The Bachelorette Challenge

Day 6: Group Date #2


On the next morning while the candidates were having breakfast one of them found a letter in the mail: “It’s a message from Lily Rose!” They decided to finish their meals and afterwards someone would read the letter out loud to everyone else.

The guys were excited as Gael took the letter and started reading out its sentences:


Dear gentlemen,


For today I have planned a relaxing and cool group date. But unfortunately not all of you are invited.

Jason, Gael, Pegasus, and Aiden. I hope you’re just as excited as me to have a date!

Get ready as quick as possible because your driver is already waiting for you! Also, you will need your swimming wear. Any further information can be found in the cab!


See you later,

Lily Rose



As the four candidates arrived at the location they immediately changed into their swim trunks. As they walked over to the spot they were asked to in their second letter in the cab they saw Lily Rose already waiting for them.

She smiled at them as they sat down. “Good morning, my dears! Isn’t this location just beautiful? Anyway, you already heard the plan for today but I will tell you again just in case. Now you have about ten minutes to look for a spot in this location you think is beautiful to have a one on one conversation with me. I will come up to you then” she explained before she disappeared with a wink.


[The location can be found on the gallery. It’s called “Mitad de la Nada” by TortuArt.]



Gael had chosen the little pool right next to the sitting area where they had met the bachelorette a few minutes ago. The water looked nice and he thought this would be a perfect spot. Also, it would grant him to be the first one.

Hence, Lily Rose walked back into the location and immediately saw him and sat down beside the candidate. “Oh, simple but very nice place you chose there” she complicated him. Gael smiled at her: “I thought you would like it because I know what woman want.”

He winked at her while he was waiting for her to start a real conversation. As she didn’t say anything he began: “I love any kind of water. I grew up near the beach and went swimming in the sea almost every day of my life. Of course not the whole day as I have to work and also make my music.”

“I love the beach!” Lily Rose exclaimed. “My biggest dream as a little girl was living next to the beach. I can’t believe you were living my dream.” She laughed and he joined her.

After what felt like seconds Lily Rose excused her: “I would love to talk to you for the whole day but you know there are other candidates as well. I’ll try to find Aiden. I think I saw him sitting outside. See you later!” She waved at him and walked away.



Lily Rose did find Aiden outside and sat down on the camping chair beside him. “Why did you choose this place?” she asked him curiously. Aiden chuckled before he answered: “This spot reminded of my home town. As a teenager my friends and I always threw some stuff in our truck and drove to the lake near town. We always brought this kind of chairs and also a cooling box. I thought I could show you how my life feels like.”

They were having a deep conversation about their different lifestyles as Lily Rose heard a weird sound. “Did you hear that?” she interrupted Aiden in the middle of his sentence. He listened and shook his head: “No, what do you mean?”

If that comes from Pegasus and Gael I’m gonna kick some ass today! Aiden didn’t know what the sound was but he had a feeling it wasn’t what Lily Rose would want to see. So he tried to catch her attention with a anecdote about his teenage life.

The bachelorette sighed: “I’m sorry but I’ll have to leave you for today. Every story you tell me makes me feel like I was part of it. I love it! I hope to hear more of them soon!” Aiden smiled after her as she walked away. Suddenly he remembered the sound and hoped – almost prayed – they had stopped already.



Right after the bachelorette had left Pegasus came out of the spot where he had been hiding. “I couldn’t resist it any longer! I need to be by your side” he walked over to Gael, took his hand and walked him to the two-seater. As they sank down on the couch they shared a passionate kiss.

What they didn’t know, Pegasus hadn’t been the only one hiding near the bachelorette. Jason had been upstairs eavesdropping on their conversation. As Lily Rose had left he wanted to go down and find the perfect spot. But instead he ran into Gael and Pegasus kissing.



Pegasus was sitting outside on a romantic chair smiling at the bachelorette. “Nice swim trunks, Pegasus” Lily Rose greeted him. She sat down beside him and of course she noticed his fuller lips again. Why the plum is he wearing that lip gloss again? I’m looking for a man, not a woman…

The bachelorette tried to hide her frustration and started a conversation: “Do you have any brothers or sisters? I was wondering in case you have any if they are as extravagant as you are.”

Pegasus found it hard to concentrate on Lily Rose’s words. He really liked her as a person but he had the feeling that someone else in the house was stealing his heart. Still, he tried his best to not disappoint her. “Yes, I have a brother called Draco and a sister called Cassiopeia. They are special in their very own ways” Pegasus started his story.

After a long talk about his family Lily Rose had to leave him like the two candidates before him. “I will see you tomorrow at the elimination, right?” she winked at him before she went on the search for Jason.



It took her a bit longer to find him as she didn’t think of the upper floor. As she found him he was sitting at a bar and she could tell that Jason had already had some drinks. He looks cute when he’s tipsy.

What Lily Rose didn’t know was that Jason had a reason why he had drunken all this alcohol. Now he knew that the one scene he had seen some days before was exactly what he assumed it to be. Also, he wasn’t sure if he should tell the bachelorette about it. He didn’t want to be the tattletale but at the same time he didn’t want her feelings to be hurt.

“Excuse my condition. I think my place is a bit too well hidden as it took you the longest to find me” he laughed. “I was bored and couldn’t resist the temptation to order a drink. And I guess I tried to drown my jumpiness.”

Lily Rose assured him that she didn’t mind it. After all she liked it. They had a long conversation about why Jason was nervous to talk to her. “Do you have a crush on me?” the bachelorette joked. Jason told her that he still was a bit unconfident after all that had happened during his teenage years. “But it already turned way better. I’m a man now and I won’t let something like this ever happen again” he swore.



While Lily Rose was talking to Jason, Aiden confronted Gael and Pegasus. His guess where the sound was coming from was confirmed as he saw them making out again. Furiously he ran over to them and started yelling: “What the plum are you two doing here?! We’re here for Lily Rose and not to find love among the other candidates! That’s just so wrong on too many levels! If you prefer each other over the bachelorette then tell her! Or do you want to hurt her feelings?!”




Dear readers,


This is the end of the second group date. I hope you liked it! Tune in next time for the second elimination!


xoxo Sonschi


If you can’t for the next chapter, here are the bloopers! Have fun.


bl13“Your hair is pink!” – “It’s lilac…”


bl14Why on earth is Mortimer Goth swimming in the grass? And also, why do Gael and Pegasus use one of the poses I’ve downloaded without me telling them to?


Back at home I let the complete household on free will. Thanks to Aiden, as he tried to burn down the house (or at least the barbecue).

“You look different.” – “F*** off, Gael.”


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