all for reading!


xoxo Sonschi


And a blooper to make you smile:



I really don’t know why it’s always Pegasus creating all these bloopers. This time he jumped into the Jacuzzi with Lily Rose all naked. But after a few seconds he changed into his trunks.


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