The Bachelorette Challenge

Day 4: Results


As we last left, Lyman and Devin – grandson and grandfather – were the last two candidates for the final rose of the first elimination night. The bachelorette had decided that only one of this family would get a chance to win her heart.


Lily Rose looked at the two candidates left before she finally said: “Lyman, you told me a few hours ago you weren’t sure if this is the right place for you. I’m sorry but I think you’re right.”



She turned towards his grandson and smiled at him. “Devin, do you want this rose?” she asked him as she held the flower towards him. He sighed in relieve and answered: “Yes, of course I want this rose. And gramps, I’m sorry you have to leave because of me. I’m sure you’ll find someone else for your final days.”

Devin gave Lily Rose a deep hug and turned to his grandfather again. He whispered something into his ear and hugged him tightly. Lyman smiled gently at his grandson.


r1.3As Lyman left the house he was smiling. Even though he would enjoy to be loved again in his old age he wished even more for his grandson to find someone who loved him deeply.



Back in the bachelorette house, Lily Rose turned towards the six candidates left. “I’m glad this first elimination is over and I’m so happy all of you accepted my rose. Now let’s go to bed and be ready for tomorrow. We will have a house party!” she cheered.




Dear readers,

I’m sorry I only published the results from the first elimination night and not the fifth day as well like I promised. I’m too busy to play at the moment. I hope you won’t be too disappointed and still liked this chapter!


Day 6 will be a group date again so you all can vote for the ones to participate again! *yay* Click here to get to the POLL.


Tune in next time to see the house party and thank you all for reading!


xoxo Sonschi




And of course, here is the table of all the relationships Lily Rose has. And yes, they received their roses in the order of the ranking (won’t be like this all the time!).


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