The Bachelor Challenge


Dear readers,

I have promised you that I have a little surprise left for you. And here it is: pictures that were too hilarious to be deleted but didn’t quite fit in the story. Have fun!


Blooper 1 (day 1)Right on the first day a funny scene happened. Trecile met Jacob for the first time but before she walked up to him, Summer Holidays walked by. They had eye contact as if Summer was saying: “Nice catch, girl! He’s handsome as plum!”



Blooper 1 (day 2)During the first group date Jasmine Holiday showed up. She didn’t do anything else but stand around and hope someone would talk to her.


Blooper 2 (day 2)At the same day, Jacob made this silly face while he was talking to Melissa. The funny thing is that his father made the exact same face as he visited the house. But I don’t have a picture of that.


Blooper 1 (day 4)Charlie decided it was a great idea to get something to eat ALL NAKED!


Blooper 1 (day 5)As Trecile had the insane trait she acted pretty weird quite often.


Blooper 1 (day 6): As everyone decided to have dinner at the fireplace Finley caught fire. But she and also the others acted as if nothing special was going on.


Blooper 2 (day 6)And while most of the sims around started freaking out and trying to extinguish the fire (also Jacob, he was at the other side), Finley still didn’t care she was on fire.


Blooper 1 (day 7)As I let everyone on free will these four decided it’s perfect to sit on the same small bed and have a conversation.


Blooper 1 (day 8)During the elimination Trecile started yelling at Jacob for no apparent reason.


Blooper 2 (day 8)Maybe it was because he had used the bubble blower a bit too long.


Blooper 1 (day 9)Melissa kind of stalked the house on a daily basis. As this turned a bit too creepy and she (and alter other eliminated sims) called several times every day I decided to delete the sims as soon as they had to move out.


Blooper 2 (day 9)While the girls were waiting for their short date with Jacob Trecile was grimacing again.


Blooper 1 (day 10)As Jacob put his arm around Trecile he made this creepy flirty face.


Blooper 2 (day 10)And why not be abducted during an elimination? Of course it was Jacob but thankfully he didn’t get pregnant.


Blooper 1 (day 11)As soon as Finley had a romantic bar for Jacob she was jealous every time he interacted flirty with one of the other ladies.


Blooper 2 (day 11)But she wasn’t the only one. Trecile didn’t like it, too.


Blooper 1 (day 12)As Finley returned from her solo date with Jacob she talked to Trecile who had the weirdest gesture I have ever seen in the game.


Blooper 2 (day 12)Another example of the same thing. She wasn’t pleased at all.



After the elimination where only three girls were left ALL of them had the wish for a woohoo with Jacob. [That weird language there is German 😀 Techtelmechtel = woohoo]



Blooper 1 (day 15)Just as Charlie, Rose decided it’s fun to walk around naked. As she hugged Finley all naked, Jacob freaked out.


Blooper 2 (day 15)And only after the hug Finley realized it, too.


Blooper 1 (day 16)Double blooper this time: Jacob has a macho face on while flirting with Charlie and Finley is turning furious once again.


Blooper 2 (day 16)Too many emotions in one picture. Look at Rose.


Blooper 1 (day 17)During the solo date with Rose Jacob’s mother appeared in the background. And yes, they kissed even though the story didn’t tell it. But I needed it for the pictures.


Blooper 1 (day 18)Mary Valentine really seems like: “Better stalk my son on his dates!”


Blooper 1 (day 19)It seems the park wasn’t big enough because Rose caught Jacob cheating and came running!


Blooper 2 (day 19)

And slapped him!



Dear readers,

That’s it now with the bachelor challenge. Thank you again for everything!


xoxo Sonschi


2 thoughts on “*BLOOPERS*”

  1. I really enjoyed reading this, I’ve done this challenge in my game and when I did do it. My sims would woohoo, fight constantly and there was a lot of slapping going on. I left them on free will a lot though.

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