The Bachelorette Challenge

Day 8: Solo Date #1


Good morning, my dear gentlemen!” Lily Rose’s voice came from the TV. As the first ones in the men’s house had woken up they heard the door bell ring. They had gone downstairs and had found a DVD in front of the entrance.

As soon as all five remaining candidates had found their place in the living room they had turned on the DVD. It turned out to be a message from the bachelorette.

“We have already reached day number eight and it’s high time to have the first solo date! I have thought about it for a very long time and my decision fell on Aiden. Be ready to be picked up and brought to our dating location! I can’t wait to see you and everyone else, have fun today! Kisses and bye!” Lily Rose said before the video stopped.



Aiden immediately walked upstairs to get ready for his date. He was excited to be the first one to have a solo date with the bachelorette. All the other candidates went away from the living room as well except for Gael and Pegasus.

Pegasus sighed as he looked over to his friend. After a while he mentioned: “You do know that I like you. A lot. Even more than just a friend. But… “ He didn’t finish his sentence but looked at his feet.

Gael knew what was going on inside of his friends because he felt exactly the same. “You don’t need to say anything about it. I can refer to it more than you think. Let’s just try to be friends only” Gael claimed and walked away.



Down at the Dust Bowl [a Maxis creation] Lily Rose was already awaiting Aiden as his cab drove up. He got out of the car and walked over to her with a big smile on his face: “I can’t believe you chose me to be your first one on one!”

Reaching her he threw his arms around her and hugged her tightly. “Hey Aiden, I’m happy to see you here. Maybe you can already guess what we will be doing here in a few seconds?” Lily Rose winked at him.



Of course Aiden knew. The big sign above the building had told him about their actions this day as soon as he could see it from the car. He was excited to go bowling with the bachelorette.

“I have never tried this before. May you help me?” Lily Rose asked her date innocently. Of course Aiden agreed and explained how she had to hold the bowl and how to throw it. After a few rounds only for practice they started a little match.

At first Aiden thought it would be kind to let her win as it would make her happy but soon he realized that Lily Rose was a talented bowling queen. At the end she even won but Aiden wasn’t far behind with his points.



After the match they found a silent place where they could be on their own and sat down on a bright orange couch. “How come you chose me?” Aiden asked curiously. Lily Rose shrugged her shoulders before she answered: “I really can’t say why. Maybe it’s the country boy flair or maybe your freckles. I didn’t even know I like freckles but I would miss them if you hadn’t yours.”



They talked for hours but it only felt like seconds. Aiden had a lot of fun with Lily Rose and in her eyes he could read that she did enjoy the time with him as well. Is it too early to start hitting on her? I really want to hold her closer.

Before he found the guts to pull her closer Lily Rose bend forward and whispered something into Aiden’s ear. From time to time she had to interrupt herself because her own words made her giggle. At the same time Aiden felt like his head was turning redder and redder with every sentence the bachelorette said.



After finishing her little speech into his ear Lily Rose didn’t return to her old place but stayed close to the country boy. She felt the urge to kiss him but she knew it would be too early. Also, I want him to make the first step. I want to be conquered by a man and not the other way around.

The couple didn’t say a word anymore but kept eye contact. The silence between them didn’t feel awkward at all. There was something in the air that made them feel a bit dizzy. Look at those eyes. And those bright red lips. I really want to kiss them. Should I?



At the end of the day the two left the Dust Bowl and had to separate at the door. “Thank you a lot for this beautiful day, Aiden. I enjoyed every second of it. I hope to see you soon” Lily Rose whispered as Aiden pulled her into a tight hug before he had to let her go.

Still, he wasn’t sure if they were ready for the first kiss already. This situation would be perfect. Should I kiss her now? He had never been a coward but somehow his body refused to start the moves necessary to kiss the girl in his arms.



Back at the house someone was already waiting for him. “So, how was your date?” Pegasus asked the blonde guy. Aiden had a confident smile on his face as he looked at the lilac haired man sitting next to him. “It was perfect” he only answered.

His answer made Pegasus a bit insecure and a bit shyly he asked again: “So, did you kiss her?” Aiden didn’t answer right away because he still thought about the two occasions where he had got the chance to kiss Lily Rose. After a long pause he shook his head.

“Anyway, what have I missed today?” Aiden tried to change the topic. Without an answer he could see in Pegasus’ eyes that there was a burden on his shoulders. “Spit it out, dude” he offered to free his soul. “I broke up with Gael. Kind of. We didn’t date. You know” Pegasus stuttered.




Dear readers,

I’m so sorry that I made you wait for this chapter for this long! I hope you can forgive me! Also, I hope you liked the first one on one date with the bachelorette. The next chapter will be the second speed date! Tune in next time.

Thank you all for reading!


xoxo Sonschi


And as always, here are two bloopers:



The return of the bee! [Bad picture, I know.]



During the date a kid appeared and as you might already know Lily Rose hates children. Only the presence of this little boy made her angry as plum.


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