The Bachelor Challenge

Day 18: Solo Date #3

Just as the last chapter this starts off with giving credits to the simmer who created the location I used in this chapter: “SDY : 16” by sdy2014. You can find it on the gallery as well.



Finley couldn’t wait to see Jacob again. As she drove to the bachelor villa in the limousine she was nervous like never before. As the house appeared on the view she almost squealed.

As she walked to the front door Jacob was already waiting for her. He pulled her into his arms as soon as she was close enough to reach her. Finley snuggled up to him and breathed in his unique odor she loved.

“What we will we do today?” she mumbled into his shoulder. Jacob kissed her forehead before he answered: “I thought before you see your family again and be busy all the time again you need a spa day.”



As they arrived at the location the first thing they went straight for was the sauna. “I’ve never been in a sauna before” Finley explained. At first she didn’t feel quite well because she – and also Jacob – were only wearing towels around their bodies.

But as she watched Jacob lean back and enjoy the heat she relaxed and soon felt comfortable in her body again. “Can you believe yesterday felt like a whole life because you weren’t around?” Finley told Jacob.

They talked some time and enjoyed that they had the sauna all for themselves. “No matter who wins, how would you go on after the show?” Finley asked Jacob curiously.

“Well, that’s a good question. Honestly, I haven’t thought about that so far. I have a small apartment but I think it’s not big enough for two people to live in” he looked at a point as if he saw something.



“If you choose me I would live with you anywhere. No matter how small or far away it is. I just want to be by your side” Finley whispered. Her words comforted Jacob and he couldn’t resist but kiss her.

The taste of her lips was something he was already used to. It felt like home feeling her mouth touch his and he didn’t want to stop anymore. But at a point Finley moved back from him and sighed: “I’m sorry but it’s getting to hot in here for my taste.”



Jacob laughed and they went back to the changing rooms to get back into their clothes. Jacob was waiting across of the entry to the changing rooms as Finley came out.

He waved at her and she walked over to him. As she was standing by his side he took her hands and said: “Finley, I don’t know what it is but I’m drawn to you like never before to anyone else.”

He wanted to go on but her beautiful eyes distracted him too much. So they just stood there and looked deeply into each others’ eyes without saying a single word.


d18.5.pngJacob couldn’t help but their kiss in the sauna was too short for his taste and he missed the feeling of her lips on his. So he leaned forward to take up the kiss where they had interrupted it before.



As their lips separated again Finley confessed: “Jacob, I think I’m in love with you and I can totally see a life with you in the future. We together in our house with our children running around playing. I can see it as clearly as I can see you right now.”

Jacob didn’t know what to answer. Even though he enjoyed the date with Finley he knew there was still an elimination in the future where he would have to decide between Finley and Rose.



After they had done almost every spa thing they returned back to the bachelor villa. Just as with Rose, they went to Jacob’s private bedroom and sat down on the bed to cuddle up.

Finley had to giggle a lot as Jacob whispered some nasty things into her ear. “Oh you, why do you think about something like this?” Finley jokingly scolded Jacob.



He stopped right away and looked at her. As Finley felt his eyes on her she turned her head and their views met. “Do you want to share this bed tonight?” he asked her.

Finley laughed: “After all the things you just told me? Are you serious?” Jacob joined her laughter and kissed her cheek. “I’m serious. We can talk and cuddle the whole night if you wish to” he looked deeply into her eyes and Finley nodded.



In the next morning Jacob prepared pancakes for breakfast again. As he put down the plate with the food Finley came into the room still in her nightgown.

“You look beautiful, Finley!” Jacob exclaimed. She thanked him with a smile and sat down to eat. “These pancakes smell delicious! You’re the best chef I’ve ever met!” Finley complimented.



Dear readers,

Now the second solo date is over as well! I hope you liked it. Tune in next time for the FINAL!


xoxo Sonschi



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