The Bachelorette Challenge

Day 2: Speed Dating #1


“Welcome back to the bachelorette show! As you know my name is Lily Rose and today I will have speed dates with all seven candidates. Lean back and enjoy!”



Jason was the first one to get his chance on showing his best side during the speed date. As he sat down and greeted Lily Rose she asked her one question straight away: “How do you see your future? Or what do you want it to look like?”

Jason kept silent for a while and thought about it. He had never thought too much about his future. He only knew he wanted an everlasting love and do something with music. “The only thing I’ve ever thought of is that I want a relationship that lasts until the end of our days. And I want to do something with music. Anything else I will take as it comes.”



As Jason made place for Ashley he was happy with the outcome of his answer. He didn’t lie and his answer showed how spontaneous and flexible he was.

Ashley heard the same question from Lily Rose as the candidate before him but he replied already seconds later: “I don’t want to have another relationship that will fall apart. A forever and ever love is actually what I want for the future. And also I want to see my daughter more often.”

His confession about his daughter made Lily Rose a bit uncomfortable but she didn’t say a word about it. She thanked him for his honest answer and Ashley walked back to send Gael over to Lily Rose.



“What should your future be like?” the bachelorette asked the candidate as he was sitting next to her. Gael just laughed and answered: “Oh well, isn’t it obvious?” He smiled at Lily Rose and she smiled back.

“Of course I want to be a famous DJ! Everything else is less important” he finished his sentence. Lily Rose didn’t know what to reply so she only thanked him and asked to send Pegasus over to her.



Because of his pink hair, Lily Rose could see Pegasus from far away already. She giggled as he sat down beside her. “What’s so funny?” he asked her. “I could see your hair before I could see you!” Lily Rose giggled. Together they laughed but then Lily Rose asked him the same question as the candidates before.

“I don’t really have a plan for the future. You never know how your life will turn out and it’s impossible to plan a life. People who have one for the next 20 years are crazy!” he paused and laughed. “Basically you can say I only want to stay healthy in the future and be happy” he ended his answer.



After Pegasus had left Aiden showed up in the back of the garden. Lily Rose had to smile as she saw him. She didn’t know why but there was something about him she fell for.

As he heard Lily Rose’s question he thought about it before he said: “As for a career I want to work in the medical filed as a surgeon but don’t ask me what field exactly because I don’t know yet!” He laughed before he went on: “And everything else, well, to find the love of my life.”



As Devin sat down beside Lily Rose she recognized he wasn’t as tense as he was the day before. So she smiled at him and asked her question again. Devin smiled at her as he thought about what to answer.

As he opened his mouth he said: “Mainly I want to be independent from my family. I come from a huge family and I really need some freedom from them. Well, I haven’t really thought about my future any more as I’m only 20 years old.”



As Lyman heard the question he chuckled. “Darling, I’m 84 years old. My future won’t be too long anymore. I just want to spend my last years with someone special and feel love again. Maybe it’s selfish to join this show but I would do anything for one last love” he said gently.

Lily Rose was confused by the answer. It wasn’t that kind of confusion where you don’t understand a thing. The confusing parts were her feelings. Did she feel sorry for Lyman? Did she start to like him as a man or grandfather?



After the speed dates Devin took his grandfather aside and asked him if they could talk about their current situation. “Gramps, first of all I’m so sorry for all the things I said to you yesterday! You’re right, just because of your old age doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to experience love anymore” Devin said with a regretful voice.

Lyman didn’t say a word but got up. Devin thought his grandfather was angry at him but instead Lyman showed him to get up as well. As they were standing vis-à-vis Lyman hugged his grandson and said: “I’m happy as long as you’re happy, Devin.”



At the same time Gael and Pegasus had found the Jacuzzi on the second floor in the men’s house. They had already had a long conversation when Pegasus wanted to share a little secret with his newly found friend: “Gael, I’m a bit afraid of the reaction of the other guys when they find out something about me. In the past I haven’t only dated girls but also boys.”

Before he could go on any further Gael interrupted him: “Don’t worry, man! As long as you don’t hit on them they won’t mind. So why tell them something they don’t need to know?” Gael winked at him. As if I would have never dated a guy before.



Back downstairs Lyman and Devin had disappeared but Jason, Aiden and Ashley were preparing dinner. “Guys, really, it’s not that hard to prepare a salad. And it’s way more healthy than that thing there you put in the microwave!” Jason told the other two.

Ashley had already finished his bowl of cereal and didn’t care about Jason complaining about his meal. Aiden felt similar but as it wasn’t finished yet he replied: “Sorry, man, but I need my meat!”



Over in the bachelorette’s house Lily Rose was having a salad for dinner as well. Though she didn’t eat too much from it because her thoughts distracted her. She went through all the answers of the candidates again. I really don’t know how the first elimination will turn out. I’m scared.



Dear readers,

The second day is over now! Hopefully, you had fun reading it. As you already know from the forum thread the next day will be the first group date and YOU are the ones who vote the four candidates who will participate. If you haven’t voted yet, here’s the link again.


xoxo Sonschi



Again two bloopers from this day. A few hours before the second day started we had an unwelcome visitor. He had already called several people in the household to welcome them in the neighborhood and also compliment them on their necks xD I hope he will never come back.



Just ignore the weird language (it’s German, my mother tongue) and look at the life bar of Lyman. I’m too scared he will die during the challenge.



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