The Bachelorette Challenge

Day 7: Elimination #2


The new day brought the next elimination night. At around noon the candidates assembled in the bachelorette house and waited for her to join them. Just like the last time all of them were nervous because they didn’t know the bachelorette enough yet to be able to tell who she would eliminate next.

Finally, Lily Rose came down the stairs and walked to her place in front of the men. She smiled at them as she greeted them. “You all know today is the second elimination night. The process is like the first one: we spend the day together and I’ll try to speak to all of you in private. Afterwards I’ll withdraw and think about my decision before I’ll hand the roses to five of you. Let’s have fun today!” she ended her little speech.



As Devin was the only one of the guys in the house who never had a date with Lily Rose he asked her right after her words to the candidates for a one on one conversation. Lily Rose was glad he asked her and together they went to a quiet little place around the house.

Devin had been wondering for some time we he hadn’t had a date yet so he took a deep breath and asked her about it. After his answer he tried to read from Lily Rose’s expression what she was thinking but she had a poker face on.

“The decision on who gets a date with me is random at the beginning of the show. I didn’t realize I haven’t invited you yet. It’s maybe because our conversations here are always so intense it makes me feel like we had a date” Lily Rose laughed.

Devin was relieved for some part but he still had doubts about his stay in the house. He shooed away this thought and used the time to talk to Lily Rose without complaining any more. They talked about his family, especially about his grandmother and aunt who had passed away long ago.



“I bet he’s doing just fine” Devin said as Ashley appeared next to them. Ashley winked at Lily Rose and asked Devin: “Would you mind if I stole this beauty from your side?”

Devin rubbed his faces and acted as if he was thinking about his answer before he laughed. “I’m not happy about it but that’s how this show works” he laughed at Ashley. He looked back at the bachelorette and said: “talking to you always makes me feel great. Thank you a lot and we’ll see us later again!”

As Lily Rose got up from the bench, Ashley took her hand and led her away from Devin. He looked over his shoulder and smiled at the bachelorette. Deep inside him he could feel a strong bond forming.



Luckily, both wore their swim wear underneath their clothes. They undressed and sat down at the edge of the pool. Looking over the sun reflecting water Ashley said: “We have a wonderful pool here but I haven’t been in there once yet.”

As he looked back he almost blushed because he had to fight the urge to check out Lily Rose from the tip of her toes up to her head. She’s amazing. I hope I get the chance to get to know her better. To get his mind of her body he asked her: “Do you want to have a family when you find the right partner?”

Ashley didn’t know that he found a secret Lily Rose didn’t like to talk about too much. The bachelorette kept silent for some minutes and also avoided eye contact.



At the same time Jason tried to talk to Gael about what he had seen on the group date. He felt uncomfortable confronting another candidate on such a topic but deep inside of him he knew he just had to do it.

“Gael, for a word, please?” he said as he passed by the DJ. Gael was confused but nodded and followed Jason. As they found a place far away from everyone else in the house so no one could eavesdrop on them Jason began: “I don’t want to cause any drama but I saw Pegasus and you kissing yesterday. I don’t mind that you’re two guys but it really bothers me because we’re all here for the bachelorette.”

Before Jason could go on with the words he had prepared before Gael interrupted him: “Sorry, dude, but I’m personally here to find love or whatever. And just because the one I’m falling for Lil doesn’t mean I’m wrong here. How about you mind your own business?”

Gael left Jason standing there with an open mouth. Jason shook his head and decided to not talk to Gael again as he didn’t like his attitude at all. However, he hadn’t seen Lily Rose for a while so he went looking for her. Maybe I’ll tell her about them. But I hate being a tattletale…



After a long pause Lily Rose answered Ashley’s question quietly: “I don’t want to have kids at all.” At first Ashley was too confused to say anything. In the next second a shadow fell on him and he looked behind him.

Jason was standing behind them and smiled at Lily Rose. “Would you like to jump into the Jacuzzi with me?” he asked her with a grin on his face. Ashley only listened with one ear as he still couldn’t believe what the bachelorette had just confessed to him.



Lily Rose was glad Jason asked her. On the one hand she really loved to relax in the Jacuzzi and on the other hand she needed to get away from Ashley. She liked him but she also knew that he didn’t like her answer.

“Do you even know that you look smoking hot with your sun glasses on?” she flirted with Jason. She needed this to feel better after the conversation with Ashley.

Her compliment boosted Jason’s self-confidence and he replied with a sexy smile on his lips: “You don’t even need to wear anything to look smoking hot.” Right after the last word had left his mouth he realized what he just said.

The two of them looked at each other confused before they burst out laughing. “I’m so sorry, Lily Rose! I meant to say you look great all the time” Jason tried to explain his weird compliment. Lily Rose assured him that she knew what he meant.



At the same time Gael and Pegasus were having a discussion inside the house. “I really like you but I don’t want to hurt Lily Rose’s feelings. I mean we’re both here for her” Pegasus said frustrated. Gael sighed and replied: “This show is about finding love. Just because we found it without the bachelorette doesn’t mean we’re doing something wrong.”

Pegasus was torn inside. On the one hand he really wanted to work on whatever this was between him and Gael. But on the other side he wasn’t happy at all with the outcome of their little flirt. Aiden had already warned him about telling Lily Rose and now Jason had confronted Gael as well.

As Pegasus didn’t reply to his words Gael added: “I really enjoy hanging out with you. Why should this be wrong?” Pegasus just shook his head. Gael was looking at him and his bright eyes made him finally answer: “We’re only friends with a little flirt. We had a lot of fun but we should stop before it escalates. Okay, buddy?”



