The Bachelor Challenge

Day 19 – Final!


As we last left the show Jacob gave the last rose to his chosen one. Let’s find out who the lucky one is!

Btw, I forgot last time to mention where I got this park from: “Whimsical Garden Park” by will861. As always it can be found on the gallery.



Was that Finley?! Rose couldn’t sit anymore and was walking up and down as she heard a squeal from the other side of the park. She thought about every date she and all the other girls ever had with Jacob.

There have never been any other people around. This must have been Finley. Her realization brought tears into her eyes. Rose didn’t need Jacob’s words anymore. She already knew that Finley had won his heart. Obviously.



At the other side of the park Rose’s greatest fear came true. Finley was holding the last rose in her hand as she almost jumped on Jacob to kiss him.

He’s mine and only mine now! She couldn’t believe how lucky and happy she was in that moment. As his face moved back from hers she had tears of joy in her eyes.

Jacob whipped them away and caressed his girlfriend’s cheek. “You’re not only my chosen one but also my soulmate. I’ve never felt this safe around anyone else. And that’s why…” Jacob began.



He kneeled down and pulled out a ring. “And that’s why I want you to be my wife. Do you want to marry me, Finley Sutton?” he ended his sentence.

Finley couldn’t believe what she had in front of her. She ignored the ring completely because she had only eyes for Jacob. His eyes shined brighter than the sun and his cheeks were red from all the excitement.

“Yes of course! I want to marry you, I really do want to marry you, Jacob!” Finley cheered as she accepted his proposal.



Jacob was relieved. He was glad that he joined this show because he really found the love of his life. HAPPY END!



Dear readers,

The bachelor challenge is finally completed. Thank you all for reading and commenting on the forum and also here on my blog! It was so much fun sharing it with all of you!

And also thank you, PrincessSimcess, for Rose and also thank you, tara_lynnc, for Finley. They were both great to play with.


If you think this is the end now, don’t worry. I have a little surprise left for all of you. And maybe, but just maybe, we will meet Finley and Jacob again.

xoxo Sonschi


d19.9 (result)

Before I forget it, here’s the proof that Finley won.

Finley: 186

Rose: 177


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