The Bachelorette Challenge

The Bachelorette

Dear readers,

Hello and welcome to the Bachelorette Challenge! This time you will meet the one woman whose heart the candidates will try to win.

Most of you may already know what this challenge is about, either because you’ve read my Bachelor Challenge or because you know about this challenge in general. Or you know the TV show! In case you don’t have the slightest clue what this is about, here’s the description.

As you can see, there’s a table on what should happen on which day. This time I will change it a bit, so don’t worry if it differs from the last challenge.

Now, let’s meet our bachelorette, okay? 🙂


T1She’s already waiting for us. Miss Bachelorette, why don’t you tell us something about you and your life? 🙂


T2“Hey all! My name is Lily Rose Faye and I’m your new bachelorette! Well, I won’t tell you too much about me as you will find out more about me when the candidates do. Let me just say: I’m here to find a man I can spend the rest of my life with.”


T3“How my Mr. Right should be like? Oh well, I don’t really have a special type like: he must be blond and blue eyes or something like this. He should be kind but not too nice. I want to feel safe around him, you know? A real man that could rescue me in case a bear attacked us. Also he should be faithful – of course – and independent. I need some time for myself I can spend with my girls.”


T4“I need a man that’s not one of those girly men who flood the world nowadays. I need a real man that makes me feel like a real woman! That’s pretty much what I’m looking for on this show!”



And this is our bachelorette. I hope you like her even though she wants to stay mysterious for some time. This also means you won’t know her traits until she reveals them in the show. 😉



Dear readers,

Tune in next time to meet the gentlemen who want to date Lily Rose!


Xoxo Sonschi


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