The Bachelorette Challenge

Day 5: House Party


The morning after the first elimination night started with a hot discussion. “Really guys, what do you think about Pegasus? I don’t understand him” Aiden claimed during the breakfast. Only four of the six candidates were sitting at the dining table. Gael and Pegasus were still upstairs.

Devin was confused: “What do you mean? Is it because of his hair color?” Jason kept silent even though he really felt the urge to tell the other men what he had seen the day before. Still, he wasn’t sure if it was exactly what he thought. I don’t want to spread any rumors.

Ashley was sunken into his thoughts but suddenly he said: “I understand you, Aiden. There’s something about him that makes me skeptical. But in my opinion Gael is the real problem. I’m not sure if he’s really here for Lily Rose.”



At the same time one floor above the four candidates Pegasus and Gael had finally crawled out of bed. “Good morning, my dear” Pegasus purred as he gave Gael a tight hug. Gael secretly took a deep breath during their hug. He smells like heaven. I could smell it 24/7.

As they let go he said quietly: “I think we should hurry up and get downstairs to the other guys before they sense something.” Pegasus sighed because he wanted to spend some more time alone with his friend. But after a short moment he went to the bathroom.



A few hours later the house party Lily Rose had announced the day before started. They were on the roof-deck again as it was the perfect spot for a little party. The bachelorette was already waiting for her candidates at the bar.

Jason went over to her and sat down. “Hey beauty, may I guess your favorite drink?” he asked her. Lily Rose chuckled and agreed. She wasn’t picky when it came to alcohol so she knew whatever he picked for her she would like it.

As they got their drinks they cheered at each other before they tried them. “Yum! What’s the name of this cocktail?” Lily Rose asked him. Jason smiled and answered: “It doesn’t have a name yet. I accidentally created it once on a party my older brother took me to. I was a bit too drunk to read the labels on the bottles and just mixed some beverages together and that’s how this drink came to life.” He still felt like talking about what he had seen but he fought down the urge to do so.


[Well, he acutally picked a drink with plasma fruit and she felt sick for the whole party. Come on, Jason!]



While the party was going on Pegasus and Gael disappeared behind the blinds. As they disappeared from the sight of the others Gael pulled his friend close to him and kissed him passionately.

As their lips parted he said out of breath: “I couldn’t help but kiss you. The way you danced made me go crazy for you.” Pegasus didn’t answer but snuggled up to him. He had never thought to find someone on this show he would fall for.



As they returned to the party people they didn’t know that their smooching had been recognized by some of the other candidates. “Hey Pegasus! Why are your lips swollen?” Aiden asked him as he passed by him.

Lily Rose was standing behind them and heard every word. She didn’t say anything but she was curious about Pegasus’ answer. Even though she hadn’t seen anything from the scene behind the blinds she was skeptical about his swollen lips as well.

“Oh I’m glad you’re asking! I have this lip gloss that makes your lips look fuller and it doesn’t add any color! It’s perfect for a man like me. If you want you can borrow it” he winked at him as he walked over to the stereo.



Lily Rose followed him and took his hand. She led him over to the sitting area and they sat down. She was confused but didn’t know how to tackle the situation. “So, you use lip gloss?” she finally asked him.

Pegasus smiled and nodded. “Yes I do. But only this one as I want fuller lips but I really hate plastic surgery. I want my lips to look great but natural and they shouldn’t look like a rubber boat” he laughed.

Lily Rose tried to smile but the worries could be read from her eyes. He’s pretty feminine. But I kind of like him. I really don’t know how to feel about him… She asked him some more questions about makeup, fashion and styling to find out if it’s only this lip gloss or if he has a bigger feminine side as she wanted him to have.



After their conversation Lily Rose returned back to the other men. Aiden dancing in front of the stereo caught her eye and she remembered him mentioning Pegasus’ swollen lips. She walked up to him and asked him how he recognized it.

Aiden avoided eye contact with the bachelorette and she immediately knew there had been something she hadn’t noticed. “Please, Aiden, tell me what you know!” she almost begged him. The worries were written into her face and Lily Rose didn’t even try to hide them.

