The Bachelorette Challenge

Day 4: Elimination #1


The next day began with Lily Rose feeling weird. She knew it was the first elimination night and she was afraid of the feeling that might hit her as soon as she kicked out the first candidate.

She put on her favorite lipstick, threw a kiss at the mirror and got up. As she walked towards the door her legs were shaking. If it’s hard now how tough will it hit me tonight?



As she walked down the stairs all seven men were waiting for her. As soon as they recognized her they watched her climb down the stairs. Everyone was wearing their party outfit.

Lily Rose finally arrived in front of everyone and announced: “As you all know tonight is the first elimination. Some of you didn’t get the chance to talk to me yesterday but you’ll have enough time for it today. We will party a bit before the go over to the serious part of this day.”


d3“Can we talk in private?” Pegasus asked her right after she had finished her little toast. Lily Rose nodded and together they walked away from the other guys. Of course they were mumbling to each other because of Pegasus’ quick request.



The two went outside and sat down on a bench in the garden. Pegasus went straight away: “I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed you didn’t ask me to the group date. I hope you will make it up with a solo date!” He winked and laughed at her.

Lily Rose joined his laughter. Her first impression of him had been more negative than positive mainly because of his pink hair. He also seemed like a rather feminine man and that’s the complete opposite of what Lily Rose was looking for in a man.

But she felt great around him and he sure knew how to make her laugh. You don’t find this in every man. Lily Rose smiled at Pegasus. They had a conversation about their lives as Pegasus asked her: “So what are you doing for a living?”

Lily Rose winked at him and left him without an answer.


In the meantime the other men had walked upstairs to the roof-deck. While Jason and Ashley challenged each other in a game of Foosball, Devin and Lyman were laughing over Aiden. “Seriously guys! I have never even seen this thing. You can’t just ask me to be perfect from the beginning!” he loved after a long cough.



Gael was still downstairs and waved Pegasus over to him as he returned inside. Gael was curious why his friend had a confused face on so he asked him.

“Have you ever had a great conversation with someone and that person just got up in the middle of it and walked away?” Pegasus replied with another answer.



At the same time Lily Rose joined the three guys at the bubble blower. “Why are you all laughing?” she asked them as she sat down. “Aiden is just too bad at blowing bubbles” Devin almost gasped. He had tears in his eyes because of the hilarious situation.

“Oh, poor Aiden. Maybe I should rescue you from this evil thing and go talk somewhere in private with you?” Lily Rose offered. He agreed and together they went to the sitting area on the roof-deck.



“How come you’re this bad at bubble blowing? A cool guy like you should be used to it” Lily Rose joked. Aiden just smiled at her. He thought she had noticed it before but just to make sure he explained: “I come from a rather rural area. We don’t have something like this in my hometown.”

Lily Rose had a confused expression on her face but didn’t mention anything. After a short silence that slowly turned awkward Aiden added: “That doesn’t mean I don’t know technology!”

They laughed and had a funny conversation for some time. After what felt like seconds Lily Rose got up and said: “I think it’s time to go back to the other ones. You’re a very interesting man, Aiden.”



Back with the others, Lily Rose saw Devin dancing all by himself so she joined him. “You’re a pretty good dancer!” she complimented him after a while. “I bet you go out and meet a lot of ladies pretty frequently” she added as Devin smiled at her.



Before they could start a real conversation they were interrupted by Ashley. He had finished – and also won – the game against Jason. With a confidence boost he went up to Lily Rose and Devin talking in private and asked her to have a one on one conversation with him. “I have a better idea” the bachelorette responded.



She had seen Ashley and Jason playing Foosball and had also heard that Ashley won the game. “I want to see if I can win against you!” she challenged him. They had a lot of fun and at the same time Lily Rose had managed to avoid talking about Belle.


d13After his defeat Jason went inside to use the bathroom. On his way downstairs he recognized a scene he wasn’t supposed to see. He had already been halfway on the stairs as he decided to go back to the roof-deck. What the plum was THAT?!

As he returned he was just in time to see Lily Rose win over Ashley what made Ashley’s victory over him a bit better. He smiled and walked over to her and asked for some private time with her.



As Lily Rose agreed they went over to the bar and sat down. Jason didn’t know if he should tell her what he had seen only minutes ago. He was a bit absent minded so he couldn’t respond to Lily Rose’s questions as he usually would have. His head was still blocked from Gael and Pegasus giggling at each other.



Downstairs the atmosphere was heated. Gael thought he had heard someone approach them but he wasn’t sure. Nevertheless he moved away from Pegasus.

