The Bachelor Challenge

Day 19: Elimination #6 [1/7]


The day had finally come. The last rose would finally be given to Jacob’s lady number one. He had chosen a peaceful garden near the bachelor villa.

He knew that Finley and Rose were already waiting for him. This day took a lot of planning and he couldn’t wait to hand the final rose to his chosen one. But at the same time he was sad to break another heart.


This time the girls didn’t wait at the same place like they used to back in the house. They were located in the opposite corners of the park so they couldn’t see each other.

Both were equally excited for today and hoped Jacob would choose them. The time was ticking but Jacob still took his time.



At the main entrance of the park was a little table with the last rose on top of it. Jacob stared at the flower for at least ten minutes before he picked it up and began walking. As he reached the winner of his heart with the rose in his hand she was crying tears of joy.



Dear readers,

If you want to find out who SHE is tune in next time 😉 [I know that’s kind of mean but I LOVE cliffhangers. And it’s the final after all!]


But if you can’t wait at all you can vote here [LINK] for your favorite. It’s not a poll but only a survey 🙂


xoxo Sonschi


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