The Bachelor Challenge

Day 1: Meeting up

Dear readers,

Finally the challenge can start! At first – of course – Lily Rose will meet all the candidates. Let’s see how the first impressions turn out. 🙂


a1As the first candidate walked up to her, Lily Rose was nervous like never before in her life. His walk was confident and his smile hit her right away.



As he stopped in front of her he introduced himself: “Hi! Nice to meet you. I’m Jason.” The bachelorette smiled at him as she answered: “Welcome to the show! My name is Lily Rose. You look great today!”

Jason laughed: “Oh thank you! I can only say the same about you. But I think you look great every day.” Lily Rose blushed a bit because of the compliment.


a3“Maybe you know from previous episodes that we don’t have too much time to chat at this stage yet. I hope we will have the chance to get to know each other. Why don’t you go inside and I’ll join you as soon as this is over?” Lily Rose kindly asked Jason.


a4Jason had already disappeared in the house as the next candidate showed up. Oh those hair! I want to run my fingers through them! Lily Rose was impressed as he was approaching her.


a5His naturally given confidence and also her smile boosted him to break the ice immediately: “Hey pretty woman! My name is Ashley and I’m glad to be here.”

Lily Rose chuckled as she saw Ashley’s grin on his face. She could feel a bond between them right from the beginning. This should be interesting. Without long ado she answered: “Hey Ashley, I’m Lily Rose. Thank you for the compliment. I can’t wait to learn more about you.”


a6“I will come back to you as soon as I’ve met the last candidate today. Please wait inside and enjoy the location” she went on. As he walked inside Lily Rose peeked over her shoulder to look at Ashley again.


a7As her eyes returned to the street the next man was already awaiting her. He winked at her as he went over to meet the bachelorette. Oh wow, until now there are only smoking hot guys! Lily Rose winked back at him and waited for him to come closer.


a8Again a bit nervous she started talking: “Hey, my name is Lily Rose. Who are you?” The candidate waited a moment and checked her out from head to toes before he answered: “Hey lady! My parents gave me the name Gael but I’m also known as DJ Graphitee.”

The bachelorette was amazed to meet a DJ who wanted to fight for her. At least he would as she had always had a thing about DJs. “You’re a DJ? We will have a lot to talk about that! I can’t wait to do so” she replied.


a9“Unfortunately” she went on “I have to send you inside now because there are four other men waiting to meet me. Hopefully we will have enough time tonight to talk about your profession.”


a10Lily Rose winked at Gael as he passed her to get into the house. As she looked back to greet the next candidate she was surprised. She tried to hide her emotions but she failed miserably. I hope he couldn’t see that! But what is wrong with his hair?!


a11As the pink haired man walked up to her she tried to smile at him. Don’t stare at his hair. Don’t stare at his hair. Don’t… oh plum! His grin showed her that he had noticed her weird grimaces but thankfully he seemed not to mind it.


a12“Yes, my hair is lilac” he laughed as he stood in front of her. “My name is Pegasus. I’m happy to meet you. You look beautiful!” he introduced himself.

“Hey Pegasus. I’m Lily Rose and I’m glad you’re here. You seem to be unique” she said as she recognized his whole appearance. Not only his hair was unusual but also his outfit.


a13“Would you mind wait inside with the other candidates? I will join you later. Have fun and get to know the other guys” Lily Rose went on before the situation became weird because of her staring.


a14As the next man showed up in her view the bachelorette released a relieved sigh. It’s great to see another normal guy again. I hope there won’t be any other surprises left.


a15As he came closer she noticed the freckles all over his face. Oh that’s too cute! I hope he’s not too girly after all. “Hey Mr. Freckles, nice to meet you! I’m Lily Rose” she introduced herself.

“Oh plum! You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen!” the candidate exclaimed. “Oh, I’m Aiden by the way. I’m sorry, I just had to say that. You’re amazing!” he went on.


a16Lily Rose cheered secretly inside because of the great compliment. “Oh thank you! You look like a really strong man! I can’t wait to know more about you. Please wait inside and I will join you soon” she said as she showed him the door.


a17Even though he usually was a self assured person, Devin felt nervous as he approached the bachelorette. Her blonde hair reflected the sun perfectly and her bright green eyes shined brighter than the sun.


a18As he stopped in front of him he cleared his throat before he introduced himself: “Hey beauty, I’m happy to date you! My name is Devin. How are you today?”