“What are you doing?” his friend asked him. Gael sighed and replied quietly: “It’s just not the right time and place.” Pegasus was confused but accepted his answer. “So, dude, who do you think will be kicked out today?” Gael answered like a real bro.



The situation turned more awkward afterwards so Gael just got up and left Pegasus on his own. He decided to have a chat with Lily Rose and tried to find her.

Upstairs he sat down beside her even though she was talking to Jason. The look he threw at Gael made him a bit uncomfortable. Does he know something? Has there really been someone and it was Jason?

“Gael! Where have you been all the time? I couldn’t see you anywhere” Lily Rose started the conversation. At the same time Jason knew their talk was over so he left.


d17Lily Rose led Gael over to the sitting area where the other candidates couldn’t see them. “Would you be sad if it was you to leave the house tonight?” Lily Rose tried to tease him. “Yes!” Gael almost yelled immediately and regretted it right away.



As the conversation with Gael was getting a bit out of hand the bachelorette peaked over the little wall and saw that Lyman had left the roof-deck. She decided to go look for him.

As she found him he was sitting in the garden. He seemed to be sunken deeply into his thoughts. Can I walk up to him or will my sudden presence shock him and he’ll get a heart attack?

Lily Rose sat down next to him and waited for Lyman to look up. As he did – after a few minutes – he had a smile on his lips but his eyes were worried. “What’s the matter, Lyman?” Lily Rose asked her.

Lyman sighed and wasn’t sure if the bachelorette was the right person to talk about his worries. Finally he said: “I’m not sure if this show is the right thing for me. I mean, you’re a beautiful young woman but maybe that’s exactly why I feel misplaced. What if you are too young for me?” he asked her.



After a long and intense conversation with Lyman Lily Rose disappeared in her private rooms to think about the elimination. Looking at all these pictures of the guys didn’t help her at all but deep inside her she already knew how to decide.



She took the six roses and went downstairs where all candidates were already awaiting her. She smiled at them and sighed. She took a deep breath before she began: “After tonight we will only be seven people left in this house – or better these houses. I’m sad that one of you already has to leave but I can’t be with all of you at the same time.”

“Unlike most of my forerunners I will keep the elimination as short as possible” Lily Rose added. She took one last breath before she announced: “The first rose is for Ashley.”



Ashley cheered and walked up to her to get his rose. “Thank you, I really want to have this rose” he said to the bachelorette. She hugged him as she was glad he accepted it.

As soon as he had returned to his place she proceeded: “The next rose is for my little country boy!”



As she winked at Aiden he got up and walked up to her. “I’m not little” he said jokingly. “But yes, I want this rose” he added and smiled at her.

“Turn up the bass! Graphitee is in da house!” Lily Rose tried to rap but failed miserably. Nevertheless the candidate knew it was him so he got up and walked up to her.



“I’m happy to be here! Thanks for the rose!” Gael said to Lily Rose and hugged her after he had whirled her around a bit as if they were dancing. His face was directed at the other candidates and his eyes met Pegasus’.

He couldn’t read them but he had to return to his place anyway because the next rose was about to be announced. Lily Rose was already twirling it in her fingers and seemed to ignore the guys. “Pegasus” she just said as she looked up and smiled.



Pegasus couldn’t believe he could still stay in the house. Overjoyed he danced up to Lily Rose and hugged her longer than the other candidates before. “Thank you so much” he whispered in her ear.

“The last rose before the final one is for someone special as well. Jason, do you want it?” Lily Rose went on after Pegasus had returned to the other men.



Jason had been a bit angry that Pegasus and Gael were handed a rose before him. But still he wasn’t sure if it what he had seen had actually been what he thought was.

However, he smiled at the bachelorette as he approached her and thanked her for the rose with a short hug. “I’m glad to get to know you better” he said before he returned.



“Devin, Lyman. Would you please come forward?” the bachelorette asked the last two candidates left without a rose. As they arrived she went on: “As I was asked to be this season’s bachelorette I would have never thought of a constellation you brought into this house: a grandfather and his grandson. As you two love each other deeply – otherwise you wouldn’t have fought this loud – I realized I can’t destroy this. That’s why one of you has to leave the house now.”




Dear readers,

As you can see the first elimination is almost over! But you know how much I love cliffhangers ^^ So, let’s see next chapter who leave and who will stay.

Thank you all for reading this chapter!


xoxo Sonschi


And once again, here are today’s bloopers! Have fun!


bl10Yes, the bee returned once again. What’s wrong with this bee??


bl11Lily Rose’s face is like “Why am I even talking to him?”


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