The Bachelorette Challenge

The Gentlemen

Here are finally the seven chosen candidates for the show! 


by cind3r3lla Jason Davis

Name: Jason Davis

Age: 21
Traits: Music Lover, Cheerful, Romantic

Story: Jason had always his protective brother by his side, which he valued a lot. The other kids didn’t seem to get his interests in music and arts. He had always seen the world in lots of colors, he was a very happy kid despite all the bullying, but he felt safe with James there. At a very young age, he starting to play the guitar, that was his passion, his love. He really loved the way the guitar strings felt on his fingers, and how they danced when he played. His interests got even bigger in high school, music was the only thing he concentrated on and the only thing that meant something in high school. He started writing his own songs and getting into singing.
He played at events, getting some gigs here and there. Which was his living, the way he earned his money and he loved it.
He met a girl at a concert which he dated for a while, but it never got really serious and they separated, going their own way.
But his love for music, wasn’t the only love he wanted. He longed for a passionate and loving relationship with a girl that he could fall deeply in love with and never look back.
He saw a advertisement for the show “The bachelorette” and submitted an application for the show. He felt a rush of excitement, the bachelorette could be the girl. He never knew that his brother had also applied for the show, he found out that later. But no one of them was upset, there was a chance for one of them to find love and they both deserved to take that leap.


by xGravityGirl

Name: Ashley Eddison

Traits: Bro, Outgoing, Romantic
Age: 24
Story: Ashley had grown up in a big family and found it annoying, yet homey and comfortable. Going through his teenage years, he always knew that he wanted a relationship with someone like his parents had. Well, similar to what his parents had. Both his parents were workaholics and barely had time for their family, though when they were together it was like they were in their own little world of romance!

Ashley had a sister who was 5 years older than him; twin brothers who were 2 years younger than him and a sister who was 6 years younger than him. So life according to Ashley was manic, though comforting. Once he had turned 16, he started to go ‘off the rails’. When he was 20, he met someone called Abigail and they had a daughter called Isobel (Belle for short). He only saw Isobel every other weekend, though he never saw Abigail since the birth of the daughter. Though Abigail has a secret that she hasn’t told Ashley yet… will she?

Ever since Abigail left Ashley, Ashley has wanted to find someone ‘to have and to hold’ forever. Will the bachelorette be the one he’s dreaming of?


by lejoninna

Name: Gael Hillingham

Age: 22 years old
Traits: Cheerful, Bro, Materialistic

Story: Meet Gael “DJ Graphitee” Hillingham!

Gael is a model/DJ. Atleast if you ask him. If you ask his boss, he’s the laziest employee they’ve ever had at the Surf Shack and need to learn to attend to customers instead of taking selfies and trying to promote his music all day.

He grew up near the beach and lived a real comfortable life. His parents were hardcore business people with important jobs, so they didn’t have much time for him, so he was left to roam free with his buddies, wreaking havoc left and right.

He cruised his way through school by having rich parents who were donators to the schools, and when that ended he decided to go after his dreams that he had had for all of 10 minutes after graduation, since he and his best bud wondered what they would do now. (“Bro, we could be DJs! They make mad money and get all the chicks! Plus, how hard can it be, it’s just pressing buttons on a board, right?”)

He thought that was a great idea. Since he had spent many nights at various clubs, he knew that DJs had status and got all the finest girls and boys (he’s not picky). So he got his parents to buy him the best DJ gear on the market, with the threat of coming to one of their fancy work dinners and embarrass them by being himself if they didn’t. Then he got himself a rad stage name (don’t ask him what the “Graphitee” in DJ Graphitee means, he doesn’t know, he got the name from a generator online).

The only requirement they had for him is that he gets a job, so he took the first one he got (and let’s be real, the only one he would’ve got). He only got the job because his cousin was the manager at the place, and his parents happen to love him, and beause he looked good. And that’s where he’s been for 4 years now, just waiting for his big break that is totally, totally coming. Any day now.

One day when they were hanging out at the beach and avoiding doing work, his surfer friend gave him the idea to apply to the show.

“Duuuude, free publicity PLUS hanging with a hot girl in some mansion all day!”

…and just like that, he was sold on the idea. So here he is!


by princess2109

Name: Pegasus Major

Age: 25
Traits: Slob, Clumsy, Family-Orientated
Story: To keep it brief, Pegasus Major is the youngest of three children born to an astronomical family. His mother, Ursa, and father Canis found themselves with three children all brighter than the sun. Draco, a debater at heart with a knack for clay making. Cassiopeia, Cassie for short may have been albino but still she found herself in the pits of fame as a critic of anything on Broadway. Then, finally, was Pegasus Major. He had been dying his hair lilac since he was 16 and has quite the eye for all things beauty. Right now he’s a hairdresser at a little salon nestled in the sleepy towns down South (and he has the Southern drawl to boot) and couldn’t ask for anything better at this time. He would like to progress but ultimately he enjoys it. Especially with his hoarding tendencies. Anything bigger than he has now and he might just turn to “”Hoarders”” instead of “”Bachelorette””.
In joining the show, he figures that if he can’t sweep the Bachelorette off her feet then, well, maybe one of the men he’s competing with could catch his eye. Even then, at least his name is out there now. Maybe the salon will see some more business.



by thejennifer

Name: Aiden Lovett

Age: 27
Traits: Romantic, Neat, Geek
Story: Meet Aiden, a loving and fun bachelor. He’s a country boy from a small town, and being on this show would be the biggest thing he’s ever done. If a friend were to describe him, they would mention his hopeless romantic ways, always searching for “the one”, his love for comic books and video games, and how neat he keeps everything.
He is looking to settle down, seeing as he is almost thirty years old. Relationships never worked out for him in the past, and he even has a few crazy ex-girlfriends who still like to keep an eye on him. Aiden knows that in joining this show, he will hopefully end up with someone that he loves, and someone who isn’t crazy.
His relationship with his parents is strong, and it is something he is very thankful for. Aiden knows that not many others have such a privilege. As for a career, Mr. Lovett is pursuing to enter the medical field as a surgeon, but he is unsure of what field of it he will specialize in.


by Skcaga6

Name: Devin Zest

Age: 20
Traits: Jealous, Hot Headed, Self Assured
Story: Devin grew up as the oldest of four children all born to Zayden and Ruby Zest. Being the oldest, he was forced to help care for his younger brothers and sister. Now that Devin is old enough to be out on his own, he has decided to leave the house. When he heard that his grandfather had signed up to be a contestant in the new Bachelorette house, ideas started to run through his head. He knew this would be one way to ensure his freedom from his family while possibly finding the love that he could spend his life with.


by Skcaga6

Name: Lyman Zest

Age: 84
Traits: Neat, Family-Oriented, Outgoing
Story: Lyman is the son of Johnny Zest and Mariam Chambers. He had a happy marriage which resulted in three wonderful children and two grandsons. He had a great job as an astronaut. Then tragedy struck his life. His wife and oldest daughter both were taken from him by the Grim Reaper on the same day. Thankfully his son and daughter-in-law stepped up to help take care of his youngest daughter through those rough days. Now, Lyman has retired and is setting back enjoying playing with his two grandsons, Devin and Quintin. Lyman has decided that the only thing that would make these last years of his life perfect would be a love to share them with.



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