The Bachelorette Challenge

Day 7: Results


“Devin, I really like you and the time flies whenever we talk” Lily Rose finally said to one of the two contestants left for the final rose. As she looked over to Pegasus she said: “But I also like you, Pegasus. You’re special in your very own way and even though you’re not the least like I always thought my future spouse would be like I can’t help but enjoy your company.”

Lily Rose was rolling the last rose between her fingers. It was only the second elimination during the show and she knew it would get harder the lesser men would be left. But her throat felt sore as she wanted to announce the one who had to leave tonight.

“Pegasus” she finally said. Pegasus shyly smiled at her and couldn’t wait for her to go on with the sentence she was about to tell him. Their eyes met and Lily Rose revealed: “this rose is for you. Do you want it?”

Pegasus cheered and of course took the rose. He was too excited to speak so he only gave the bachelorette a long and warm hug. Devin on the other side wasn’t pleased with the outcome of the elimination night.



Pegasus hadn’t even returned to his seat yet as Devin complained: “You told me you like me! You said it was only a coincidence that I’ve never been to a date with you. You lied to my face, didn’t you?”

Everyone in the room was shocked and surprised about Devin’s little outbreak. The other candidates almost held their breath while they were waiting for Lily Rose’s answer.

But the bachelorette only blinked confused and couldn’t find the correct words. As Devin turned around and wanted to leave she finally said: “I like you but there would have never been more than friendship between us.”



Devin had been on his way to the front door as he received Lily Rose’s words. He stopped and listened to them. But as she finished her poor explanation he only grunted and walked out of the door. He knew that his reaction was a bit over the top but he couldn’t help but be angry at that moment.




Dear readers,

This is the outcome of the latest elimination. Thank you a lot, Skcaga6, for creating Devin for the challenge.


The next chapter will be the very first solo date! And as promised you are allowed to vote who will be the chosen one! POLL♥

The poll will end on Sunday, 04/02/2017 at 4 p.m. CET.


Thank you all for reading!


xoxo Sonschi



And of course the table to show you the relationship points. As you can see Jason has already romantic points. Maybe you know that the first two romantic interactions don’t produce a romantic bar. I did one romantic interaction with Jason for the picture. And then I left them alone on free will. I guess they flirted on their own then.


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