The Bachelorette Challenge

Day 3: Group Date #1


The third day began and Lyman was the first one up. All the other candidates were still asleep and the old man started to think about his life and his decisions. He still missed his wife and his oldest daughter who passed away almost thirty years ago.

With his 84 years the biggest part of his life had already been over and he didn’t know when the Grim Reaper would come for him. At young age he had always been scared of the death but now after a long and great life – despite his loss – he feared it no more.

Though he wondered if his decision to join this competition was the right one. Yes, he wanted to have a love in his life again before he passed to the other side but looking at all the young men sleeping made him think about everything.



A few hours later all the other candidates finally were up. After breakfast they found a DVD with a note on it. It was a message from Lily Rose for the guys and they all met in the living room to watch the DVD.

“Good morning!” Lily Rose’s voice came from the TV. “Today will be our very first group date and I can’t wait to see you again! Unfortunately, there’s only space for four of you. So I chose you to come with me: Jason, Ashley, Gael and Aiden! See you later!”



“Hey guys!” Lily Rose greeted the four contestants as they arrived at the location she had picked out to meet them. “As you can see this is a parlor! Let’s go inside and make our own ice cream, won’t we?”

The men cheered and together they went inside. They all had fun making their own ice cream and trying them. All were happy to spend time with Lily Rose and she even tried every single ice cream they produced.


NOTE: This location is called “Cone-y Island Ice Cream” by SpecterCody. I couldn’t take any pictures with ice cream because I somehow couldn’t buy or do anything here. :/



After their little ice cream party Lily Rose decided to talk to everyone in a one on one sitting. She began with Jason and they went outside as it was a warm and sunny day.

As they sat down Lily Rose asked him straight away: “I was told your older brother applied for the show as well. Would both of you being on here have caused trouble?”

Jason laughed: “Oh no! Not the least. We like each other pretty much and back in school he always protected me from all the mean bullies. But now I’m big enough to do that myself. If I had to.”



They spent some time talking about their school years before Ashley took Jason’s place. The bachelorette was glad he was wearing a beanie otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to concentrate on their conversation because she really loved his hair.

Even though she risked to ruin the atmosphere, Lily Rose asked Ashley about his daughter. “Well, her name is Isobel but I always call her Belle; except she causes trouble!” he laughed. During a pause he thought about her and couldn’t help but smile.



Ashley told the bachelorette some anecdotes about Belle’s life they had experienced together. Lily Rose saw that Ashley was a loving father. But still she had to fake her smile.

Finally, Gael replaced Ashley and Lily Rose sighed in relief. She did like Ashley a lot but she wasn’t sure if she could get used to him being a father.

The bachelorette blushed a bit as her eyes caught Gael’s. There was something about him that made him irresistible for her but she couldn’t tell yet what it was. “Don’t be shy, girl. I won’t bite you. Unless you’re into that” Gael winked at her what made Lily Rose blush even more.



After some time they had a conversation about DJs and music genre until Aiden’s turn was due. He sat down beside her and Lily Rose immediately felt like a real woman. And she liked it a lot.

“Excluding Lyman for once, I remember that you’re the oldest candidate. And you’re handsome and have something about you that’s just… well, manly! How come you’re still looking for a woman?”Lily Rose asked him.

“I hope I’m not too old for you!” Aiden exclaimed before he even thought about her question. As Lily Rose shook her head and smiled, he went on: “I have had some relationships before but really every single girl turned out to be crazy and after a time I couldn’t bare that anymore.”

What Aiden didn’t tell Lily Rose was the fact that some of them still tried to stalk him because they wanted him back.



Back at the house Lily Rose had ordered pizza for everyone. She joined the guys in the men’s house and together they had a great time during dinner.

“Thank you for today! I had a lot of time with you four. And I hope the other ones aren’t too sad they had to stay at home. Anyway, it is late now and we should go to bed. Tomorrow will be a hard day as it’s the first elimination! Good night and see you tomorrow!”




Dear readers,

The first group date is over and as promised only the four guys you voted for participated. I hope you liked this chapter and tune in next time when the first elimination takes place!


xoxo Sonschi


BUT: Once again I have some bloopers I feel like showing you. It’s two this time again but one of it consists of more pictures at it was a whole scene ^^ Have fun!


bl5Go away, Vlad! No one likes you here. -.-


bl6Of course he didn’t listen to me – I really yelled at him in front of my computer – but nonetheless he walked into the house. And left the front door open!


bl7He came for poor Pegasus! But don’t worry: a notification said he won’t turn into a vampire. Phew!


bl8.pngAfterwards he walked away as if nothing special had happened. And also that bee again. Come on, bee, it’s NIGHT!


bl9During the group date, Lily Rose made some weird faces.



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