The Bachelorette Challenge

Day 9: Speed Dating #2


Another day began and Lily Rose was even more nervous than during the last elimination. She had planned to ask a question she had to ask but it scared her a lot. Before she walked over to the guys she took a deep breath. I would do anything for a shot now…

Jason was already waiting for her and smiled as the bachelorette took her seat beside him. “You look great today” he complimented her. After Lily Rose had thanked him she paused. She knew that her question could be quite shocking for some people but she finally asked it anyway: “You know, today we’re having speed dates again and I will only ask you one question. Do you want to have children of your own?”

Jason looked at his shoes and laughed a bit. “Well, I haven’t really thought about it yet because I have been focusing on my music. But if I had to spontaneously answer your question I’d say I’m open for it. If I’ll be a father or not, both would work for me, I guess” he smirked at the bachelorette after he finished his answer.



Lily Rose felt like telling Jason about her hatred against children but somehow her mouth stayed closed. Instead she thanked him and sent him away to make place for the next candidate.

As soon as Aiden sat down the atmosphere seemed to sparkle. “Hey” he almost whispered. “Yesterday was beautiful and I missed you in my dreams.” Usually, Lily Rose would be disgusted by that much romantic but whit Aiden it felt cute.

“Aw, thank you! That day was really special for me as well. But let’s get back to the present now. Do you want to have children one day?” she asked him shyly. Please say no, please say no, …

Aiden starred at the same spot for a few minutes and didn’t say a single word. He seemed absent and with every second passing the bachelorette became more and more anxious about his answer. Finally he opened up his mouth: “Honestly, I can’t imagine handling kids. But I wouldn’t tell my wife or girlfriend to send it to heaven, if you know what I mean.”

As the last word had left his mouth the bachelorette exhaled the air she was holding in for some time. “I’m glad you feel the same” she whispered and smothered his hand before he left to send the next guy over to her.



As Ashley appeared on the patio Lily Rose got a strange feeling in her stomach. As she remembered why she wasn’t sure how to perform her question the right way. “Well, I know you already have a daughter” she began but paused again.

Ashley smiled like the proud father he was: “Yes, my little Belle. I really miss her. I’m sure you would love her!” Hearing that the bachelorette tried to smile and hoped it wouldn’t turn out to be a scary grimace. Instead of asking her question she decided to ask him about his daughter.

Of course Ashley had to tell a lot about Belle and Lily Rose tried to follow all of his words without fainting of boredom. If he starts a story about how she pooped into the toilet for the first time I’ll push him of the balcony…



Not only did it seem to Lily Rose that Ashley had already been talking about his family for hours but the time had also passed. Pegasus’ head showed up at the door and he asked: “I thought that’s a speed date. Why are you still talking?”

A bit confused that the time had been flying Ashley apologized and excused himself before he left Pegasus and Lily Rose alone. “Thank you, Pegasus. You just saved me. Ashley is a great man but I can’t hear another story about Bonnie. Or however his daughter’s name is” the woman rolled her eyes laughing.

“So the question has something to do with our family, am I right?” Pegasus asked. But Lily Rose shook her head: “Not exactly about your family but something similar. I want to know from you if you want to have kids of your own one day.”

After a long but almost silent sigh he stated: “Well, a man can’t have a child if there’s no woman or a woman who wants to have one as well. It would be nice to have a little mini me crawling around the house but if you aren’t able to bear babies I’m fine with adoption.”

Wrinkling her nose, Lily Rose thought about what Pegasus had just said to her. She sighed as she realized that he couldn’t imagine his future without children. It’s getting more and more that proves we just don’t fit together…



Last but not least Gael showed up. As he passed by his ex-lover, Pegasus felt a shudder running down his spine. But as he had decided to fight for Lily Rose’s heart he tried to hide his feelings. However, Gael’s emotionless look he had thrown at Pegasus almost killed him inside.

“Hey Mr. Graphitee! You look great today!” Lily Rose greeted the last candidate for that day. Gael sat down and smirked at the bachelorette: “Good day, beautiful. I was a bit disappointed that you didn’t invite me for yesterday’s solo date. I had actually thought about naming one the songs for my new album after you.”

Lily Rose was flattered and confused at the same time. Once again Gael only talked about his music and his career when she tried to start a conversation with him. He seems to be very passionate about it.

Just like all the others before him, Gael heard the bachelorette’s question. Instead of answering he just laughed. A few minutes later he was serious again and said: “Well, I’m too young to think about founding a family yet. I want to focus on my career as a DJ and maybe in ten or fifteen years I might start thinking about it.”



Even though this day was pretty long and some of the answers had scared Lily Rose a bit she was happy that she finally asked the most important question for her. She had never liked children and being with a man who wants to have his own family with her made the bachelorette feel sick.

But there was one problem left: Ashley already had a daughter but Lily Rose really liked him. Maybe I wouldn’t have to see her that often and maybe he even doesn’t want any more kids. Lily Rose sighed and went over to her bedroom.




Dear readers,

Sorry once again that I made you wait so long for this chapter! I hope you enjoyed it anyway!

Thank you all for reading!


xoxo Sonschi


And don’t forget, a blooper:



I really don’t know what happened here. Gael just sat down, they didn’t say a word but made these grumpy faces at each other. I only know this from Sims with good/evil trait but they don’t have them.


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