“Hey Devin! I feel the same about you. I’m a bit nervous but also excited that the show finally starts. Oh, I almost forgot: I’m Lily Rose” the bachelorette blushed as she realized she hadn’t introduced herself yet.


a19Devin laughed: “Don’t worry. I know how it feels to be nervous and it’s normal to forget some things then” he said and waved his hand. “And I’m nervous at well. I guess we all are nervous today” he went on and put on a smile.


a20Lily Rose was relieved. She wanted to talk some more but unfortunately she had to send him inside just like all the other candidates before. “One last man and I will join you!” she promised. As Devin walked inside he was a bit worried about the last candidate.


a21As the silhouette of another person should up at the corner was surprised. Again. They’ve got to be kidding me. She couldn’t help but be a bit angry at the producers of the show.


a22The closer the man came the more she worried. It took him longer than the other candidates to walk up to her. Why do they accept an old man like him in this show?! How old is he? Oh come on, his roommate in college must have been Washington… As he finally stood in front of her she rudely asked straight away: “Plum man! How old are you?”


a23The senior looked disappointed as she said those words. “I’m sorry young lady, but do you really think people don’t need love anymore when they are old?” he replied. Lily Rose felt sorry and apologized: “Excuse my outburst. Let’s start from scratch again, won’t we? My name is Lily Rose. I’m curious to get to know you!”

The old man laughed as he answered: “It’s alright, darling. My name is Lyman. And to be honest with you, I’m 84 years old. But age is just a number, isn’t it?” He winked at her before she told him to join the other candidates.


a24As soon as Lyman had disappeared inside Lily Rose followed him. She thought the men would be talking but instead everyone was dancing. She smiled at the scene and walked up to the first candidate that caught her eyes and asked him to talk one on one.


a25Of course Ashley accepted her request and they looked for a place where they could be on their own. They sat down on the couch on the roof-deck and the conversation immediately began. “So Ashley, what made you join the show?” Lily Rose asked him.

Ashley sighed because he wasn’t sure how much he wanted to reveal yet. “I only had one real relationship so far and it was a bit too complicated. I want a stable relationship that will last forever. So why don’t take the chance offered here and try to find this kind of love in this show?” he replied.


a26In the meantime a little fight started downstairs. “Why are you here? Don’t you think you’re old for all this?” Devin asked Lyman. The old man tried to ignore him but Devin just went on: “You’re 84 years old! You had a great life why do you think you need a lover again?”

Lyman had enough: “I’m old enough to make my own decisions. I’ve lost my wife way too early and I’m not ashamed to say I want to experience the great feeling of love again before I pass away!”

“But gramps!” Devin started. Lyman just held up his hand and walked away. The other candidates followed the whole conversation with growing interest. Almost all of them gasped as they heard Devon call Lyman gramps.


a27Aiden couldn’t stand watching the fight and went on the search for Lily Rose. She found her together with Ashley on the roof-deck. He walked up to them and waited for them to finish their conversation.

“I’m sorry, Ashley, but can I steal this lady from you?” he asked the other candidate. Before the man could answer the bachelorette claimed: “Of course you can!”


a28She got up and together they walked over to the bar and sat down. “What does it feel to meet so many men who want to date you at the same time?” Aiden asked and grinned.

Lily Rose looked down and chuckled before she answered: “Well, it’s scaring and amazing at the same time. I don’t know how to explain it any better. Have you ever had a situation where two or more girls were fighting over you? I bet you had that situation!”


a29After a while Lily Rose heard some noise coming from downstairs. “I better check what’s going on there” she said to Aiden and left him.

Downstairs she saw Devin and Lyman yelling at each other. Oh why did I know an old man would cause trouble? She quietly sighed and walked up to them. “What’s the matter here? Okay, I see I have to separate you two before you start a real fight” she said.


a30The bachelorette grabbed Devin by the hand and led him outside to a bench in the middle of flowers and bushes. As they had sat down she asked: “So once again, what was going on there?”

Devin sighed. He knew he had to tell her the truth now and he was scared what she might think of him or the whole situation. “Lyman is my grandfather” he said straight away but avoiding eye contact.

Lily Rose didn’t say a word so he looked at her. Devin could see the confusion in her eyes so he explained: “I only heard about this show because he had applied for it. I thought it was a great chance for me to find love but I’ve never thought they would accept his application…”


a31Before Lily Rose could answer Lyman was standing in front of them. “Why are you here, gramps?! Do you even know how disrespectful this is for nana?” Devin started yelling at his grandfather again.

“Wait. Wait! You’re married and here?” the bachelorette interrupted the conversation. Lyman shook his head. “No, I’ll explain it to you. But Devin should go inside because he is too impulsive right now” he sent his grandson away and sat down.


a32“I’m confused. Please tell me the truth!” Lily Rose said before Lyman could explain anything.