Back outside at the pool Aiden had stolen the bachelorette away from Jason. He was a bit jealous to see her and Jason have such a great time. He decided to have an even better time with her.

“Your tattoos are stunning” Lily Rose complimented him as they sat down at the edge of the pool. Aiden grinned and thanked her: “I’m glad you like them. Do you have any tattoos?” Lily Rose shook her head. “I’m too afraid of the pain. That’s why I admire everyone who has one or more! It makes you look brave. I like that” she winked at him.

As she asked him about the meaning of his tattoos he told her about his comics. “I would have never thought you would be a geek! You don’t look nerdy at all!” Lily Rose exclaimed. “But somehow this makes you even cuter” she added with a smile. They talked about his favorite comics for a while until Lily Rose was feeling chilly because the sun was already setting.



Lily Rose went back inside to change into something warmer as she saw Pegasus and Gael arguing on the couch. She decided to stay in her swim wear and walked over to them.

“Do you mind if I join you?” she asked them as she sat down in the middle of them. Both nodded but avoided eye contact. What’s going on here? Lily Rose was getting more and more suspect because of those two. She couldn’t help but her inner voice told her there was something going on between them.

“We were just discussing about his hair. I say they are pink but he says they are lilac” Gael said with an innocent expression on his face. Lily Rose laughed and said: “Come on, Gael! Pegasus’ hair are lilac. Isn’t that obvious?”



“I know! I mean, look at them! There’s not the slightest shade of pink” Pegasus claimed running his hands through his curls. As she looked over to him Lily Rose noticed something different. His lips aren’t swollen. Maybe he finally stopped using lip gloss.

The following hour the three spent discussing the different shades of any colors. Pegasus and Lily Rose shared the same opinion most of the time. Why does it feel like he’s my gay best friend? Lily Rose couldn’t help herself but the more she knew about him, Pegasus was slowly changing into a girl in her mind.



After her conversation with Gael and Pegasus Lily Rose excused herself and walked into her private rooms to think about the elimination. Looking at the candidates’ pictures she instantly knew who she wanted to stay in the house. But with some guys she didn’t know what to feel or think.

The bachelorette decided to get ready for the elimination. Maybe I will know who will have to leave while I do my makeup. But after she was finished with her outfit she hadn’t found an answer yet. Frustrated she sighed and laid her head on the table.



Half an hour later she had finally come to a decision. She took the five roses and went downstairs where all six candidates were already awaiting her. Knowing that only five of them would be left tomorrow made her feel sad.

“Dear gentlemen, the hardest part of this show has reached once again. Just like during the first elimination night I want to get past this as soon as possible. The decision on who will have to leave the show is getting harder with every elimination” Lily Rose explained.

Without any more words she took the first rose and smiled at it. She avoided eye contact with the candidates so they wouldn’t know who would be the first to get his rose. “Aiden, would you come forward, please?” she asked as she looked up.



As Aiden was standing in front of her he hoped that she would give him the rose. What if she wants to speed this whole thing up and kick me out and tell everyone else they have a rose? Aiden had to smile so his lips stopped quivering.

Lily Rose smiled at him as she said: “This rose is for you. Do you want it?” Aiden sighed relieved and grabbed the rose. “Of course I want it. Thank you a lot, Lily Rose” he said and hugged her.

As soon as he sat down again Lily Rose looked at the next rose saying: “The next one is for someone I’m not even sure if he wants it anymore.” She took a deep breath and went on: “Ashley, do you still take it?”



Ashley walked up to her but he had a poker face on. As he stopped in front of the bachelorette he waited a minute before he answered: “Yes, I want this rose.” Finally he smiled and Lily Rose pulled him into a hug.

“Please, never do this to me again” she whispered into his ear. He nodded and returned to his place. As Lily Rose rolled the third rose between her fingers she had to grin. “This rose is for the man who said he wants to see me naked” she interrupted herself because she had to laugh.



The bachelorette didn’t have to say his name because Jason already knew she was talking about him. He walked up to her and had to fight the urge to burst out laughing again.

“You know what I actually tried to say” he winked at her. Lily Rose cleared her throat and asked him: “Do you want this rose, Jason?” He nodded and hugged her even before she could hand the flower to him.

After he had was back at his place Lily Rose was looking at the few guys left without a rose. Only two roses were left and she could see in their eyes how nervous they were. “Gael” she only said.



The DJ sighed relieved and went over to her. Lily Rose reached out the rose to him and smiled asking: “Do you take this rose?” Gael nodded and hugged her like everyone else.

Lily Rose could see the sadness in his eyes but didn’t know where it came from. Is he sad that he didn’t get the first rose? Or is there something else going on I don’t know about?



The bachelorette shooed away this thought and asked the last two candidates to come up to her. Devin and Pegasus couldn’t show more different emotions as they were standing in front of her.

Pegasus made a sad face. He was scared that he would have to leave this house. He didn’t want to leave before everyone knew that he really was here for Lily Rose.

Devin had to fight back the anger growing inside of him. After his conversation with Lily Rose a few hours earlier he thought she liked him but now he was one of the two last guys left for the final rose. Did she lie into his face?




Dear readers,

Finally I had the time to work on this chapter I have promised to publish way earlier. Please forgive me! I hope you like it. Tune in next time to find out who will have to leave this time.


Thank you all for reading!


Xoxo Sonschi


And once again, some bloopers for you!



A few minutes before Lily Rose came downstairs to tell the plans for today Pegasus was still in his PJs. He seemed to be the only one who hadn’t noticed it. ^^



Once again Pegasus and Gael flirted on free will and the pose started. And once again Aiden watched them. *cough* creep *cough*

Also, Pegasus head must hurt! xD


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