The Bachelorette Challenge

The House

Dear readers!

Welcome to the Bachelorette Challenge! 🙂 Before I start off with the story itself you get a short look around the house. Let’s start right away!



This is the house from the outside: front, side and back. As you can see there are two houses this time. The left one is for the candidates and the right one is for the bachelorette. The men will only be allowed to go there during the eliminations.


A4Now you will see the structure of the houses. This is the very top level here. The men house doesn’t have what the bachelorette’s house has: a roof deck.



This level is the middle one or the top one in the men house. Let’s start off with their house:

The men house has a huge patio this time. The inside of this floor consists of mainly their loft-like bedroom (this time, everyone has his own double bed) and to the left and right are each some toilets and showers.

The bachelorette house has a bedroom and a dressing room where the pictures of the candidates will be located. The main part of this level doesn’t have a floor because of the balcony in the middle. This should be a perfect spot for the bachelorette to watch the candidates before she decides on the eliminations.



The first floor is (of course) divided into two parts again:

The men house has a kitchen with dining area and a living room. Next to that is a little hobby room where the candidates can work out or play the piano. There’s also a door to the backyard which consists of a pool, sitting area, romantic garden scene, fireplace, Jacuzzi and basketball basket.

The bachelorette house has three little private rooms for the lady: a kitchen, bathroom and living room. The main (and also biggest room) is the elimination room where the candidates can fight for the bachelorette. Also she will hand the roses to the men here.




Dear readers,

We’ve already reached the end of the house tour already. I hope you like it and if you want you can find it in my gallery (ID: snuffi14).

Stay tuned to meet the bachelorette and the candidates soon!


xoxo Sonschi


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