Aiden sighed and said: “I haven’t seen anything. I just have an odd feeling when it comes to Pegasus. I don’t know why but I don’t trust him. But I neither want to spread any rumors nor do I want to manipulate your opinion about him. I haven’t seen you standing behind me as I commented on his lips. I just wanted to tease him a bit.”

Lily Rose was relieved. She inhaled some fresh air and started a conversation with Aiden. Her question about how his daily life on the country side looked like made him chuckle but he described it nevertheless.



Gael had watched Lily Rose talking to Pegasus and then Aiden. Why does she always choose other guys before me? Why does she never come up to me first? I mean I am me! He was a bit angry at her so he went over to Lily Rose and Aiden still talking.

“Dou you excuse me?” he asked Aiden and took the bachelorette’s hand to walk her over to the sitting area. He sat down in the chair and made her stand. He didn’t care about him being rude as he was angry about her.

“You know what I really don’t get? I always thought you’re totally into me. I mean of course you are. I’m a DJ! But still you always prefer to talk to the other candidates first. Do you play with me or what?” he said straight to her face.

At first Lily Rose was overrun by his complaint but then she turned angry as well. Shortly after she sighed and explained: “I don’t prefer the others over you. I try to speak to everyone at every event we’re having but you always seem to disappear until the end. And anyways, the best comes last, remember?”

She winked at him and Gael was convinced. He apologized and he told her about his plans for his career. “I’m working on an album but I want it to be perfect. I started like years ago and I’m not even close to finishing it soon. But I bet you will like it as soon as it’s done!” he complimented his own work.



During their conversation – or better during Gael’s monologue – Lily Rose smelled an interesting scent in the air. “Excuse me but I really want to know what this is” she said as she interrupted Gael before she disappeared.

As she saw Devin using the bubble maker she sat down beside him and asked him what flavor he had added. “Oh that’s cherry mixed with vanilla. I’ve never had it before so I thought let’s try it” he smiled at her. “Do you like it?”

Lily Rose nodded and took another hose to blow some bubbles. “It really tastes great. I didn’t even know this mix does exist” she laughed at Devin. During their conversation she remembered that she had kicked out his grandfather and felt sorry for him.

“How do you feel that your grandfather had to leave yesterday?” she asked him a bit shy. Devin became silent for a while but as he looked at the bachelorette again he had a smile on his face: “Well, at first I felt bad that he had to leave because of me but his words made everything better again.”



Lily Rose had a long talk with Devin about his huge family. Even though there was always action around their home he didn’t want to miss anyone. Before Devin could talk about a future family he wanted to have Lily Rose excused her. She hadn’t talked to Ashley this day and looked around but couldn’t find him anywhere.

“Ashley?” she screamed. “I’m here in the Jacuzzi!” she heard a voice coming from downstairs. She smiled and rushed downstairs to join him. Why haven’t I used the Jacuzzi yet at all? She blushed a bit as she secretly hoped he wouldn’t be wearing any clothes in the hot tub.

As she slipped into the Jacuzzi next to him she sighed: “Ah, that feels great. I haven’t been in one since ages! How did you find it?” Ashley grinned and answered: “It called for me.”

They laughed about his joke and enjoyed the hot water for a while. As Ashley wanted to start talking about his daughter again Lily Rose interrupted him: “Do you know what was the first thing that came up in my mind when I saw you for the first time?”



As the night began Aiden, Devin and Jason joined Lily Rose and Ashley in the Jacuzzi. “How did you like the party today?” the bachelorette asked them. They all answered that they had enjoyed it and the drinks from the bartender that had been hired for them were awesome.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it!” Lily Rose responded. “I will go to bed now as tomorrow will be a great day as well. You will find out what it is as soon as you wake up tomorrow! Good night, boys!”

As Lily Rose disappeared in the house the four men avoided eye contact. All had the same thought in mind as they all had recognized that Gael and Pegasus were missing once again.

Secretly, the four were too afraid to walk into their bedroom.




Dear readers,

I hope you enjoyed this little chapter! Tune in next time to see how the “thing” between Gael and Pegasus will turn out.

Thank you all for reading!


xoxo Sonschi


bl12Once again I have a tiny little blooper for you. No, it’s not THE BEE again but I chuckled as Lily Rose and Pegasus were dancing synchronically to the music. ^^


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