Lyman sighed and began his story: “I didn’t plan to reveal this much about my life this early but I think you deserve to hear it. My wife and my oldest daughter died more than 30 years ago. I know that my time is almost over. And I want to feel true love one last time.”


a33Lyman felt relieved after he had told his story but Lily Rose didn’t know what to say to him. Instead she just said: “I’m very sorry for your loss even though it’s ages ago. I don’t know yet how to feel about it but I want to give you the chance to get to know me.”

Lyman nodded and the bachelorette walked away. What am I doing here?! Lily Rose wasn’t pleased with her current situation. She hoped that she would feel better tomorrow.


a34But first she wanted to talk to the rest of the candidates as well. Back inside she saw Jason and Pegasus chatting on the sofa. Lily Rose decided to join them and sat down on the other couch.

“Hey guys, what are you up to?” she asked them. Both smiled at her as she joined them. “We were talking about our professions” Jason answered her question.

Even though Pegasus was sitting between them, the two started a conversation and completely ignored the poor guy in the middle. “So what is your profession?” Lily Rose asked Jason.

“I really love the arts but mainly music. I’ve played the guitar for years and I also write my own songs. Maybe I will write one for you one day” he winked at her.


a35After a while Lily Rose felt sorry for Pegasus so she asked him to talk one on one somewhere else. She waved at Jason before she disappeared with the unusual man.

They found a nice place near the Jacuzzi and started talking right away. “I’m so sorry I didn’t involve you in our conversation! So, why do you have pink hair?” the bachelorette asked him.

“They are not pink but lilac. There’s a huge difference!” Pegasus laughed at her question. “Well, I have been dying my hair in this color since I was 16 years old. Back then I felt like I needed a change to stress my different character. And have you noticed how beautifully my hair reflected the sunshine earlier today?” he went on.


a36After Lily Rose had been rather shocked as she had met Pegasus she kind of liked his uniqueness now. Nevertheless she had to go back. Inside she saw Gael still dancing on his own and joined him.

After a while she asked him: “Would you like to talk in private somewhere?” She actually wanted him to ask her but he didn’t bother to do so. Of course Gael agreed and they searched for a nice place.


a37They went over to the men’s part of the lot and sat down on the outside dining table. “So, Mr. DJ, tell me more about your job” Lily Rose winked at him.

Gael grinned before he said: “Well, right after I’ve graduated I knew I wanted to become a DJ. But I’m not too famous so far. That’s why I have to work at the Surf Shack but only until my music is more popular.”


a38After a long day Lily Rose called all candidates together. “As you might guess this is the location for the eliminations. But don’t worry! You won’t get roses this early. I just wanted to tell you that I had a great day with all of you together. The house next door is your home for the next weeks. The beds are upstairs. Good night!” she excused herself and walked upstairs to her own bedroom.


a39As the candidates walked over to their house and saw the “bedroom” they were shocked and amazed at the same time. “Oh wow! It’s like a loft up here!” Pegasus exclaimed.

“And we have double beds this time! I’ve watched almost all episodes of the bachelor and bachelorette shows so far and they always had single beds only!” Gael added.


a40Back in the bachelorette’s house, two candidates haven’t left yet. Lily Rose was on her way upstairs as she recognized Devin and Lyman still downstairs. I’m too tired to solve their problem tonight. They should talk it out and sleep over it. I hope they will get along tomorrow.


a41“I’m sorry, gramps, but I really think you shouldn’t be here. You know I love you and all but that feels wrong on so many levels! What if we both get far enough and then probably have feelings for the same woman? And also, she’s my age which means she could be your granddaughter!” Devin tried to explain to his grandfather.

Lyman was tired to defend himself over this topic. “Devin, look. Yes, I’m an old man but that doesn’t mean I don’t deserve love anymore. Let’s go to bed now. Maybe you’ll understand my intentions tomorrow.”


a42Right after she went to bed, Lily Rose fell asleep. All the adrenalin rushing through her body the whole day exhausted her more than she would have ever thought.




Dear readers,

The first chapter is over now. I hope you liked it and had as much fun reading it as I had writing it!

But before I leave you this time, here are today’s bloopers!


bl1I made all the candidates wait at the corner of the lot before they met the bachelorette and Devin already was mad at his grandfather. ^^ Lyman doesn’t look too pleased as well.


bl2I wanted to take a picture of all the candidates walking up to Lily Rose but then I noticed that the CC (hair and dress) I used on her kind of glitched. And also, there’s a huge bee flying by. xD


Thank you all for reading this chapter! Tune in next time.


xoxo Sonschi


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